How TikTok is bringing AI to its platform with ‘Symphony’

How TikTok is bringing AI to its platform with ‘Symphony’

The short-form video app TikTok has launched ‘Symphony,’ a creative content suite that is powered by generative AI. The most prominent feature is the video generation tool which can create short clips from an existing asset or a product URL.

The new suite is aimed towards marketers and content creators on the app as they hope it’ll simplify the creative process and blend human imagination with the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

In the offering, there’s the Symphony Assistant, Symphony Creative Studio, Symphony Digital Avatars, and optimizations in TikTok Ads Manager.

What is the Symphony AI from TikTok?


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The Symphony Creative Studio is the most adventurous tool out of the suite as it can do all the work of creating a TikTok video itself.

With this, people can insert a product URL or import an existing asset, and then the AI engine will spit out a range of custom video previews to choose from.

The script can be turned into a voiceover which can then be dubbed into multiple languages to help the video have global appeal.

While this does much of the legwork for creators, their audience will know about it as all videos created using the feature will be automatically labeled as being AI-generated.

Chatbot assistant, digital avatars, and more AI into TikTok

With the introduction of the suite, users will have to say goodbye to the old ‘Creative Assistant’ feature as this has evolved into the new ‘Symphony Assistant.’

The AI-powered virtual assistant has a very similar design to the ChatGPT interface and is described by the company as being a guide that can help you “through the TikTok creative landscape, helping you to brainstorm ideas, implement best practices, identify trends, and find inspiration.”

Much like the other AI chatbots, the new tool requires a prompt to get the ideas flowing. This could be anything from ‘Show me what’s trending on TikTok’ to ‘Show me top-performing ads in the industry.’

It’s currently available in English, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, and Chinese, with more languages to be supported in the future.

Once users are into the content creation process, moving on from the first steps, the ability to create a custom avatar is now a reality.

This means brands can create their own digital avatars with their brand IP, spokesperson, or a partnered creator. For accounts with a face already at the helm of the business, the avatar can be leveraged to their own likeness.

Again, multi-lingual avatars can be created with the aim of expanding global reach.

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