“Hyundai Prepares to Launch Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi” – Video

“Hyundai Prepares to Launch Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi” – Video

Hyundai, Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi Preps for Launch

Hyundai is set to revolutionize transportation with the upcoming launch of the Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi. This innovative vehicle, expected to take flight by 2028, is an electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi designed to transport passengers efficiently and swiftly in urban areas.

The S-A2 features eight rotors, with four tipping upwards and four tipping downwards for takeoff, which then flip forward once in the air to reveal a fixed wing for more efficient travel over longer distances. With an expected range of 25 to 40 miles, a top speed of 120 mph, and a cruising altitude of around 15,000 feet, the S-A2 is designed to bypass city traffic and drastically reduce travel times for short city-to-city journeys.

Hyundai plans to adopt a modular approach to the S-A2, allowing for future upgrades in battery technology to increase energy density and speed up charging times. The company also aims to establish a highly automated factory for the production of the air taxi, ensuring streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes.

While the commercial launch of the S-A2 is anticipated for 2028, Hyundai’s timeline for previous air taxi projects has experienced delays. Nonetheless, the potential impact of the Supernal S-A2 on urban transportation and mobility is undeniable.

For more in-depth information on the Supernal S-A2, including the road to its development and the manufacturing process, visit cnet.com. The Hyundai Motor Group’s foray into advanced air mobility represents a significant step forward in the future of urban transportation.

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The Hyundai Motor Group is preparing to take to the skies as early as 2028 with the vehicle that you see right over my shoulder here it’s the sternal sa2 and it’s an electric vertical takeoff and Landing Air Taxi now we saw a vehicle similar to this way back at CES 2020 the

Hyundai air Mobility sa1 that vehicle was designed in partnership with Uber but as the years of passed they’ve restructured and now it’s under their Advanced Air Mobility superal brand now what is this vehicle it’s a battery electric vertical takeoff and Landing aircraft it’s got eight rotors four of

Which tip upwards and four tip downwards for the takeoff phase takes off vertically and then once you’re in the air all of the rotors flip forward and you have a fixed wing for more efficient traveling for distances they’re expecting average trips for a vehicle

Like this to be around 25 to 40 Mi of range top speeds around 120 mph and its cruise is around 15,000 ft now that range doesn’t sound super impressive but you got to think about the purpose of an air taxi this vehicle is designed to move people around the city over traffic

So the use case is you live in for example San Francisco a very crowded City where you can take up to an hour to get to an airport with this you can take off from downtown go straight up and over traffic and be at the airport in

Around 5 minutes not a long trip but you’re saving a whole lot of time now this designed to be a modular vehicle which means that as Battery Technology improves over the years they’ll be able to swap in more energy Den batteries speed up charging so the time between

Those trips can be even quicker now they’re expecting to start building this thing in just a few years and for the first commercial flights to take off as early as I said in 2028 now some of you will remember that when the sa1 was announced they were expecting trips to

Start as early as 2023 and here we are in 2024 so take that expectation with a bit of a grain of salt to learn more about the superal sa2 it the road that Hyundai Motor Group took to get here and how they plan on building this thing in

A highly automated Factory you can head over to cnet.com for even more details

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