I Explored All Seven Emirates of the UAE! – Video

I Explored All Seven Emirates of the UAE! – Video

The United Arab Emirates is more than just Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In this video, we took a journey to visit all 7 Emirates, exploring the unique culture and attractions of each region. From the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah to the bustling city of Dubai, we got to experience the diverse landscapes and offerings of the country.

We met locals like Muhammad and Abdullah, who shared insights into the car culture and benefits that locals receive from the government, such as assistance with loans, housing, and marriage support. We also visited hidden gems like the Emirates National Auto Museum and the Emirates Biofarm, showcasing the innovation and development in the country.

Whether it was exploring the urban cityscapes or the serene Oasis cities, each Emirate had something special to offer. The UAE is truly a destination for everyone, from luxury travelers to those seeking a more authentic experience. So, next time you visit the UAE, don’t just stick to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, venture out and explore all 7 Emirates for a complete travel guide to the country. #Traveldocumentary #uae #unitedarabemirates

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Video Transcript

Hey guys what’s up and welcome to the UAE in this video we’re going to visit every Emirate in the United Arab Emirates see some awesome places and meet some wonderful people watch this video till the end and you’re going to find out what kind of perks the locals

Get from the government let’s begin the United Arab Emirates or UAE is located in the oil Rich Arabian Gulf region it adjoins the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the sultanate of Oman in December 1971 the UAE became a Federation of six Emirates Abu Dhabi Dubai Shara Ajman

Umar Kain and fuera and in 1972 Russell K joined the Federation let’s begin our video with Russell K this Emirate is located in the northernmost part of the UAE it is noted for its very topography from the hajar mountains to sand dunes and 64 km of beaches the population is 345,000

People the city of russle K orak is the capital of the Emirate the city is divided by a creek into two parts Oldtown and New Town in the center of the city you can rent a bicycle or a scooter and Ride Along alasam KES at 3 km La Waterfront prominate and admired the

Mangroves if you want to learn more about the history of the area you can start by visiting the national museum it has a good collection of historical artifacts it was built in 1819 like a fort during the British and the portugueses ATA City it was two Tower uh

For water watching the seaside after that in 1948 the ruler of rasa he decided to take this building and change it to the real family Palace and then he added a lot of room in the museum he make him like a house like a royal family Palace after that the Sheikh he

Give it to the police to make him a prison and police office eventually in kraak National Museum in 1987 my friend Muhammad lives in russle Kima he’s into classic cars and he prefers modern living he lives in one of those Towers let’s see what his apartment looks like now we’re going to

Take a look at the highest Residential Building in Russell himer wow it’s pretty spacious and I like the view most modern apartment buildings in the UAE come with a lot of amenities like a swimming pool a gym and sometimes even coffee shops and stores on the ground

Floor this is the modern living in Russell hmer my friend El manuri has a good taste have you always lived in Russell hea I born here in Russ and always lived here yeah yeah okay but I’m work in Abu da okay so my family here I born here I

Studied there here everything in my life when I was kids here what do you like about Russell hon the price it’s basic life white uh City nature City you see some a l of nature like mountain and sea and everyone know each other here yeah russle K has a lot of nice beaches

Probably the most famous one is the flamingo Beach it’s January but it feels like summertime so let’s go for a swim I mean what else are you supposed to do on a beautiful beach like this and on a beautiful day like this the city has a lot of upscale

Locations like Mina Al Arab a waterfront Community with luxurious million dooll Villas and five-star Resorts like Anantara and InterContinental Resort another fast growing area is alaran Island it’s a man-made archipelago located on a group of four coral-shaped Islands a popular tourist spot with several Resorts and Residential Properties rumor has it that soon gambling might be legalized in Russell Kama and Gamblin operator wind Resorts already announced its plan to

Open a resort with a casino in 202 27 some 30 minutes away you can visit Dia for it’s an 18th century fortification standing proud in the center of lash Oasis the highest Hilltop fort in the UAE it was the sight of a battle during the Persian Gulf campaign

Of 1819 when the British troops captured the fort after a brief Siege russle Kama has the most fertile soil in the country due to a large share of rainfall and underground water streams from the haar mountains this area is called arams very very old area and in the middle it’s called

