“Planning Your Trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia: A Comprehensive Travel Guide” – Video

“Planning Your Trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia: A Comprehensive Travel Guide” – Video

Ljubljana Travel Guide | How To Plan A Trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia and not sure where to start? Look no further! This video is your ultimate guide to planning a trip to Ljubljana. In this video, we cover everything you need to know, from getting to Ljubljana, essential travel tips, how to get around the city, local food, and even day trips.

Flights, trains, and buses are all options for getting to Ljubljana, and we break down the details for each mode of transportation. Once you arrive in Ljubljana, you’ll find the city is one of the most pedestrian-friendly in Europe. With the ban of cars and motorized vehicles in the main city area, walking, biking, and even free electric cart rides are the main forms of transportation.

Ljubljana is home to some of the cleanest and tastiest drinking water in Europe. With over 40 public drinking fountains in the downtown area, you’ll have no problem staying hydrated on your trip. Plus, with free public bathrooms located around the city, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can easily find a clean restroom.

And let’s not forget about the food! Traditional Slovenian dishes are a must-try when visiting Ljubljana. We’ll be releasing a complete food tour video soon, so be sure to subscribe to our channel to catch that. Plus, we share some budget-friendly dining options for those looking to save money while still enjoying delicious meals.

In addition to all the essential travel tips, we also share a quick tip for visiting Ljubljana’s famous castle. Whether you choose to walk up the well-maintained paths or opt for a free electric cart ride, the view from the castle overlooking the city is definitely worth the visit.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Ljubljana, be sure to watch this video for all the details you need to know before you go. Hit that like button, and let’s dive into planning the perfect trip to Ljubljana!

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Luana might be our favorite city in Europe but it can be difficult finding all the required info on this amazing City to have a successful trip so in this video we’re walking through everything you need to know about planning a trip to lublana we’ll cover how to get around essential travel tips

Key details and how to enjoy lublana like a local so hit that like button and let’s dive in all right when it comes to getting to Luana you have three main options if you’re flying into Luana you’ll arrive at the city’s International Airport from here you can either take a taxi which

Will get you to the city center in around 30 minutes we catch a public bus from outside the airport terminal be downtown in about 50 minutes if you’re arriving by train you’ll arrive at the lublana railway station which is much closer to the city center the train

Station is relatively small and easy to navigate so you should have no problems here it’s about a 10-minute walk from the train station to the main Square in downtown lublana so it’s a very centrally located spot if you’re arriving by bus you’ll also arrive just outside the train station here you’ll

Find plenty of buses lined up with large numbers identifying the spot where each scheduled BS will depart from every time we visited lupana we found it slightly confusing finding the exact location of our departure bus here but luckily the staff at the bus ticket office located just outside the train station are

Always incredibly helpful one helpful tip about the bus ticket office is inside there actually is an affordable luggage storage spot you can follow signs at the end of the hall to the luggage storage location where for just over € per day you can leave your luggage to explore Luana bag free we

Used this our first time we were in Luana and it worked out great for Us getting around lublana is slightly different than most cities and that’s because in 2012 Luana actually outlawed the use of cars and motorized vehicles inside the main city area because of this you won’t find public buses or taxis to take you around the main tourist areas instead most tourists Get

Around by simply walking which is fine given the Oldtown area is relatively small however in addition to walking you have a few other options to explore Liana streets are absolutely beautiful and exploring on two wheels is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the city

And Liana makes that super easy all over the city there are public bicycles you can rent for free provided you set up an account first simply go to the LJ bikes website make an account and purchase a onee subscription which is just € then you can unlock a bike from the many

Stations around the city and explore lublana by bicycle if biking isn’t your thing lublana also is a fleet of electric carts called Cavaliers which will zip you anywhere in the main city area for free you’ll see those cruising all over the town and you can simply

Flag one down as you would a taxi or call their number which will include below to schedule a free ride these are a fast and free way to quickly get around the city and are especially useful if you’re carrying luggage if you prefer Wheeling your luggage without a Cavalier you’ll be pleasantly surprised

To find that most of luana’s cobblestone streets are actually very luggage friendly and the smooth Stones actually allow luggage to roll easily so regardless your preference you have several ways to navigate this city being nestled at the base of the Julian elves lublana is home to some of

The cleanest and tastiest drinking water in Europe slovenians take great pride in their drinking water so much so that they actually enshrined the right to clean drinking water in their constitution because of this tap water is complet completely safe to drink in lublana and there’s no need to buy a

Bottle water in fact lublana has over 40 public drinking fountains in their downtown area alone where you can easily fill up your bottle on the go if you’re ever in a pinch trying to find one you can download the tap water lublana app for free which has a map of all the

Drinking fountains in the city and if all that free water makes you have to go lublana has you covered there as well Luana is one of the few European cities we’ve visited that provides free public bathrooms with there being seven locations around the city we found the bathroom underneath the Lock Bridge by

