“Love Don’t Judge: The Three Wives Whose Plastic Surgery I’m Funding” – Video

“Love Don’t Judge: The Three Wives Whose Plastic Surgery I’m Funding” – Video

… cuz she’s bisexual, so we were like, let’s do it,” says Mazayah in the video. They now live together as a family with Mazayah’s third wife, Desiree. The video gives an intimate look into their relationship dynamic as well as their decision to undergo plastic surgery. Stephanie expresses her desire to get breast implants, while Rose wants a Brazilian butt lift, and Desiree also wants breast implants.

The video also addresses the misconceptions and judgments they face as a polyamorous family. They discuss how their relationship is based on love, support, and unity, and how they have faced criticism for their unconventional lifestyle. Mazayah makes it clear that he supports and encourages the women’s decisions to undergo plastic surgery and plans to pay for the surgeries with cash.

Overall, the video provides a candid and honest look into the lives of a polyamorous family and their journey to undergoing plastic surgery as a way to enhance their appearance and boost their self-esteem. It challenges societal norms and encourages acceptance and understanding of different relationship dynamics.

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This is Stephanie she fell in love with mesiah we have two other wives she’s bisexual so it was like let’s just get another girlfriend Stephanie now shares her husband with two Sister Wives Rosa and Desiree I can smell the little s they are now going to take more drastic measures to please

Their husband and have decided to go under the knife I do encourage plastic surgery it does make the woman appearance look better not sure what I want to wear yet but I think it wants to be brown neutral colors I think we should do nude because we have so much

Nude and we could like corespond together MAA usually likes us to wear something that coordinates we kind of go with the same color scheme but we have our individual style we decided to bring other people into our life when we split apart we were like man let’s just get

Another girlfriend cuz she’s bisexual so we was like let’s do it we have two other wives this is Rose she was our second edition into our relationship it’s been about 5 years that we’ve all three been together hey I’m Desiree Desiree is the most recent addition to our family

This some of the main challenges are being Polly for me and the guys this is for you bros is dealing with the emotions it switches all the time I think we should call babe because I don’t know what would Max best babe oh God you need help with this I love it

You feel me I actually get to pick out what they like and what they want to wear yeah I pick that that’s real needy that’s step and that’s this yeah a I got to take a picture of y’all for sure so when we started this relationship we had

A lot of judgment from people saying like e how can you do that how can you share your man with another woman and now that we added a third person the judgment is just beyond now than it was in the beginning and it’s funny because we’ve probably been in a p of

Relationship longer than most monogamous relationships some of the comments we get online one of them was like she came back as a side chick to her own baby dad the other one was like just stupid as I can just smell the low self-esteem but if you go look at these people pages and

Look at the people then you can see why they these comments don’t make me feel any type of way it just makes me better person it makes me stronger it makes me come closer to my wives and no matter what anybody says it doesn’t affect us yeah she said the most common

Misconception that the people have about our relationship is probably about the sex yeah like affections and stuff like that because we’re sharing multiple like body fluids around here we know we clean we watch it’s not just about sex it’s about Unity it’s about family big Financial State capability support

There’s a lot of positive comments but when we get posted by other people yeah you you see the negativity but for the most part A lot of people support us my friends and my family were kind of iffy about the relationship they were kind of taken back because it’s not

The social Norm so it did cause a little a little shakiness but that that didn’t really stop you stop me yeah it didn’t really affect the way I feel about everybody in the relationship now how can I describe the appearance of my ideal woman Angelina Jolie hi no I’m kidding I

Am planning on getting plastic surgery the plastic surgery that I would like to get is my booies so since she spoke about getting plastic surgery and stuff like that the otherwise also been mention in plastic surgery Rose she want a BBL I believe Dez also want a boo I

Can’t wait either I’m be wearing a bikini right with you how exciting we’re all going to look so much better oh we already look good you know we got the personality and now we’re just doing a little enhancement ladies so while you guys were doing nails I

Went ahead and Drew the ideal body shape on the back of this paper that I would love you guys body to look like Surgery okay ready what is one bigger the other I don’t like the same sty okay great I love it babe I love the effort but can we can we show you what we want our our ideal body shape sure I’m not a good drawer but Okay okay yeah this one’s fine nice so so you you put your arms and your booty why your feet so big what did you have sir I like you just the way you were you ain’t get surgery no more I’m cool off of that if my wife became out of shape I

Would tell them cuz we’re dating to be real and open and honest with each other the type of exercises we do to stay in shape our weight training we do yoga we stretch we are going to get surgery soon so we probably will have to take it easy

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop we still got to keep up this shape n y’all do look good as hell though I ain’t going to lie but yeah we’re going to do the boobies for Steph for sure there we going to get the booies for

This then we going to get the snatch waist for rositi people may think that m is trying to control us because of the dynamic that they don’t understand but they’re not in our relationship Cheers Cheers we want to be here we do things because we want to this is not something that anybody’s

Forced to be here if you want to leave you can leave he’ll tell you that having a sister wife is a big benefit to our life because you know we have a long life friend to depend on someone who can help us yeah being in a poly relationship is super empowering I enjoy

Being around women that I can learn from and on top of the fact that I am bisexual so I do love women heab we got snacks oo what you doing y’ surgery that’s what I’m Doing I do encourage plastic surgery only because it does make the woman appearance look better and make her have way more higher self-esteem it’s really nice having three wives I plan to pay for all these surgeries with all this money to be honest I’m going to pay

Straight Cash homie what I really love to say to the people that judge us and that judge yourself before you try to judge somebody else taking a hard loan look in that mirror you love each other and that’s what set us apart from a lot of other people if we ain’t got no

Haters we ain’t popping what I love most about being Polly is the large family the support system the love like multiple people showing you love all at the same time and the girls I know why our relationship works so well cuz how dope we are individually

And for us to put all the individual stuff aside and be able to come together as a team team work make the dream work and Dream Work make team work this is L baby

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MAZAYAH and Stephanie are a married couple who have been together for seven years. In 2016 they broke up and Mazayah began dating Rose. He tried being monogamous in both relationships but it didn’t work for him. One day he introduced Rose to Steph and they entered into a polyamorous relationship. “We decided to bring other women into our life when we split apart. We were just like, let’s get another girlfriend because [Stephanie] is bisexual so we were like, let’s do it,” Mazayah explained. They have now been in a throuple for five years. More recently they have added a fourth person into the relationship, Dezaray, whom they met seven months ago. “Dezayah added the last little piece of fun and excitement that we needed,” Rose said. Their unconventional way of life has been criticised by the outside world: “When we started this relationship we had a lot of judgement from people saying ‘ew how can you do that? How can you share your man with another woman’,” Stephanie said. “And now that we’ve added a third person the judgement is just beyond now than it was in the beginning.” They receive comments such as, “She came back as a side chick to her own baby dad” and “I can just smell the low self-esteem!” But they don’t let the comments get to them: “It’s funny because we’ve probably been in a poly relationship longer than most monogamous relationships,” Mazayah observed. The girls now refer to themselves as ‘sister wives’ and split their time with Mazayah evenly. While they don’t actively try to look identical they do coordinate their looks, such as wearing the same colour scheme to show their union with each other. But now they are planning to take more drastic measures; they want to get plastic surgery to become their husband’s ideal body shape.

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Videographer: Carlos De Varona
Producers: Amy Nicholson, Kate Moore & Yasmin Walker
Editor: Garry Sykes

00:00 – Who we are?
1:48 – Negative Judgement
3:41 – Cosmetic Surgery
5:22 – Working Out
6:02 – Our Dynamic
6:39 – Outro

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