Shemal you want to know about the traditional and old history you have to come this place uh to visit I’m sorry I’m exhausted cuz I’m climbing one of the most popular tourist places in Russell K is jble J mountain with the highest peak in the UAE 1,934 m above sea level I joined

Muhammad for a car rally from russle K to jbel Jace we started around 9:00 in the morning everyone got together lots of amazing cars from Ferraris to Classics we had some coffee and some breakfast and then we headed to jble J we have a small community here in Ras everyone

Like have a car so I just got an idea so why not we do like a small gathering we select the Saturday morning which is the the time that everyone should be free and everyone love his car car he can push himself to W up early and come here week

By week we are like uh inventing or creating a new drive so by today inshallah we will have a drive to jabel G and mallah you will see a variety of collection here nice which car you driving well I’ll drive the pink Porsche all right good stuff thank you so much

I’ll see you on the top see you see you there if you ever wondered how to make friends with locals in the UAE just Join one of those car clubs and you’re going to make lots of friends now one thing I noticed there’s not enough lady drivers I wonder why in fact

I only saw one so let’s go talk to her hello hi what’s your name I’m Delia well it’s nice to see some lady drivers I know today I’m the only one but I really interested to get more more female involved and interested so if if anybody’s here listening uh and they’re

Female owner car owner please join my um Instagram account Charming horses dxb and we can ride together sounds great tell me about your car I have a worship boook 2022 um and I love it so it’s just brand new two years almost and uh it’s my baby

So yeah okay it’s not the first time you’re participating right it’s the first time yeah first time with a group overwhelming to see so many men around so trying to you know uh yeah fit in sounds great thank you very much thank you bye bye after that we had a picnic

With the boys we cooked sometime and SLG for chilling good vibe and cruising around especially in Winter because the summer this country you know the summer special for classic car the temperatures hard to like control the car you know how did I meet Muhammad at a parking lot we started

Talking about cars and we became friends and he offered to show me around he drives a pony at Grand Prix 1972 as you probably know UAE is a Muslim country and Muhammad price five times a day so whenever he was showing me around he always remembered when it

Was was time to pray so he would just find the nearest mosque and it didn’t matter which one Muhammad showed great hospitality and we even visited his parents’ home where we watched the football match between UAE and Tajikistan you’re welcome to my house what’s this perfume Arab perum this is where you

Used to live this used to be Muhammad’s room okay this is his sister’s room Muhammad’s dad used to work as a policeman and now even though he’s retired he continues to work at a local school let’s drink some coffee you oh nice cup I like that U playing against Tajikistan it’s like a

Summer patio wow it’s your brother Studio yeah sometimes you get together and start rapping yeah yeah we put music uh we go for fre do you do in Arabic or in English both I can’t do by English and maybe I’m learning now to make it by Russian

One all right we got gaming steering wheel computer big screen yeah is living like a hotel yeah it’s like a five star hotel wow look at that the emirat of rasle Kama has a great combination of mountains the beach and the desert we’ve already seen the mountains and the beach

So let’s visit visit the desert also you’ll find numerous camel Farms outside the city and camel farming is a good business to raise camels for meat for racing for milk and so many other things there’s also actually a racing track not far from it but we checked it out nobody’s racing camels today

Unfortunately next Emirate on the list is the second smallest and the least populous Emirate in the UAE umal Kain and I bet you’ve never heard of it umal Kain it’s rowned for its Serenity and slow pace of Life while offering great beaches and desert Dunes um Kain hasn’t

Discovered much oil or gas and mostly depends on revenue from tourism and fishing now also the focus has been shifted towards expanding its commercial and investment base with the construction of Ahmed bin Rashid port and the free trade zone here are some places that I recommend you visit um

Kain Fort it was once home to the Emirates ruler and guarded the entrance to the old town this fort acted as the government headquarters from 17 1968 till 1969 and part of that was the prison so if you’re a bad boy this is where you go see you in a few

Years and later it became a police station and then a museum you will see local artifacts and the collection of weapons that we use throughout the Emirates history if you’re looking for some beach fun um Kain has a number of fantastic places check out Kai Beach center it’s a

Pet friendly place and has Zanzibar Vibes this is a special place for pets it even has a shower for pets nail cutting hair anything for your pets so relax soak up the sun on the beach learn surfing and kite surfing there’s a certified kite surfing school exercise