The market to be clean and fresh we can find others around the city by looking for a WC sign which stands for water Closet traditional Slovenian food is absolutely delicious and there are some dishes you have to try when you visit lublana we’ll be releasing a complete food tour video of Luana shortly outlining some of the best restaurants and iconic Slovenian dishes so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss that

Additionally if you plan on cooking for yourself it’s important to note that most grocery stores are closed on Sundays so be sure to plan around that also if you’re looking to dine on a budget the main Spar grocery store near the triple Bridges sell some delicious pre-made sandwiches for €250 so we found

Groceries and picnic supplies from there were a great way to fuel up without breaking the bank there’s also a produce market located in the main area right along the river here you’ll find vendors selling all sorts of locally grown food we found the prices here to be very

Affordable and it’s a great place to stock up on fruits vegetables and even un pasteurized milk from vending machines yep you heard that last one right so be sure to check out our top things to do in lublana video if you want to see this as well as the other

Musty spots and top of attractions in Lana and while we’re talking about our top things to do video we’ll share a quick tip on visiting luana’s famous castle if you want to reach the Fable castle that overlooks a city from lublana Central Hill you have two main

Options first you can walk up some very well-maintained walking paths these paths are incredibly Scenic and it takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the top however there is some real elevation gain so only consider this if you’re not scared of breaking a sweat there are four different paths that you can take

To the top but they’re all gorgeous and offer terrific views of the city below and nature along the way if you instead want an easier way to reach the top you can take the finicula to the top as well which we’ve heard is a fast and fun way

To reach the castle and offers great views from its huge glass windows Slovenia has been on the Euro since 2007 so this technique colored money is the currency you’ll use if you aren’t keen on carrying a lot of cash around we found credit cards were accepted just about everywhere we went

In Slovenia so plastic is your friend in lublana when it comes to tipping it’s also important to note that tipping is not an expectation in Slovenia so it’s not expected to add a tip to your restaurant Bill however you can always live a yearo or two if you feel the

Service was fantastic or consider rounding up to show a small sign of Appreciation Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia so you can expect to hear plenty of Slavic conversations during your stay and while many locals and shopkeepers in the Oldtown area speak English it’s important to know a few key phrases doberan means good day prosim is please pavala is thank you and

Cheers is nrvia if you want to gain some good favor with a the locals of lublana learning a few phrases is a great place to start truth be told my ancestors immigrated from Slovenia but even I struggle with this language but it’s important to try to make an

Effort if you’re looking to pick up some authentic slavian souvenirs in lublana you have a few great choices for starters Slovenia is world renowned for its honey and the country actually has more beekeepers per capita than anywhere else in Europe as a result picking up some fresh and local Slovenian honey is

A great gift if you’re looking for something artsy slovenians have been Master decorators of their beehive boxes for hundreds of years and you can still buy hand painted wooden boards from their hives at many shops around town if you’re looking for something more elegant you can also purchase some

Handmade Slovenian lace slovenians have been expert lace makers for centuries and there are plenty of stores around town where you can pick up Exquisite lace products at a great price and if you’re looking for something a little bit more kitchy there are several shops selling trinkets depicting luana’s

Famous Dragon which is the main icon of the city you’ll see dragons guarding the famous Dragon Bridge wandering at local festivals and yes even on keychains bottle openers MGS and t-shirts so picking up a dragon themed souvenir can be a great option while in town another

Thing to do in Luana is just shop and that might seem pretty obvious but we actually don’t do much shopping in other cities just because a lot of the cities that we go to can feel really touristy they’re only selling cheap souvenirs but in Luana we found there’s a lot of

Really cool shops with products made directly in Slovenia that are pretty high quality and pretty useful as well so we’re definitely not souvenir shoppers but there have been things that have definitely caught our eye here just because they’re so unique to this city so definitely check out some of these

Cool small shops when you’re in Town while in lublana there are several incredible spots in nearby that are worth checking out one of which is slovenia’s famous Lake bled being just an hour from luana’s Old Town this is a great day trip to consider and you can easily catch a bus outside lubl on this

Train station Lake fled might be one of the prettiest spots we visited and we fell in love with Lake fled so much the first time we visited that we actually returned recently to get married here and it was an absolute fairy tale so be sure to subscribe if you’d like to see

That while on your Lake fled you can also check out vintgar Gorge which is a beautiful Canyon in the area my family has visited here multiple times and says the gorge walk is stunning and great for people of all ages another day trip to consider is poonia cave this is one of

Europe’s prettiest cave networks it actually is home to the first Railway to ever run through a cave so it’s easily explorable for people of all ages and just 15 minutes away from this cave is slavia’s famous prama castle this 800-year-old Castle is built right into the cliff and is home to many secret

Passageways histories and gorgeous views you can purchase tickets to T the castle which we’ve heard as a fun experience and a great day trip so that’s it for our travel guide of the capital of Slovenia lublana be sure to like this video if you found it helpful and

Subscribe to our channel to see our other videos from Europe and all around the world next we’re headed to Croatia Montenegro Bosnia and Hera and Greece so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss anything thanks and we’ll see you in the next one bye before you click away consider supporting our Amazon

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