Is Viking Ocean Cruises Worth It? An Honest Review #myvikingstory – Video

Is Viking Ocean Cruises Worth It? An Honest Review #myvikingstory – Video

friendly and accommodating, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that guests are having a great experience. The service is top-notch and the staff really add to the overall experience of the cruise.

Now, moving on to the cons, there are a few things to consider before booking a Viking Ocean Cruise. While the all-inclusive experience is great, the initial cost of booking the cruise can be a bit higher compared to other cruise lines. However, when you factor in all the inclusions, it may end up being more cost-effective.

Another thing to consider is that the focus on cultural immersion and educational experiences may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a more party-centric cruise with lots of activities and entertainment, then this may not be the best fit for you. Additionally, the smaller size of the ship means that there are fewer entertainment options on board.

In conclusion, a Viking Ocean Cruise is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a more relaxed and educational travel experience. The all-inclusive nature of the cruise, the focus on cultural immersion, and the luxurious amenities on board make it a great choice for travelers who want to explore new destinations in comfort and style. However, if you’re looking for a more lively and party-centric cruise experience, then you may want to consider other options. Overall, my personal experience with Viking Ocean Cruises has been fantastic and I would highly recommend it to fellow travelers.

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Welcome back to run the atlas today I’m talking about Viking ocean cruises and the things you need to know before booking your cruise I’ve taken multiple cruises with Viking including their ocean and River Cruises as you can see from our latest YouTube videos we went to a number of locations along the

Mediterranean including kusadasi tury CIT Naples that was all with a Viking Cruise it enabled us to get to a lot of different ports in a very short amount of time and see a ton of different cultures on one trip that being said this is not sponsored at all this is my

Personal experience hopefully will help you when booking your trip so stay tuned to the end so that you can get all the information before you make your cruise booking so a quick background about Viking what sets them apart they were voted the world’s number one ocean cruise line and they have all Veranda

Suites on board so you won’t get any of those inside staterooms that don’t have Windows on the this trip the excursions are included in every port and they provide a seamless cruising experience that’s enriching and really highlights the history and culture of each Port that you visit the

Boats are a little bit smaller than some of the larger Cruise Lines it’s capped at about 930 people on our cruise we had about 800 people on board so it definitely felt roomier it didn’t feel crowded like on some of the larger cruise ships so now I’m going to start

With the Pros the things that we really liked about biking bear with me because there’s a lot of surprises here number one we really liked the seamless a toz experience your entire booking is arranged for you including the flight and the transportation when you get to the airport you literally just have to

Show up number two it has a semester at C Vibe so if you’re a person that really likes to learn culture and history and want a more educational trip this is a good trip for you you can drop into lectures on board they have Port talks cultural presentations we had a PhD on

Board that taught us the history of the Roman Empire in literally 1 hour which was pretty impressive so it really gets you hyped up for your excursions so the meals are included and they’re excellent they come with complimentary beer and wine with lunch and dinner and you can

Either get a casual dining experience next to the pool you can get a sit down experience or Buffet experience it’s all up to you but we chose to go to the buffet most of the nights and it’s really interesting cuz sometimes they would include dishes from the local

Region that we were traveling to for example when we went to Naples they had a pasta night and they were making all different types of homemade pastas when we cruise through Sicily they even had a special dessert called a casata which is a sicilian dessert and then we were

There on Christmas and they had a special Christmas menu they had a lot of dishes that are really difficult to make such as Beef Wellington so we were really surprised at the variety of Cuisine and how delicious everything was we also really liked how organized the trip was literally you just show up

Everything is arranged and planned for you they will give you a bulletin the night before so you’ll have an idea of what’s going on during the day from what time you’re leaving the port what time you need to be back on Board and they’ll have an announcement in the morning over

The loudspeaker that kind of gets you ready for the day and reminds you of some of the times that you need to be aware of so if you’re the type of person that’s traveling with a lot of people or people of different activity Styles it’s really great because you can literally

Just show up nobody has to plan nobody has to pick up the tab so the ship is all inclusive so that means it comes with complimentary tours the meals you have free Wi-Fi on board you even have a laundry facility that you can use with all of the amenities that a laundry

Service needs so you don’t need to bring an abundance of clothing our trip happened over Christmas and it was 28.99 per person VP what are your thoughts on the Viking Saturn so far wow we’re at Sea in the middle of the ionian sea and uh Italy is Over the Horizon

Bottom of Italy Sicily M and we’re passing all kinds of ships there’s a big white one out there so booking an all-inclusive Cruise like this is a lot of times more affordable and will likely beat the cost of a self-organized trip imagine if you went to each one of these ports and

Decided to order a hotel a guide an Uber and all of that all on your own it would end up costing a lot more money A lot of times you’d be schlepping your bags waiting in line This method of travel eliminates all of that now let’s talk

About the boat the ship is very luxurious it’s modern Sleek it has the beautiful Scandinavian touches that reflect the country of origin of this ship it’s very spacious there’s floor to ceiling windows it’s Airy and there were some really beautiful amenities including the gym which was top worldclass gym and there

Was a deck for running Outdoors there’s a beautiful Spa there’s an Explorer Lounge which we really liked it’s filled with books there’s musicians that come in and play music and it’s just a really great way to be entertained for the days that se look at this entrance to the Explorer Lounge yeah

