Is the USA’s  High Speed Train in Florida (Brightline) Worth It? 🇺🇸 – Video

Is the USA’s $37 High Speed Train in Florida (Brightline) Worth It? 🇺🇸 – Video

In this video, the creators travel on the Brightline high-speed train in Florida, USA, from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. They talk about the price of the tickets, the comfort of the seats, the amenities available, and their overall experience on the train. They also compare the train ride with an Uber ride and discuss their thoughts on high-speed trains in the US in general. They share their experience of traveling on high-speed trains in other countries, such as Taiwan, and contrast it with their experience in the US. Overall, they provide an informative and comprehensive review of their journey on the Brightline high-speed train in Florida. For more details and to see the full video, you can visit their YouTube channel and watch their travel vlog.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone today we are back here in the US we’re in Fort Lauderdale in Florida right now and we had no plans to come back here but the main thing that happened was my MacBook died in Peru because of like corrosion somehow water or humidity got into it and it

Completely died and in South America where we were before it’s super expensive to get a new Macbook so while we making our way to Europe now we decided to stop here for a few days to get some electronics and gear and we also made the most of it to get new

Backpacks we got these offs sprays here daylight 40 l so as you can see we kind of ditched the backpack now cuz roll On’s a lot easier yeah but these ones they also have backpack straps so like a hybrid yeah so that’s the good thing and

I’m think we’re going to like it a lot from see yeah it seems good so far so we just got that like 20 minutes ago and we’re going to be staying in Miami Miami Beach where we stayed a few months ago we only came to Fort laale it was the

Only place that we could pick up these backpacks from the store and we’re going to be checking out the US High-Speed Rail so this one is called bright line so we’re going from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and I think a few months ago they started it from Orlando to Miami like a

New line and you’re the price woman so what are the prices yeah so for the regular Fair it was 29 but uh we saw that the premium fair was 37 so we decided to get that and since it’s not a big difference and we can get some

Snacks and some things that we’re going to show during this video I think it’s more comfortable too better seats yes and uh but I think that if you buy like with a few months in advance you can get cheaper than that I’m not sure how much

But if you really want to buy like the cheapest price you need to buy it like a few months in advance and we just noticed that they have a airport shuttle so yeah I guess if you bought tickets you can get like a free shuttle or maybe

You have to pay extra I don’t know so we just bought our tickets online but I guess if you don’t have tickets there’s a little system here looks nice and modern there’s some cool painted Maps too so that’s Fort Lauderdale where we are and then we’re heading here Miami So these are some of the things that are included alcohol and I’m going to get a Samuel Adams winter logger how to not pour a beer since I had no hands come holding the GoPro and doing that I couldn’t tilt it you also have other options here so

ERS Waters that you can get Bear’s looking a bit better now that I did it properly without the camera cheers cheers back in the US man that is one real nice beer Samuel Adams winter loger yeah I’d say that’s one of the best beers that I’ve had in a long time

They also have snacks here available so it’s not just drinks quite a lot actually mhm really good food options yeah yeah like little cakes things like that oh I’m going to get one of those I think that’s in a CLA Carol’s getting her money worth lunch time lunch Time oh nice is a really spacious walkway probably the most spacious walkway I’ve ever seen on that on a train yeah definitely impressed with the inside of this train might be the best train we’ve ever seen on the inside yeah yeah you said you compare to an airplane

But it’s it’s better than an airplane definitely less like claustrophobic yeah in the seats like really good I always like when the seats have the these little edges too where you can rest your head more comfortable and check this out so they have like a little mini thing

That you can pull out just for drinks like this and then obviously the big one like Carol’s doing and then here you also have the charges too USB and normal Chargers so from what I read online this train can go up to 125 mph but I think it’s kind of rare that it goes to that speed that’s actually a problem in the US with High-Speed Rail they have like highspeed trains but I think the infrastructure the train tracks can’t handle the high

Speeds so a lot of the trains can never really hit that like Max Speed they also have one one that goes from Washington DC to Boston I think that one can go to like 150 mph but they have the same issue up there too they don’t have like

The good infrastructure to hit those Max speeds so often it can go very slow and before we got on the train we just found a funny comparison on Uber oh yeah so we had already bought the the tickets the train tickets and then we were checking

The the Uber prices we decided to do that and we noticed that it’s actually cheaper to travel from Fort gdale to Miami by Uber yeah I think it was $39 just the Uber ride yeah so they serve you things here too alcoholic drinks things like that kind of the same

Options if you want to top up oh here too no but we’re okay thank you you’re welcome M&M M&M love your hair thank you yeah so we’re talking about the Uber comparison it’s a lot cheaper and the crazy thing is the Uber or just driving is quicker it’s 33 minutes right now

Anyway that might be like without traffic and this takes 38 minutes so I just thought the highspeed train would be a lot quicker I mean even now we’re going we’ve been going slow the whole time haven’t we yeah so the only other time that we’ve gotten on a fast train

Was in Taiwan like a year ago and those bullet trains there I think they can reach speeds 185 mph but a lot of the time you’re literally going that speed so we crossed the entire country that would be a 4 and 1/2 hour drive and it

Just took like 1 hour so yeah that was like true highspeed Rail So I just got another beer Wicked Weed Brewing I think it’s also a seasonal one think we’re going a little faster now the trees are whizzing by a bit quicker maybe it’s the alcohol oh yeah I said to Carol all you have to do is drink seven

Or eight of beers and you almost get all your money back so that’s what you do to make it worth it eat and drink a lot and I was reading last night about the highspeed rail here in the US and apparently the government just approve funding of billions of dollars to this

Company bright line to do a line that’s going to go from Las Vegas in Nevada to Los Angeles California and currently I think that takes over 4 hours by car and the line that they’re going to do is supposed to take around 2 hours so I

