Maximizing Your Healthcare Savings: A Guide by Nicole Semeraro | TEDxHartford – Video

Maximizing Your Healthcare Savings: A Guide by Nicole Semeraro | TEDxHartford – Video

In the TEDx talk titled “How to save money with your healthcare choices,” Nicole Semeraro discusses the importance of being an informed healthcare consumer in order to save thousands of dollars. She shares personal stories and practical tips on how to approach healthcare decisions with the same rigor and enthusiasm as planning a vacation or a special event. Nicole emphasizes the power of planning ahead and asking three simple questions: who are the healthcare providers in my community, how much will it cost, and what is the current procedural terminology (CPT) code. By taking control of the healthcare process, shopping around for services, and proactively making informed decisions, individuals can achieve better outcomes and save money. Nicole highlights the importance of being prepared for both preventative care and unexpected emergency situations, sharing real-life examples of how planning ahead has saved her family thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. Ultimately, she empowers the audience to take charge of their healthcare choices and make informed decisions that benefit both their health and their wallets.

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Is it time to rewire your approach to healthcare?

US Healthcare costs represent over 4.3 trillion dollars and 18.3% of our annual US GDP. This number is staggering and growing considerably every year. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare was at the forefront of many political and financial conversations. People are ready to take control of their healthcare but don’t know how to do it affordably. The sheer complexity of the system, and the lack of transparency, take away the power that we, as consumers, have in every other industry.

In this talk, Nicole Semeraro will address how we can better navigate our healthcare system and become consumers of healthcare to reduce healthcare spending and still get quality care. She will share four ways to navigate our fragmented system better and ask the right questions so you can feel empowered to take care of yourself and your family.

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