Look so while on board we found that it wasn’t too crowded which was nice there tends to be a sense of community on board you get to know the service staff sometimes you run into the same people and you can become familiar with them trade travel stories and you can even

Make lifetime friends on a cruise ship like this the room are surprisingly very luxurious for a cruise ship when I think of rooms on board a ship I think of something that’s small and Compact and a little bit claustrophobic but not so on the Viking Cruise everything here has a

Scandinavian style design so it’s very sleeked there’s a lot of luxurious touches including heated floors in the bathroom most of the things in the room have a multi-functional purpose there’s a lot of drawers for you to put away all of your travel items there’s even a mini

Fridge a small closet every room has a window and a balcony which is incredible so you can check out the scener as you’re passing by a lot of really interesting parts of the ocean for example we cruised along the ionian islands we also cruised through the straight of mesina which goes right in

Between Sicily and the mainland of Italy and it is really incredible to see these types of views so it definitely is worth it to have that Veranda on board a ship we also really like the staff the staff is a multicultural staff everyone comes from a different country we had a lot of

People from the Philippines Indonesia Nigeria and they’re all super enthusiastic and friendly they just do a really great job keeping this cruise ship spotless I mean it is spotless so the ship also has a classier Vibe compared to some other Cruise Lines you’ll notice there’s no umbrella drinks

They don’t have the gambling experience the art auctions the casino there’s no Ultra formal night where you need to wear a gown nothing like that they do expect you to step it up when it comes to the onboard dress at night there is a requirement but it’s not really enforced

No jeans a dress or slacks so there is a little bit of formality but that’s pretty typical for cruises so everything on the ship is done via an ID card that they will set up for you as soon as you board and this is all you need to get on

And off the ship you don’t need to bring passports most of the time or credit cards everything is done via the card so now time to cover the cons of traveling with Viking ocean cruises and you want to keep these in mind before booking your trip cuz some of them are very

Surprising number one is that it is very bus Centric your tours are all going to be on a big charter bus with around 30 people so you’re going to be on that bus for quite a while and it’s not something you can really stop and take that

Panoramic photo it’s just you’re on the bus number two is that it caters to an older crowd and this is no secret if you look at their brochures and their marketing materials it’s definitely an older crowd so if that’s part of your family then you should definitely

Consider the ocean cruises you have to to be 18 and over to join the cruise as well so it’s not for young families it’s not for people who are extremely active or want an extremely active trip and it’s not really recommended for solo Travelers because the sweets they’re

Meant for at least a twers capacity another thing is while we were on the tours you’re going to be in a group of about 30 people you’re all going to have an earpiece so everyone’s going to notice you and notice that you’re a traveler and that you’re on on a tour so

You will definitely stand out while you’re on this trip because this is an all-inclusive trip meals are included you’re highly incentivized to eat on board the ship the problem is a lot of times you’re going to a foodie destination and while they try to replicate the food of the region on

Board the ship sometimes you just want to dive into the culture and order something there and eat at a local restaurant we made some exceptions and we definitely got that Margarita Pizza when we were in Naples but if you’re the type of person that’s really a foodie

Based culture person you may want to do this as a self-organized trip some of the tours do come with lunch but you have to eat where they take you for example when we were in cre they took us to a big banquet style facility and it wasn’t like that really cool like off

The beaten path locals only spot it was a giant banquet facility with a prefix menu so next is if you want a really cultural authentic experience traveling on a cruise ship is probably not going to be your best bet you get kind of a sampling of the culture here but most of

The time you’re traveling kind of in a bubble you’re hearing mostly English you don’t ever have to handle any of the local currency you don’t even have to go to any of the local restaurants if you don’t want to so if you really want to dive into the culture and have a more

Authentic trip then you might want to do this as a self-organized trip instead each Port comes with an included Excursion and we recommend that you go with that it’s great to have an included Excursion with a knowledgeable guide to give you an overview of the site that

You’re seeing if you’ve been to that site before there are other tours that you can choose sometimes they cost extra though the guides can range in quality but overall we found that they spoke very good English and they were very knowledgeable about the location uh the

Audience on board the ship tends to be American english- speaking of course and a lot of them we noticed were a little bit more interested in the amities on board the ship than the actual destinations so that’s something to keep in mind and lastly each Port has a

Deadline for you to be back on board the ship so you want to listen for that it will be announced and repeated over and over again but it’s usually around 400 p.m. or so and you definitely want to be on board the ship at that time and that

Doesn’t give you a ton of time to explore the port so you want to make sure you prioritize when you’re on Shore and lastly if you’re trying to do a work from home trip the internet on board the ship is not quite reliable enough to do

That if you’re doing a lot of video or you need to be on a zoom call or something sometimes the internet will cut out so it’s something to keep in mind so if you’ve been on a Viking Cruise Before comment below let us know what your favorite ports were and if

You’ve been on a different cruise line that you recommend comment below too we’d love to learn about new cruises too we have a ton of travel Vlogs from our latest Viking Ocean Cruise so check them out I’ll link them up above and also in the description below and make sure you

Stay tuned And subscribe for many more travel videos we’ll see you in the next one

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