Iraq: Torn between corruption and power struggles | DW Documentary

Iraq: Torn between corruption and power struggles | DW Documentary

Iraq: Torn between corruption and power struggles | DW Documentary

The film follows journalists founding the first independent radio station in Iraq. It’s hoped that the broadcasts will contribute to the reconstruction of their homeland following the victory of the anti-IS coalition – in a region that’s been affected by war and division since 1980.

July 2017: Mosul is liberated and in ruins. Ghadeer, a young journalist who fled to Brussels after Mosul was captured by the IS terror militia, leaves behind a promising future in Europe. He returns to his home city to found “Radio One,” along with a group of friends. Their station is free of religious, ideological and political influence. Its aim is to contribute to dialog and peaceful coexistence in a divided nation.

The first two years are a Utopian era for the volunteer radio station founders. Through its reporting on the country’s problems, “Radio One” garners a nationwide audience. But without external funding and advertising revenue, the channel gets into financial difficulties. At the same time, the journalists find themselves targeted by militias steered by political clans. These are fighting for control of Iraq, and brutally crack down on any resistance they meet.

Iraq was not rebuilt after the second Gulf War, paving the way for rampant corruption, power struggles and influence from abroad, particularly from Iran. People here are struggling to make ends meet, and the nation is on the brink of civil war. Ultimately, the recession seals the end of “Radio One”. Ghadeer sees no other option but to sell the channel to an anonymous investor.

The film also documents the disillusionment of the Iraqi population. Twenty years after the US army’s invasion, with its promise of democracy, people can only look on as their country threatens to backslide into chaos yet again.

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