How OpenAI plans to make ChatGPT a ‘supersmart’ assistant using your computer

How OpenAI plans to make ChatGPT a ‘supersmart’ assistant using your computer

OpenAI is said to be working on a “supersmart” assistant to run a computer for its user.

With the development of a ChatGPT bot to effectively assume autonomy over a device, this is one of two agents in the pipeline, according to a report from Business Insider.

The leading artificial intelligence (AI) research company appears to have grand ambitions to deliver an ultimate assistant for the present era, which would result in the software being able to fully complete tasks as prompted. It will focus on text typing functions, as well as cursor movement, and working with different apps.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman reportedly wants to deliver ChatGPT as a “supersmart personal assistant for work,” but the path ahead could lead to issues with Microsoft, its partner firm. The ‘Big Five’ tech giant (as well as Google) has already launched its own AI workplace assistant but these programs are said to be in their infancy.

The report suggests growing anticipation for the development from OpenAI, with work commenced on the project over a year ago. Talk of a game-changer will raise expectations but the end product is not in sight yet.

Matter of time

Generative AI has been lauded for significantly boosting workers’ productivity with some tasks, with the market for AI agents opening up in recent times. This growth area has been talked up by industry experts, including the co-founder of Google’s AI research subsidiary, DeepMind.

Mustafa Suleyman stressed that everyone could potentially have a personal assistant bot for themselves, a “chief of staff”, within the next five years in a conversation with CNBC on the rapid advances of AI.

“It will be able to reason over your day, help you prioritize your time, help you invent, be much more creative,” he said, adding “It will be a research assistant, but it will also be a coach and companion.”

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