Increasing tensions between Israel and Hezbollah: Heading towards full-scale war? | The Listening Post

Increasing tensions between Israel and Hezbollah: Heading towards full-scale war? | The Listening Post

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah are escalating, with both sides engaging in aggressive rhetoric that signals a potential slide towards all-out war. While the world’s attention has been focused on the conflict in Gaza, the simmering hostilities between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah paramilitary group are reaching a dangerous tipping point.

In a recent episode of The Listening Post, experts weighed in on the growing animosity between Israel and Hezbollah. Joseph Daher, author of “Hezbollah: The Political Economy of Lebanon’s Party of God”, highlighted the political and economic complexities driving Hezbollah’s actions. Jad Melki, an associate professor of journalism and media studies at the Lebanese American University, provided insights into the regional implications of the escalating tension.

Dan Perry, former Middle East editor for The Associated Press, and Nomi Bar Yaacov, an international negotiator at Chatham House, also offered valuable perspectives on the situation.

As both sides continue to ramp up their rhetoric and military activities, the prospects for regional peace are increasingly dim. The specter of all-out war looms large, threatening to further destabilize an already volatile region.

In addition to the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, The Listening Post also covered the recent release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the implications of his case for press freedom worldwide. The episode also delved into the rise of the guerrilla campaign group Led By Donkeys in the UK, exploring how the collective has tapped into public disillusionment with the political establishment.

As tensions rise between Israel and Hezbollah, the world watches anxiously to see if the situation will escalate into a full-blown conflict with devastating consequences for the region.

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