At Tarzan gym and have a great time so easy right yes no stress in this place be happy kindly Akuna mat Akuna mat for lunch we went to a fish restaurant this is a famous restaurant for seafood now this is a favorite among locals but I’m not sure too many tourists know

About it of course you got to try some seafood it’s going to be fresh delicious and much cheaper than in Dubai and I ordered sea base we also got some shrimp seafood soup rice and all kinds of veggies and by the way this is local CL

And Arabic we have this very long and very old it’s like little of perfume you put it and you mix it for your hands so they take the full smell away from you meanwhile we stopped to check out Flamingo Hotel fun fact my parents stayed in it a few years ago so

I was curious to look at it it’s a nice resort with a beautiful beach but what’s cool about it is that they arrange trips to the mangroves to watch flamingos one of the things to do in um Kain is go bird watching specifically flamingos um Kain has Rich Coastal mangroves this is

Probably as close as you can get to the birds because the waters are so shallow and if you get any closer you’re going to Spook the birds can you show me some fish yes only one now okay there are many other beach resorts along the coast

And if you’re looking for a bargain and enjoy Serenity then Umar Kain might just be what you’re looking for next Emer on the list is Chara Chara is the third larg Emirate in the UAE the city of sha is the capital of the Emirate and the third most populous city

In the country after Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a population of 1.8 million people welcome to sha guys it’s a City full of parks you know it’s just so green it’s so enjoyable charia was the first one in the Gulf region to adopt a 4-day working

Week so you have four working days and 3day weekend isn’t that beautiful it’s a dry Emirate which which means that alcohol is not sold in hotels or bars not serving alcohol has helped charger increase the number of Islamic tourists and become the Islamic culture capital of

2014 I remember my first time in the UAE was 1996 my dad took me over here and when the plane landed first sign that I saw was smile you are in charge and they still use that motto up to this this day let’s visit some cool places and right

Now we’re going to al-nur Island which is a beautiful Park familyfriendly and they also have a butterfly house there’s going to be a nice collection of butterflies it’s an Island Oasis in the middle of the city that’s known for its tropical biosphere filled with floating butterflies al-nur island is like a

Little Tropical Paradise you know I’ve always wondered why Arabian Deserts are so different from a desert in Arizona for example because Arizona you will have huge cacti and why don’t they have cacti in Arabian Deserts well I found some but of course these are in a park not in the in the real

Desert alnor mosque it is of Turkish ottoman design and was influenced by the sultan ahed mosque in Turkey it is open to the public and you can step inside and take some pictures alajas Waterfront is a nice Lakeside Park with restaurants great views as plash Park and the Musical Fountain at

Night Char Museum of Islamic civilization this Museum demonstrates Islamic civilization and culture spent in a period of centuries in a visualized way they have a good collection of artifacts and it’s not just about religion but also about science astronomy architecture and craftsmanship charia aquarium it might

Not be the largest but it is certainly enjoyable and showcases the variety of marine life native to the seas around the UAE it consists of two floors embracing 21 aquariums and filled with 1.8 million L of water check out rain room if you like experimental art Rainboom allows visitors to walk through

A downpour without getting wet guys I’m going to show you a trick I’m going to walk in the rain and I’m going to come out dry let’s do it and apparently there’s some sensors that see where you are and the rain stops following your you know movements

You know it’s like pouring down but you’re still very very dry to be honest if you walk fast you’re still going to get a few drops but in the hot weather of the UAE you’re probably not going to complain next place whom I want to visit

In charge is alisen or Chara Fort is a fort that was originally constructed in 1820 by the then ruler of Chara Shake saltan been soccer Al casimi it was partially demolished in 1970 but now it’s been restored you can discover the weapons and the defense strategies used

By the shakes and their guards as well as the lifestyle of the ruling family as I was exiting the fort I met a guy from Saudi Arabia hello hello my friend what’s your name my name is Sal Al Rashid nice to meet you from Saudi

Arabia oh you are yeah okay and what are you doing in charia um I am a footballer yeah really which club you play for I play with the sporty club uh the Kuwait clubs but uh play in division 3 in Emirates League okay yeah are you pretty good no good good I’m

Good alhamdulillah sorry if I can’t speak if I can’t speak English fluently but we can we can do inshah someone if he want to visit Emirate go this H and you can maybe you meet someone like uh my friend from Russia at taking some interview small interview okay well good

