If Biden withdraws, is there a plan B?

If Biden withdraws, is there a plan B?

In a surprising turn of events, US Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas has become the first Democratic member of Congress to openly call on President Joe Biden to withdraw from the race for re-election. This call comes on the heels of Biden’s lackluster performance in last week’s debate against former President Donald Trump.

The pressure on Biden to step down comes as he prepares to meet with fellow Democratic leaders in Washington this week in an effort to strengthen support for his candidacy. A recent poll conducted by Reuters after the debate revealed that one in three Democrats believe Biden should withdraw from the race.

The question now on many people’s minds is, if Biden were to withdraw, is there a plan B for the Democratic party? With the election rapidly approaching, the party will need to quickly come up with a viable alternative to Biden. It remains to be seen how Biden and the Democratic leadership will navigate this challenging situation in the coming days.

The uncertainty surrounding Biden’s candidacy adds a new layer of complexity to an already contentious and closely watched election. As the world watches on, the future of the Democratic party and the US presidential race hangs in the balance.

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