Is a day trip to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania worth it during your 48-hour stay in Bucharest, Romania? – Video

Is a day trip to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania worth it during your 48-hour stay in Bucharest, Romania? – Video

In their latest video, Olivia and Nathan explore Bucharest and Transylvania in Romania for 48 hours, delving into the rich history of the country. From learning about Vlad the Impaler to Nicolae Ceaușescu, the duo takes us on a journey through the fascinating past of Romania. They ventured to the mountains in Transylvania to visit iconic castles like Peleș Castle and Bran Castle.

The highlight of their trip was the exploration of the charming Old Town of Bucharest, which felt like a mix of Paris and a modern European city. The architecture, the coffee shops, and the food scene left Olivia and Nathan thoroughly impressed with the city. They also took a walking tour to learn about the dark past of Dracula and the history of Romania.

The day trip to the famous Dracula’s Castle, also known as Bran Castle, was a mixed experience for the couple. While the castle attracted hoards of tourists and souvenir vendors, Olivia and Nathan found the surrounding town and the backdrop of the castle to be the most beautiful aspects. They felt that the queues and crowds made them question the worth of paying to enter the castle, but the overall experience of exploring the region was still worth it.

Ultimately, Olivia and Nathan’s 48 hours in Bucharest and Transylvania showcased the diverse beauty and history of Romania. From French-inspired architecture to German-inspired towns, the country offered a unique and enriching travel experience. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply exploring stunning landscapes, Romania proves to be a captivating destination worth visiting.

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Video Transcript

We’re in Bucharest Bucharest but there are so many people out so many people eating ice cream walking their dogs getting lunch my God definitely a Vibe out here I’m already so surprised like my first impression was it’s super clean feels almost like a Western European city yeah it does people also the way

They dress and the kind of the mixed like Styles and cultures here it feels very like Metropolitan Big City kind of vibe yeah they they let L us the entire Boulevard which is the one of the main boulevards here in buar so they block it off for the weekend exactly only for for

The weekend yes and that’s he disliked bukes because Bucharest was looking more like a village than a modern city so this is St George church and we’re really lucky that we’re here on Sunday cuz we’re getting to witness a service so behind us are the candles

That you can light for somebody who is living but you can also light for somebody who’s passed hoping to give them more peace in the afterlife okay wow did not expect this you have this big beautiful building here and then all the way down here you

Have all these water fountains so cool I didn’t expect for there to be so much beautiful architecture here but the buildings are amazing they’re all very French style and then you got the mix that little bit of mix of communist buildings you know here and there that

Are honestly pretty ugly but how they’ve been able to maintain these buildings like another one right here is just unreal all right so this is why we do walking tours so we can actually learn about the significance of buildings right cuz if you just get to a new city

You don’t know much maybe you’ve read a Blog you’re walking around you don’t really know like what actually happened there so I was just thinking how beautiful and massive this building is we just learned it’s the Parliament building but it represents something extremely negative to the local people

Here it’s one of the biggest buildings in the entire world standing at 84 M High 7,000 rooms 450,000 square m the parliament Palace began not with some architect set over a drawing board with a tragedy on March the 4th 1977 the mother of all earthquakes hit Romania registering 7.3

On the RoR scale it shook streets for a full minute bringing apartment blocks crashing down so chesu now had a chance to rebuild his own socialist Utopia it was the start of a journey that would soon drag Romania to depths of suffering its population are rarely known chesu

Ordered the destruction of more than 10,000 homes and forcibly evicted more than 50,000 families it should never be forgotten what this building is it is your ‘s largest and youngest symbol for centralized control and authoritarian communism a constant reminder of how real it is to be led by people who live

And breathe do as I say not as I do and the only reason they’ve kept this building is because they did the math and they learned that it would be more cost effective to just keep the building and actually keep building it rather than knock it down we just finished our

Walking tour here in Bucharest and it was 10 out of 10 experience they do a really good job here her English was great they even have a little microphone which we so appreciate because sometimes you know they’re giving you so much history and you want to be able to

Follow along but we learned heaps they have a very dark past with uh Dracula Dracula is known to have come here from Romania his real name is Ivan the Impaler yes and what does impaling mean what would he do to the people who would cheat and steal from him you grab big

Stick you shove it up the anus AKA the inard and it would come out right here at this part of the back and you would purposely avoid all the internal organs so that they wouldn’t die immediately they would suffer from like four to 5 hours vad III later known as the Impaler

Is by far the most famous Romanian historical figure in his homeland he’s a national hero seen as a champion of Independence and resistance against ottoman expansion but outside Romania he’s mostly perceived as the psychopath and sadist that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula but outside of that we also got

To see some beautiful churches and then we got to walk through the Old Town we’re walking around the old town Now hello again hello their Old Town feels a little touristy I think again you’re going to have overpriced restaurant like you know some old towns like they’ve definitely propped it up but I feel like there’s a lot you can do and see in that area but this place does

