Palestinians flee Khan Younis after Israel warning

Palestinians flee Khan Younis after Israel warning

In the midst of escalating tensions between Israel and Gaza, Palestinians in Khan Younis are fleeing their homes after the Israeli military issued a warning. Following a series of rocket attacks towards Israel, the military ordered residents to evacuate a large area to the east of Khan Younis.

The warnings first came through audio messages, followed by a post on social media in Arabic. This move by the Israeli military comes after about 20 rockets were launched towards Israel, marking the heaviest attack in months. Thankfully, the majority of the rockets were intercepted while others landed in open areas with no reported injuries.

In response to the Israeli “crimes”, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) claimed responsibility for the rocket barrage. This latest exchange of violence underscores the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, with both sides citing retaliation for previous actions.

As tensions continue to rise, the situation in Khan Younis remains uncertain as residents are forced to leave their homes in search of safety. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing situation.

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