“Living the Caribbean Dream at The Baths in the British Virgin Islands” 🇻🇬 – Video

“Living the Caribbean Dream at The Baths in the British Virgin Islands” 🇻🇬 – Video

In “The Caribbean Dream! 🇻🇬 The Baths (British Virgin Islands)” video, the hosts take you on a mesmerizing journey through the stunning Island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. They explore the unique rock formations, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking natural landscapes that the island has to offer. From exploring the smooth rocks to enjoying a delicious breakfast with a view, the hosts take you on a captivating adventure.

The video showcases the natural beauty of the British Virgin Islands, from the smooth rocks to the cactuses and butterflies. The hosts take you along the one-way trail where you can experience the beauty of Stony Bay and visit the stunning Devil’s Bay Beach. Despite red flag warnings, the hosts still manage to find a spot to dip into the water and appreciate the beauty of the Baths.

Throughout their journey, the hosts provide valuable insights and tips for travelers, making it an informative and visually stunning experience. With gorgeous views, hidden caves, and crystal-clear waters, the British Virgin Islands are truly a paradise waiting to be discovered.

The video captures the essence of the Caribbean dream, creating a sense of wanderlust and adventure. It serves as an inspiration for travelers looking to explore the beauty of the British Virgin Islands and experience the magic of the Caribbean. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or armchair explorer, this video will transport you to the idyllic beaches and rugged landscapes of the British Virgin Islands. So sit back, relax, and let the Caribbean dream come to life through this captivating video.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone once again here from the British Virgin Islands today we’re going to be visiting a different Island we’ve been staying on TOA the main island and we’re going to Virgin Goa the ferry that we’re going on is actually arriving right now called speedies and we’re in roadtown the capital

Here so we went to the Speedy ticket booth back there but it was closed they said you can just buy it on the boat the ticket so I’ll let you know how much it is I think it’s only like 30 minutes to get there maybe uh 45 ah 45 there

There’s actually a cruise ship here today when we were exploring yesterday there was no cruise ship so the island was empty I think over the next few days there going to be cruises so I’m interested to see how busy it Gets All right so pretty smooth ride this is Virgin G already like what I’m seeing so we got this bracelet cuz we’re doing a package with speedies where we pay $40 per person and that includ the return on this Ferry and also a taxi right now to take us to the main Beach So it turns out that it’s some sort of like Park area here we had to pay $3 to enter and there’s a few sites to see and we’re going to get like a snack and coffee first we haven’t had a breakfast yet already looks cool though this is

One of the reasons that I wanted to come here cuz you have these like big smooth rocks didn’t really see that on the other Island so the restaurant is pretty cool got some really beautiful views in the background you can see the island that we’re on over there got a nice little teapot

Too so we got the food coming soon so I ended up going for the pancakes with bacon so that was $15 overall with the coffee and what have you got uh cheese omelette with some bread and then was $14 not cheap for breakfast but we knew That all right so we’re going to do the trail now I think there’s actually like three or four different places to visit it’s a one-way Trail so you kind of got to loop around and besides the Rocks another cool thing that this island has is the cactuses I’ll say cactuses cuz that

Automatically generates multiple comments cactuses it’s cactuses I love the butterflies yeah there’s so many of them oh wow back there yeah that might be the most butterflies I’ve ever Seen So I’m not sure if this is the area that’s called Stony Bay lots of waves there is a nice little tiny Beach on this one no chance of swimming in there though yeah I’m thinking that this isn’t part of the loop the Stony Bay I think

We have to walk back to where those signs are um I I I think I saw that there was a trail from here really maybe this way yeah I don’t know it’s not clear there’s no more signs or anything dead end right oh yeah dead end never mind we we found the

Trail so it is part of the the loop this part wow yeah the rocks are so cool so when I was searching pictures of this place it just showed one of the areas called the bass the most famous place here and that had all these kind of

Rocks but turns out that pretty much everywhere has them not only the Bats All right now we got a proper Beach the first proper Beach beautiful the unfortunate news is that today is a red flag day so we’re not allowed to swim I think there’s only one area where there’s some caves in the water where we can get in the

Water yeah so you’re not allowed to swim here doesn’t actually look too bad I mean it’s a bit choppy but nothing too extreme yeah I changed my mind it is actually really too choppy when you see the waves like exploding on the the rocks on this side so this is the devil’s

Bay one of the popular ones to come to once again though just like I said in the last video where where are all the people we barely see anyone on the British Virgin Island so far taus anyway So we got some of the the caves here there are other caves in the water like I said but yeah these ones look pretty damn cool yeah the formations from the water there’s a tiny Beach here tiny Beach yeah oh yeah real tiny Beach you can see the water

There yeah just about see the water from this angle it looks even better also got some more natural looking caves on this side a this one has a little little pool that one looks pretty murky though not putting my feet in there that one look like a mosquito breeding area yeah

I don’t want to be close to that place I’ve already had Deni fever twice once in Brazil and once in Nepal I don’t want it again I don’t know if they have that here they might yeah so this was the part that I saw in the the pictures the

Baths this is the only time we’re going to be able to go in the water then seems like it’s really shallow yeah this is one of the nicest spots yet beautiful color there you could probably lie down in this one if you wanted to cool up yeah I