Luck with your career good luck bro good nice to meet you brother thank you today Chara has grown into a center for arts and culture it is home to nearly quarter of all the uae’s museums and to many popular events alasa is a lively destination for food fun and inspiration at popular

Location to visit that features restaurants art centers and outdoor attractions this Waterfront Community often hosts various events so check the schedule Chara has so many nice beaches I was staying at an inexpensive loo Resort and the beach was very enjoyable and this is a public beach for example alhan

Beach and this is yet another public beach Kira Beach this is the longest one in the city extending 3.5 km it’s so long that it might be a good idea to run a scooter or a bicycle to see all of it and that’s exactly what I

Did in 2022 Chara made history when its public sector adopted a 4-day work in week and a 3-day weekend becoming the first region in the entire Middle East to do so the Amir of Chara also has enclaves on the East Coast so let’s relocate to the Gulf of

Oman the city of carakan it’s a city of 43,000 people on the Gulf of Oman it has a Container Terminal and port and a gorgeous crescent-shaped beach with endless choices for fun and the water from fishing to diving to Paras saling and kayaking there’s a very nice prominade that runs along the beach

Front against the backdrop of the haar mountains archaeological sites include ancient Graves and the Portuguese Fort if you didn’t know this this town was captured by the Portuguese Empire in the 16th century and was among the Fortified cities that the Portuguese used to control access to the Persian Gulf and

The Gulf of Oman in the city of carakan you can visit the old Portuguese Fort at least what’s left of it and also right beside it is a Heritage Village which is uh pretty amazing hello come and visit her Village [Applause] in This is how the living room used to look like in 17th century it’s like bedroom and everything all in one room it’s all in one room okay carian Amphitheater and waterfall obviously inspired by Roman architecture it has rapidly become a celebrated local landmark and can accommodate over 3500 Spectators it even

Has a coolant system this waterfall is man-made it was cared out of the natural rock and it’s often illuminated at night Al rabby Tower this Tower was built in 1915 it is located at the height of 395 m above sea level from here you can take some hiking trails of different

Difficulty levels ala Hub rest house it is the highest point in caraan offering a Charming panoramic view of the city and the Gulf of Oman come here if you want to have lunch with a breathtaking view 580 m above sea level Alisa dam is a stunning Lake in the

Mountains ideal for kaying and boating around the lake or just a cool place to grab a snack and take some cool pictures a visit to carican is not complete without visiting the Old Market which has been restored in the same style as the original Market this is

Where we ran into a Cars Club again charge a classic cars Club yes as you have noticed people love cars in the UAE some guys I talked to had a collection of up to 200 cars but not everyone wanted to be on camera there’s a good collection of cars here and actually

This club will have a bigger event near charers airport next week which will include 150 classic cars so if you’re in UAE come and check it out meanwhile we are in carakan beautiful town and it’s evening time and I think we should go for a walk because it’s so beautiful I’m

Really surprised it seems like people have a lot of passion for classic cars in UAE and so there’s so many car events happening at the same time if you like birds or even if you don’t I recommend you visit calba bird pre Center some 30 minutes away from caraan

They exhibit wild birds like Falcons owls vultures and explain the bird’s hunting and survival strategies it’s a bit intimidating they’re flying right over your head just above your head they have a fascinating bird show at 400 p.m. and you don’t want to miss it don’t worry I’m okay it was fine so

Close I Dro my phone it’s very interesting to explore in the inner part of the UAE I found this Heritage side of w Halo for example W Halo was a wealthy tobacco growing Center there used to be three watch towers that guarded the village and the

Farms next Emirate is fjera it is the only Emirate that is located completely on the East Coast fera was part of the Emirate of charara until a Revolt broke out in the late 19th century today the population of the Emirate is 256,000 people the port of aera has a

Strategic position with access to the Indian Ocean and the econom is mostly based on fishing and agriculture other Industries include Mining and stone crushing which have benefited from the recent boom and construction of artificial Islands in Dubai and Abu Dhabi fuera is distinguished with its rugged mountains valleys and wide sandy

Beaches the climate is more moderate than that of Dubai I stayed in albajar Hotel and Resort it’s a huge hotel with a waterfront location $130 a night with a breakfast the water is so clear if you guys want a quick bite that’s a very good place to go to