Think it’s going to be like real high speed yeah so this menu is good cuz it shows the prices so if we were in the normal carriage and we wanted a beer $6 I’ve already had uh three I think that’s my third one I might get a sneaky fourth before we head

Out and Carol’s wine $10 so yeah like I said if you just had four of those you leave wasted but got all your money back yeah that’s what we’re doing I’ve been eating eating and drinking the whole time Carol’s gain some pounds we’re putting these guys out of business All right we’ve arrived in Miami I think this is the final stop that was a proper good train ride though definitely beats an Uber that’s for sure oh check out the high-tech toilet too yeah everybody’s going to want to travel on that thing when it’s real high speed

Certainly beats planes or coaches the other Alternatives yeah and I remember in Taiwan uh when we got got the high speed train we searched for the flight and there was no flight anymore because the highp speeded train was just too Good Yeah So we’ve checked into our hotel now the area that we’re staying in is called South Beach and the place that we stay in is called Century hotel I think it’s a pretty good deal cuz it’s 117 a night that’s for the both of us and it also includes breakfast give you

Some views of the street out here seems like there’s not much traffic around here seems pretty laid back and there’s not too much to show you really just a big bed TV and then the bathroom here that’s about it seems okay though for the price so I

Think that this area of Miami is pretty expensive so I think that that’s a good deal and right now we’re going to head out the weather is absolutely beautiful so walk around the beach and there’s the marina area behind us we’ve also got a Amazon pickup to to do nearby and we’ll

Explain more about that Later so I think in the next video we’ll have a proper Beach day but we thought we might as well check out the beach since we’re right here and look at this for a beach so the last time we came to Miami Beach we didn’t actually come here to

Check it out we were planning to make a video here when we did the cruise from the Port Terminal nearby but then the weather was really bad when we came back to Miami man and this is winter yeah that’s a really good winter for the us

We have weather like this I think it’s probably like around 23° C or even more just perfect yeah perfect yeah for me like 23° is just the best weather ever you can go to the beach you can walk around without sweating or anything it’s absolutely perfect so if this is normal

In the winters here Miami is definitely the place to be in the winter in the US So I meant Mainland Us by the way cuz obviously you have other places like the US Virgin Islands that we just went to Hawaii which are pretty much beautiful all year round I think Puerto Rico but yeah on the mainland I don’t think you’ll find many places like this in

December January I think those are Surfers aren’t they yeah they’re not not many waves but they’re they’re waiting patiently waiting Yeah So it seems like this um Beach Club is here too music blasting the awesome thing about Miami it’s kind of like a Melting Pot of yeah people from all over so like the Caribbean Central America South America the driver was Cuban we were speaking Spanish with him yeah he said that the

Majority of the Latinos here are from Kuba but they are people from everywhere really you just hear people speaking Spanish pretty much all the time and Portuguese yeah there are so many Brazilians here like crazy all the time I hear Portuguese the taxi driver also said he had a Brazilian friends that introduced

Him to the Brazilian shaskus the Brazilian meat barbecues that’s cool so this is as South as we can go South Point Park pier Yeah we actually passed uh through this channel a few months ago because we did a cruise virgin Cruise virgin cruise through the Caribbean around some

Caribbean islands and yeah we just passed here and we saw this big building yeah and here you can get some views of the whole Beach so from the cruise we could actually see it a bit better cuz we were so high quite a few floors on the Cruise We So we’ve kind of like looped around now and we’re heading into the marina area which I guess is where you have like the millionaires boats maybe you don’t have to be a millionaire I’m not sure or maybe you do especially this building look at this building too I think this

Is definitely like a a rich area of Miami and when we were here on the cruise ship last time coming out we saw that there were loads of islands in here they seem to just be all like Mansions don’t they yeah like very very rich people who live there I think or just

Have the houses I’m loving all the walkways around here lots of people on the bikes I think those are rental bikes people jogging skating around doing all sorts around here it’s the Rio de Janeiro of the US yeah it we were just saying it’s kind of like the Rio Vibe

When you walk around Rio on the coast it’s always this Cool vibe of people doing all sorts of activities real Nice So we’re picking up our Amazon stuff now from the Amazon Locker it’s actually inside a bank Chase Chase Bank you have 12 packages wow open Locker one number one of 12 open Locker nine I think we took over all the lockers yeah so that’s something that we’ve had

To do quite a few times since we’re Nomads sometimes it’s annoying that we can’t get scent products or things that we need like Electronics upgrades or if something breaks and we need to replace it but here in the US we can use the Amazon Locker I think we used it last

Time we came here yes we did and yeah yeah you guys saw that there were like 12 packages but they put like big packages with just a few things inside and we didn’t have that much we have like some like a I had a book and some

Christmas uh gifts for our parents but all small yeah and some small things but like I said we had that uh we had done this in the past not only here but also in Asia I’ve done this I think in Bangkok with Lazada not Amazon didn’t we

Walk through here last time yeah we did yeah I’m like recognizing the place yeah I really love like this Miami Beach area though I think I just like seeing like the palm trees everywhere everywhere is really nice I think last time we were here it wasn’t really busy either with

Traffic’s pretty chill so be what does that mean He so we’re back in the hotel room now as I mentioned before we’re going to be making another video here around Miami we’re going to go to the beach properly I might even try some surfing I did that recently in the Dominican Republic I’m pretty sure they should have like

Surfboard rentals somewhere on the beach so I might do that tomorrow if the waves are good and we’re going to do some other things too and yeah just show Miami a bit better so if you enjoyed this video just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to see more videos

Like this follow us on Instagram Facebook and and we’ll see you in the next One

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