Think I think she said that in here you can like swim a little bit but just be careful with the waves but on the other beaches you cannot do that cuz the ocean is too rough today yeah what a cool place though kind of different Right Can you see the The Arc the whale yeah I was thinking like shark this one right yeah oh it looks like more of a whale like The Mouse and the eye yay perfect and it it continues on now they have a proper stairs here got a Crouch at this part oh no my

Glasses no almost lost the glasses yeah so I think this eventually leads to another beach somewhere All right going back down into the bath all good yeah and pretty steep the stairs wow this is the coolest part though I think this is the the proper bath yeah it’s like a little Adventure really big by the way I thought it was just a small area but it’s big [Applause]

Yeah this is definitely not the place for people with mobility issues because as you can see the path going between the Rocks is really crazy wow this is the coolest part really yeah oh yeah check that out there’s like a little hole there in that rock yeah

Maybe I’ll lie down at this part try and cool off since we can’t swim going to lie down too Yeah All right we finally made it out of the bus I think we were like 4 45 minutes in there and now we got a beautiful beach here I remember when I saw this in the pictures it reminded me of the SE shell which I’ve never been to I’ve SE just

Seen uh pictures of it with these rocks I’m actually surprised that they only charge $3 with the price of everything else in the Virgin Islands guess they don’t charge much for the the parks now we’re going to drink our $10 bottle of water that we bought

Here yeah we didn’t ask what the price was for the big bottle yeah they gave us some fancy one tusky I don’t need fancy water they can just give me any water probably if we bought the smaller ones I think it was like the plastic bottles

One have been $10 reminded me of a time that I went to uh Thailand and I kind of went in some fancy restaurant to ask for water then they gave me one that was $28 but that time I realized it so yeah I told him to take it back man what a

Beautiful island though yeah uh like this is the second British Virgin Island that we are exploring uh and torula was beautiful this one what we’ve seen so far it’s really really nice and in the next video or the video after that one we’re going to explore another one and

They say they have the best beach in the British V Island so I don’t know how we can get better than this but we’ll see yeah I mean the level is already so high the beaches that we’ve seen so Far Now So I think that this is probably the most layback set of islands that we’ve been to in the Caribbean so far yeah I think before this we used to say kurasa cuz it’s a very uh laidback place and relaxing but here it’s even more than kurasa and that’s also because there are

No big cruise ships today uh we’re going to see in the next few days cuz we know that they’re going to be like a big ones coming yeah so when we explored in the last video there wasn’t even a single cruise ship so the beaches that we were

Going to the most popular ones were completely dead we went to the most famous one on TOA and it had like 10 people I think I think we only saw about 10 people there and that’s obviously just people staying on the island like us which I don’t think is that many

People and then today as I mentioned earlier it was just 700 people there were a few people here from that cruise but I think it leaves at 3:00 p.m. so they had to get like the 11:30 Ferry back so I think they only had like 2 hours to explore here and I

Think that’s why many people from that cruise didn’t bother coming to the island cuz it’s not that much time we’re going to be leaving on the 3:30 ferry so we’re going to have quite a while here we’re going to have lunch here too but I think on the 11th there’s like three

Mega cruise ships yeah uh we can actually see online you can just search on Google uh like torola Port cruises and they usually give you the the schedules and we can see that on the 11th there will be one with 6,000 people and another one with 3,000 people and

Another one is I don’t know 600 or something so we’re going to see how it how it is and how it changes yeah that’s the day that we’re planning to go to that island that apparently has the most beautiful beach in the British Virgin Island so it’s going to be fun to see

What the difference is so when I was reading on Google reviews about this place everyone was saying oh it’s beautiful but it’s it’s jam-packed but that must be people that were coming on the cruises with other people cuz yeah we’re just not having that experience whatsoever really wasn’t expecting This So we ended up going to the beach bar and restaurant that they have here they only have one and then they have like a few souvenir stores and a bathroom and we just got some beach snacks so Carol went for the veggie burger I got two hot

Dogs also got the fries got a red stripe and a Coca-Cola and all that was $34 overall we got the nice natural table here so I think when we had that lunch in Tor yesterday that was like $65 so a lot more but that was cuz I had like uh

Proper food not not like a hot Dog All right we’re heading out of here now we were just like chilling the whole time beneath that tree probably spent about 3 hours just lying down not doing much especially could because you couldn’t swim but it was a good rest day cuz we’ve been doing quite a lot recently with the delightful Travelers

In the Dominic Republic and yesterday we we were going around a lot so it’s quite nice just to go to an area and relax even though we had a bit of an adventure in the The Cave Part so even walking back is just non-stop these Rocks So we’re back on the island island of torola now in case you’re wondering why we didn’t take our car over to the island which is an option by the way it’s because it’s over $100 for the return and obviously we just paid $40 each for the return and the ride to that

Bath area so wasn’t really worth it for us maybe if you have uh more people in the car it will end up being worth it but yeah it was just no real reason for us to do it or maybe if you just spending more days on the island not

Doing a return trip on the same day so that’s up to you and we’ll see what we’re going to do in the next video tomorrow is supposed to be really bad weather the forecast is just showing like storms the entire day but we’ll see it’s not always correct if it’s okay

Maybe we’ll do another video on this island and then the day after that we’re planning to do another boat trip to that other Island that’s supposed to have the most beautiful beach so something Good’s going to be coming up if you like this video just drop a like as usual to

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