Eva cafeteria one of the oldest in town try falafal wrap it’s inexpensive and so good all right thank you very much and I got some orange juice with that Albia mque this time tiny mosque claims to be the oldest in the UAE it was constructed all the way in 1424 let’s walk

Inside it’s sitting next to alidia village with palm tree plantations and two defensive Towers cuz back then you always had to worry about Invaders fuera Fort built in 1670 it is the oldest fort in the country for centuries it was the most important defensive build building on the coast

And also the residents of the Emirates rulers date process area a prisoner guys this pigeon poor pigeon is a prisoner within walking distance you can visit for J Museum it has an excellent collection of objects all the way from the Bronze Age weapons various costumes and utensils

Of course you got to visit Shake Z mosque it’s the second largest mosque in the country it can hold around 28,000 worshippers in appearance it’s similar to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul non-muslim visitors are allowed to visit in the Morning now let’s relocate to the West Coast and visit the smallest of the 7 Emirates by area Ajman it measures just 259 Square km which is about 0.3% of the country’s total area the population of adman is half a million Ajman port and Ajman free zone are the major contributors to the Emirates

Economy Ajman was the first Emirate to offer 100% free hold to Global Investors in 2004 which means you can own your property forever ajan fort museum this fort was was founded in the 18th century and has been Central to the history of the Emirate there’s an Old Market Recreation

And a police station Recreation you know what they did to the thieves who got caught the second time chop their hands up and put them on display for everyone to see and think twice before stealing these guys are trading pearls and of course Pearl diving Pearl trading was a

Big big thing a lot of people live in aont and work in Dubai because the rent is lower Aon KES is a popular evening destination for families and features a number of fast food outlets and coffee shops and it gets crowded in the evening because everybody comes to watch the

Sunset welcome to Aon aan is also a good beach destination and prices are lower than in Dubai I stayed at Ajman hotel for $160 a night and this is what the beach was like wow the sea is good there’s a little bit of garbage look at

That all right I just checked out of a man Hotel it’s interesting how things how things change so fast you know I was here last time 2020 and this area was under construction and now you see it’s a beautiful area look at this things really change very very fast in

UAE thank you very much wel welcome everybody I am from United Arab Emirates uh I am Ajman City this Ajman City nice place more service more hotels more coffee shop uh this uh very nice Beach and uh good people welcome to Ajman hello hello welcome to Ajman hello welcome to Ajman

Nice and the hospitality is so good I was just walking by and uh these gentlemen invited me to have some coffee with them they said they always get together for coffee around afternoon at this place or at City Center ajon that’s the biggest mall in the area most of

These guys said that they used to work as policemen but now they’re all retired if you want to relax and unwind you can go to alzora natural reserve a popular place to spend some time by the water and see the mangroves there are also golf courses nearby

Like other Emirates Ajman also has two landlocked exclaves man and mass food this is mass food for it overlooking the town of mass food with a population of just 9,000 people the next Emirate needs no introduction Dubai it’s the most populous one with a population of 3.5

Million and the second largest by area welcome to Dubai it’s a place that’s known for luxurious vacations fancy cars and upscale living once Dubai was a center for fishing pearling and sea trade but the discovery of oil in 1966 transformed the amirit and its way of life today Dubai’s economy is no longer

Reliant on oil but rather on Logistics banking real estate construction tourism and education Dubai is very spread out and the most convenient way to get around is by car alternatively you can use Dubai Metro with a daily ridership of 684 th000 people it has 53 stations and two lines

Currently and another one is under construction all trains are fully automated Dubai is all about Glitz and glamour so even inside the Metro you have golden class cabins with plush leather seats and panoramic views there’s a number of very unique districts let’s take a look at some of

Them Dubai Marina is an affluent residential neighborhood with a water side prominade with restaurants hotels Dubai Marina mall and the beach at jbr you’ll see upscale Yachts cruising through the marina babysitters walking the rich people’s kids and activities ranging from jet skiing to skydiving blue waterers Island is

Located across the water from Dubai Marina it’s known for shopping and partying we went to this funky hangout breast monkey with a bar at bowan alley VR racing simulators and arcade games Blue Waters island is where you find the largest fairies wheel in the world it’s

Called iron Dubai but it’s no longer an oper option apparently was too heavy for the artificial Island it’s sitting on Business Bay is a modern Central Financial District packed with corporate highrises residential buildings and hotels this is where you find a lot of business people but there’s not too much