Feel very much like Paris there nicknamed the little Paris and it’s no surprise because half the time I think I am in France it feels like I’m walking the streets of like Paris or some major city you have this kind of like French mix where they became really obsessed

With the French style architecture in the 1800s and that’s why we’re seeing it everywhere it’s clean as well that’s something that like blew my mind is how clean it is here the coffee shops and the food scene here are epic look at the color and freshness of the salad how’s

Yours dude fantastic I think this is like five bucks well we’ve been craving it Oo we got a shrimp burger that thing looks fire the bun well what’ you know we’re out here in Bucharest having poke one of our favorite things to eat in the world they got it all I

Think it’s sometimes rare in some of these bualan countries that you can get really good quality coffee been sort of lucky as of late like bulgary had great coffee so far we can tell Romania’s got really good coffee too their language is also Latin it’s a Latin language as well

So that makes it different cuz it’s not Slavic they don’t use the cic alphabet so yeah that’s that’s day one guys let’s see what the next day has off and what are we doing tomorrow we’re going on a castle tour we’re going to see where Dracula hung out this disturbing man

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Okay we are the first ones this morning for a driving tour to see multiple castles in Romania Transylvania specifically we’re so stoked because very rarely I be the first people to get picked up but when you are you pick your seats dude you know we VIP front seat AC blasting my nostrils

Dude okay anyway let’s learn some about Dracula and vampires yeah Bu we’ve made it to pelish Castle we just went through the town of saai which is super charming and look at where we are now this area is so beautiful this is like a beer house here this is like Villas and a hotel they have a gift into veneer shop

We’re having coffee here this is what everyone’s here for this is the castle but unfortunately we can’t go inside the castle today because it’s Monday and they’re closed it’s the one day week that they use to like do maintenance and whatnot so this is actually the best place where

You can frame the entire Castle so this was actually the summer residence of the first king of Romania King Carl I 1866 to 1914 the Castle’s construction started in 1873 it was completed in first version in 1883 but it had continuous addons and upgrades till 1914 when the king passed Wa we have made it to Brass off and first impressions this town is stunning I didn’t realize how German inspired everything was like it’s it’s pretty Deutsch right now this is like like I didn’t expect you know coming from Bucharest that was so French now you have this German Town uh well obviously

German now Romanian obviously it’s cool I mean this is definitely making us want to see more of this country and come back and I think just like road tripping this country and actually Town hopping you get to see so much more but anyways we’re here for a couple hours which is

Really cool because they’re giving us plenty of time to actually experience this town that’s something I’ve appreciated on this tour so far because a lot of these kind of day trips we’re doing we feel like super constraint strict schedule but this one’s not like that so we’re going to getb a bite to

Eat where are we eating dude we’re eating at lro a French be that don’t sound Romanian oh now this is it oh thank you wow look at that Poached Eggs smoked salmon avocado look at that c i you suck your BL we’ve made it to Brand Castle otherwise known as Dracula’s

Castle and I’m curious to see if this is just one big tourist trap or if it’s actually legit we shall see lots of little stands and things that you can buy I’ve already seen a lot of Dracula themed items hundreds of people online do we get a fast pass this fast just scanning

Tickets we got lines on lines on lines this kind of feels like Disneyland over one today oh okay this is cool this is a secret passageway change my mind come back and uh this was found when they were doing renovations so this is where they

Would have escaped to come to the Top If they were ever they were under fire under attack that was so far the coolest thing that was really cool oh more crows can see the street Romania is so green I think that’s what I like the most I was just

The densely forested it is so many trees everywhere honestly big tourist tra be honest yeah but I will say seeing it from the outside is enough yeah no the outside’s amazing I think the surrounding town get change my mind I think the surrounding town here that’s what I’m most excited

To see and maybe admire the actual front of the castle a little bit more that’s where we’re going to go now the backdrop of this place is what’s most beautiful and the region is incredible I would say there’s no need to really pay for the inside of the

Castle unless you’re like obsessed with theore of it all in our opinion for me like there’s just so many people here we’re also here in August when it’s the busiest time and so yeah the majority of what we just did was really waiting in line just standing there waiting this is freaking

Crazy Walnut pretzel sausage stick and cheese filled thing what candy does that taste like that’s weird good though M kind of tastes like pancake with syrup it’s actually pretty good Wow this has definitely been the highlight of today wow so pretty we just walked down to Pat and they’re going to have a big fountain light show tonight it’s going to be crazy and it happens like only on the weekends during summer months I think it’s like a kind of like an

Automated digital [Applause] thing this is freaking dope it is R this is crazy and they have more fireworks way behind us that way or fireworks they have more fountains it feels like fireworks dude the kids are just going nuts oh my God W I love that the city puts this on

Like such it brings everyone together wo Woo oh

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