Kieran Culkin Gives J. Smith-Cameron a Surprise Kiss During Emmys Interview – Video

Kieran Culkin Gives J. Smith-Cameron a Surprise Kiss During Emmys Interview – Video

Kieran Culkin Interrupts J. Smith-Cameron's Emmys Interview to Give Her a Kiss

The video “Kieran Culkin Interrupts J. Smith-Cameron’s Emmys Interview to Give Her a Kiss” captures a heartwarming and humorous moment as actor Kieran Culkin surprises his “Succession” co-star J. Smith-Cameron during an Emmys interview. The interview begins with a discussion about potential spin-offs for the show, with Culkin playfully suggesting that Smith-Cameron’s character should have her own spin-off. The conversation then turns to the possibility of a “Succession” movie, to which both actors express interest.

The lighthearted banter takes a sweet turn when Culkin interrupts the interview to give Smith-Cameron a kiss on the cheek, expressing his admiration for her. The interaction showcases the close bond between the two actors, with Smith-Cameron jokingly calling Culkin a “brat” and expressing her affection for him. The video captures a genuine and endearing moment between colleagues, highlighting the camaraderie and chemistry that has made “Succession” such a beloved show. Culkin’s surprise kiss and the playful dynamic between the two actors make the video a heartwarming and entertaining watch for fans of the show.

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Asking everyone in succession who should get a spin-off who should get a spin-off um I mean I don’t want to say it but you see that happen of course why why wouldn’t I where is she where is she in the spin-off what happened well we when

We left the story Tom is named you know CEO and then he says we need Jerry she’s She’s Not Afraid of the Dark I love that line and I think that um you know that sets her in a perfect place to to uh get them all out of trouble again have you

Spoken to Jesse about it you know havehe heartedly the guy needs a break but maybe maybe he’ll come back to it somay well I talked to Brian Cox the other day and he said he’d be open to a movie that’s a good idea yeah you would do that sure of course session

Musical I don’t know about that long scans and I love Kieran Caan and he’s my absolute favorite to work with even though he’s an to me and I hate him in a personal life you really hate me don’t you yeah you look lovely you smell nice kiss

Okay I mean how much do you love him well I do I’m pretty crazy about him but he’s also a you know a brat he’s a brat is he when you saw all the fans shipping the two of you to be together did you expect that did you but that happened I

Think after the little phone call started you know um no I think that they had thought as far as the episode where I sent him into the bathroom they thought that through they planned that but then I think it kept going because we our repour I guess and people kept

Thinking of funny things for us to do and it was great fun

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