To do for tourists downtown Dubai is a different story this is the city’s tourist Hub home to the tallest building in the world Burge Khalifa 830 M High the dancing Fountain and crowds of people in the evening Dubai Mall is the second largest mall in the world by total land area

Inside there is an aquarium and many other interesting things like the fountain with pearl divers albara is an example of a typical residential neighborhood this is where I was staying because the hotels are cheaper you can find a decent one for $100 a night the main attraction in albara is the Mall of

The Emirates with an indoor ski slope jamaa is a coastal residential area one of Dubai’s most prestigious low-rise neighborhoods and one of my favorites this is where you find Dubai’s most iconic Hotel Burge alap a five-star hotel which some people describe as the world’s only sevenstar Hotel well okay I

Guess anything is possible in Dubai the island of pal jamaa is known for glitzy hotels Villas and upscale restaurants infinity pools and nightclubs you know the good living for the wealthy but if you’re looking for something more authentic and traditional then I recommend birai this area was the site

Of the city’s original settlement it’s a neighborhood with traditional sus or markets authentic dining and sea fairing Vibes this is where you find the oldest existing building in Dubai alahi Fort built in 1787 today it houses the Dubai Museum Dubai is one of the world’s entertainment capitals here’s some of

The things you can do go on a helicopter ride walk on the edge of a skyscraper if you’re not too scared of heights you’re going to love it go skydiving ride a hot air balloon through the desert go Dune basion in a 4×4 have dinner in the sky

At jvr beach ride a zipline through the B Marina visit butterfly garden featuring 15,000 butterflies or Miracle garden featuring over 50 million flowers watch a night performance at the global village and attend numerous events throughout the year Dubai is full of different events so any time of the year

Any month you can find lots and lots of events and this car show is called Grand picnic and it actually happens every year it’s the largest annual car event with over a th000 cars featuring modern cars classic cars American Muscle Exotics trucks and motorcycles people can bring their picnic setups and talk

About cars and have a great time are you a fan of cars yes absolutely what’s your preference so my my father has Bush so it’s a por absolutely a Porsche okay yeah B fan of Porsche yep all right good stuff what’s your name majet okay okay yep and this particular event it happens

Every year yes okay it’s sponsored by Flat 12 some say locals or amadis are hard to find in Dubai true the number of Emirates in Dubai is very low but you still can find them in certain places like Flat 12 Cafe which has a perfect

Mix of a cafe and cars for anyone who loves both locals know a lot of places off the beaten path like this Sharma shop Muhammad said they serve some of the best shawarma in town I’m not going to argue it was good you don’t have to

Go to fancy places to get delicious food this is barata Zinger and my friend knows all about it it stays open 24/7 so you can come here 5 in the morning and get some great snacks like other Emirates Dubai has an exclave located 134 km east of the city it’s called hat

It’s known for hat Dam and centuries old hat Heritage Village with a defensive Tower interestingly this area was formerly an Omani territory its ownership was transferred to Dubai around 1850 and finally let’s look at the largest of the seven Emirates Abu Dhabi it accounts for 87% of the nation’s

Total land area and has coastlines triing 700 kmers Abu Dhabi is the richest Emirate and it owns 95% of the country’s oil and 92% of the country’s gas it’s Sovereign wealth fund manages nearly a trillion dollars the capital of the amirit is the city of Abu dhab ABI

With a population of 1.5 million people unlike Dubai Abu Dhabi is quite walkable its KES is an 8 km long Waterfront prominate with cycling and pedestrian Pathways let’s look at some of the sites of the city Shak zide Grand Mosque it’s an architectural Masterpiece that features

82 domes more than 1,000 columns 24 Kad gold gilded chandeliers and the world’s largest hand knoted carpet everyone knows Lou in Paris but did you know there’s also l in Abu Dhabi it’s located on Sadat Island it’s the largest art museums in the Arabian Peninsula with 8,000 met of

Galleries on Yas Island you’ll find a number of amusement parks like Ferrari World Yas Water World Warner Brothers world and SeaWorld as well as an F1 racing track Yas Marina circuit the city has great tourist infrastructure and outstanding hotels to choose from just look at rx’s Marina Abu Dhabi

