Midwest and Northeast Regions of U.S. Hit by Heat Wave

Midwest and Northeast Regions of U.S. Hit by Heat Wave

Starting Monday, a “dangerous” increase in temperatures will be seen in most of the US territory. The midwest and northeast are under a “heat wave” alert, the National Weather Service (NWS) has announced

The most affected states include Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and north-east Indiana, where the heat wave will affect residents from today until Friday evening. Temperatures are expected to surpass 100F (38C).

But that’s not all. During the week, a “heat dome” will spread to the east, massively increasing temperatures in New York, Washington DC, and Boston.

Cities like Montpelier, Syracuse, Pittsburgh or New York haven’t experienced a heat wave this strong in almost 30 years. 

“Last time we saw heat in Pittsburgh like what we’re expecting next week was 30 years ago when it reached 95°F or warmer for 6 straight days (June 15-20, 1994),” said Pittsburgh weather service on X. 

Detroit is set to have its worst heatwave in two decades, said the Associated Press on Monday.

Some areas of eastern New York and western New England will see temperatures over 107F.

If you are heading for Chicago next week, you’ll experience temperatures between 95F and 105F. 

Those expecting to have relief during the night might need to make other plans. 

“Warm overnight temperatures only dropping into the mid-70s will offer little to no relief, especially to those without adequate or reliable cooling,” the Weather Prediction Center said.

Bad News for Flights

More bad news. These heat waves can also affect your travel plans to the above-mentioned areas due to the way airplanes fly. This is how.

Hot air is thinner than cooler air. Thus, planes experience less thrust when trying to take off. Consequently, they need to go faster, requiring a longer runway to reach the speed needed.

To compensate for the lack of thrust, airlines have to also get rid of fuel, bags or passengers. 

“The only way to make a takeoff possible on shorter runways would be to lower the weight of the aircraft,” explained Bob Thomas, an assistant professor of aeronautical science at Embry-Riddle.

Airports where your flight can be canceled this heatwave season include Denver, LaGuardia, Phoenix, Reagan National and others.

What to Do During the Heat Wave?

There are three important things you should do.

If you are flying to any of the mentioned cities, take flights early in the…

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