Or the Emirates Palace which looks like something out of an Arabian fairy tale its Gardens alone spread across an area of 180 football fields now let’s meet my friend Abdullah he’s a local guy who runs a media company in Abu Dhabi and his passion is flying fpv drones he even tried to teach

Me how to do it he is Muhammad’s cousin by the way first he took me to one of his favorite fishing restaurants let’s see what we had for lunch there’s some fou fried bread seafood soup so this is King Fish yeah fried with the bukari rice and

Um gravy with shrimp gravy with shrimp this portions are huge an Arabic country yeah I think it’s good for three people not two people yeah now a cheaper way to eat would be to visit one of the fish markets this is where you can choose what you want to

Buy and then have it cooked for you right there on the spot hello hello hello so at the local market you can order some fish they will cook it for you and you can enjoy it right here at the market you buy you go to the the place for cooking the your

Food and they’ll cook it for us yeah just try it a Medina a Medina it’s from Saudi Arabia so the best combination dates with Arabic coffee so so you will go back to Russia very strong that’s right and search for many wives it’s very fresh and a lot cheaper

Than at a restaurant food is ready let’s try it oh that’s a is that a small octopus if you want to eat fresh and cheap you have to come to the market and order food from there now let’s visit some places off the beaten path the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has fantastic roads

Un certain freeways you can go as fast as 160 km an hour that is 100 mph some 40 minutes away from the city you can visit Emirates National Auto Museum this is a private Museum that belongs to Shay kamama mod and it has the largest collection of 4×4 Vehicles

The largest Caravan with eight bedrooms and the world’s largest drivable replica of Willie’s Jeep it looks like nothing special right until you realize it’s actual size so yeah it’s a gigantic car in the 50s and 60s there were no SUVs in the area so they would use these cars to go

Camping and so a lot of times they would get stuck in the desert of course do you have something a little bigger sure my dear you do oh now you’re going to see the scale oh boy if you’re looking for a place to unwind Abu dhabi’s coastal areas are richly lined with Mangrove

Forests you can visit Mangrove National Park it’s a reserve of beauty and Biodiversity Abu Dhabi is growing fast let’s check out some new neighborhoods this a place we called Alana it’s a walking area open door very nice for families and friends to come and Gathering uh and walking and enjoy the weather and winter you know but don’t come in summer winter is nice here this

Is a new Waterfront destination with dining and entertainment options like Cinema City complex and the largest aquarium in the Middle East the National Aquarium or let’s visit Al Island it’s a natural Island connected to the rest of the City by Bridges to me it looks more

Like Miami or Singapore this place is so amazing I had no expectations like This Abdullah tell me what why do you like Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi it’s a comfortable place uh you can find uh a lot of entertainment locations for your family for your friends before yesterday I saw Abu Dhabi winning as the safest city in the world comparing uh with 300

Something cities wow it still has this small town feel to it right compared to Dubai because in Dubai so many different people yeah and rush and fast going coming you know I tried to live in Dubai I lived there 3 months but in the third

Month I F I have to go back to Abu Dhabi really uh the traffic is crazy the people they are always in rush you you will I cannot I cannot handle too much yeah too much yeah for me like if I want to visit Dubai I like to go like in the

Weekend two days sit just uh book their hotel and it’s so easy to get to Dubai it’s like 1 hours 1 hour 50 minutes 50 minutes and you know our roads it’s very nice and uh you can drive when you are if you are black you can’t drive you can

Close your eyes and drive very easy for the most part the Amir of Abu Dhabi is a desert but what do you look for in the desert an oasis so let’s visit an oasis city of Aline it’s the fourth largest city in the country with a population of 846 th000 people it’s

Located in the foothills of jbel heid and they call it the Garden City for its Palm Groves and natural springs it is home to several Heritage sites like alil Fort it’s a huge fort that was established in 1891 around an oasis for the protection of palm Farmers it was

Built under the reign of shik Z bin Khalifa also known as shik Z the first later it was seized by the former Omani Coastal Scout for its operation to protect the Mountain Lanes and to preserve the inner tribal peace alline Palace Museum next door is the Palace of

The former UAE president and the founder of the UAE shik Z who lived there until 1966 the place was originally built in 1937 you can visit many rooms in the palace including an art gallery and modulus or meeting rooms for receiving guests in one of the courtyards there is

A replica of Land Rover similar to the one driven by Shake Z in the desert to visit bedwin communities behind the museum there is Eline Oasis it’s a large Oasis with day palm trees at the entrance you can buy some fresh dates I met a couple of am

American tourists let’s see what they have to say uh I was here 12 years ago okay so how’s the place changed oh everything is is better so when I was here it was a it was a sea of cranes uh half of the Palm jir wasn’t open it’s

It’s all open now Yas Island etc etc and and all of those projects are all done imagine what it’s going to be like in the next 12 years oh AB absolutely yep it it’ll be incredible I’ve I moved out of the Seattle area just because of the of the crime and

Homelessness but my son told me so he said you’re going to see you’re not going to see any graffiti you’re not going to see homeless it it it’s just clean and it’s just delightful it’s just it just it makes me sad for for where I come from Eline has date processing

Companies dairy farms and even organic farms located just outside the city I bet you didn’t expect to see an organic farm in the UAE welcome to Emirates biofarm Slava we are the Lar organic farm in the UAE we are currently 1 million square meters which is a

Kilometer by a kilometer we grow over 60 different types of vegetables and we welcome over a, guests every weekend and during the week we serve around 100 150 yeah we Supply majority of the market in the UAE we also have our own restaurant so our Chef creates different kinds of

Dishes that are based around the vegetables that we Harvest on the farm for the main course I took uh Chef’s famous zucchini ctin which is Mela cheese zucchini and some tomato sauce I have carrot soup I have uh green juice which is mint sugar cane kale and

Cucumber and of course I have some fresh picked this morning from the garden veggies M it tastes so good and fresh bread you can’t go wrong with that now I still got a lot of work to do so if you will excuse me I got to plow this field

So now that we have visited every emiral let’s talk to Abdullah a lot of foreigners have this idea that UAE locals they get uh some benefits from the government is that true yes it’s uh it’s from the founder of U Zed he said let’s make the country rich with the

Human with the Manpower so he’s focusing in the Manpower local Manpower in UAE and uh support them in their life like as we have in uh two days in a week we have a place called alza this place uh where is the she is

There and we go to talk with him and uh hiire him uh and ask uh like what we need what kind of request can you make like if you have uh problems with your loans like you are now you are not working okay or you fired from your work

Or something happen with your work so you can ask for your loan to be forgiven for a for a help to to pay you uh uh the loan or uh like uh you need uh home you have family now you have wife you have children you can ask for uh uh home we

Have also the um uh entity Authority entity of for the local to to just apply for a villa or loan 2 million Durham with the land they can give you land with 2 million to build or ready Villa for you this got me curious and I wanted

To make sure I heard it correctly so I asked abdalah to show me some of those Villas you have two options uh ready Villa or land with 2 million for me I prefer ready yeah no headache does it only work in Abu Dhabi or does it work in other

Emirates also uh no all UA all across U okay but you have to be 30 to apply right yeah 30 no if you are in 20s and you’re married you can apply but if you’re not married they you can apply at 30 okay wow nice perks from the government and uh

Regarding the marriage yes when you married first first wife not second or third no only first wife okay maybe they will change the law later for second wife for now first wife uh they will give you like around 60 to 70,000 as uh to start your life with

Marriage and uh some educational um marriage educational uh materials they will give you and some courses to how to manage the life the marriage life with their wife also courses for the wi is how to treat their husband yeah really really there is we we are glad to have

This this government we love our government alhamdulillah yeah they are so kind so Justice they always uh encourage us to develop our skills uh by education by support in many different fields the UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with huge oil reserves however the country has been

Taking significant steps towards economic diversification recently they launched a high-speed train system across the country and very soon you’ll be able to travel coast to coast in no time the UAE has been renowned for its zero tax policies for a long time but some recent changes might not be so

Exciting in 2018 a 5% value added tax was introduced and in 2023 they introduced a 9% corporate tax for certain businesses gradually erode in the country’s tax-free status as an international trade Hub and a magnet for the ultra Rich what’s the best way to see the country I rented a car like I

Normally do but keep in mind most likely you’ll end up getting a lot of fines because they installed cameras everywhere I received around $800 in fines over the course of two weeks ridiculous I know mostly for using my phone while I was driving but how else was I supposed to use GPS without

Looking at the phone I had a great time in the UAE and of course Muhammad and abdalah did their best to make me feel welcome well I hope you guys enjoyed this video now let me ask you which Emirate you like the most leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in

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