Puerto Rico’s Most Outrageous Dish: Crocodile Lechon! – Video

Puerto Rico’s Most Outrageous Dish: Crocodile Lechon! – Video

Crocodile Lechon!! Puerto Rico’s Most Outrageous Food!! is an exciting and adventurous video that takes viewers on a culinary journey through the unique and daring cuisine of Puerto Rico. Hosted by Sonny, the video showcases the incredible flavors and traditional dishes of the island, with a focus on one of the most daring meats – crocodile.

The video features an array of mouth-watering dishes, including stewed crab and mashed plantains, as well as a daring dish of cayman tacos and shrimp paella. Viewers are given an inside look into the preparation and cooking process for these unique and iconic Puerto Rican dishes.

Sonny also takes viewers on a wild adventure as he and Oro take on the challenge of hunting and cooking the elusive and dangerous crocodile, known as the Cayman. With the help of local experts, they embark on an exciting and daring mission to catch and cook this exotic meat, showcasing the adventurous and fearless spirit of Puerto Rican cuisine.

With stunning visuals and engaging storytelling, Crocodile Lechon!! Puerto Rico’s Most Outrageous Food!! is a captivating and thrilling exploration of the bold and fearless flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine. From the wild and daring crocodile to the traditional and comforting dishes of the island, this video is a must-watch for food lovers and adventurous eaters alike.

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Strategy here Oro and I are taking on Puerto Rico’s most dangerous meat how would we do that a meat that starts with a wild Cayman caught by hand does bite Oro what should he do play dead but first let’s back up so far our incredible Island food tour has included

Everything from Puerto Rico’s famous street food this is like straight up comfort food all the way to grilled Lizard Tales I see in my eyes from iguanas we hunted ourselves oh yeah oh my God but today we’re facing a different type of Beast no man that’s too risky what are you risking you’re

401K the Cayman native to Central and South America holy [ __ ] I see them able to grow over 12 ft long to assist us in our Conquest to conquer catch and cook the Cayman we’ve Enlisted the help of Two Brothers Carlos and Michael Diaz but before the hunt

Begins their mother is going to cook us up some breakfast this is what some might call the national dish of Puerto Rico this is known as [ __ ] to get breakfast started grab your trusted mortar and pestle and grind garlic with a dash of salt to create a feisty paste next crush up some

Chichiron or fried porkin amazing I have never eaten [ __ ] for breakfast moving on to the main event plantains slice them and toss them into hot water to Boil once they’re mushy mix them up with the garlic and Chicho finally shape that concoction into perfect balls this is a beautifully shaped ball I feel like I can put this on a pool table and play eightball Not only do we have the [ __ ] but we have this to go with

It mhm even he’s impressed yeah and he knew what it was the whole time to start with our main ingredient Blue landcraft C fresh from a nearby River by Carlos and his brother Michael Haley from tropical and subtropical regions in the western Atlantic Ocean these cannibalistic crustations are Infamous

For their aggressive nature the CLS are like too niiv dangerous but perhaps worth it create the perfect crab sauce by combining herbal seasoning pastes green olives pickled red pepper seasoning powders chopped cilantro and kulantro a staple ingredient in Caribbean cooking heat the sauce in the stove until it gets hot and

Steamy then add the hard earned crab meat to the mix oh this looks awesome you got to break it right in the middle so crack the ball open get a base of [ __ ] add on some of that crab some of those delicious juicy green Olives wow oh yeah wow is right the [ __ ] is kind of this Carby base it’s like a foundation yeah but it’s pretty light it has a little bit of pice on it yeah it tastes like some raw garlic in there and raw garlic can have kind of a

Spicy feeling to it he said that he really likes the combination between the sea flavor and the garlic absolutely and this crab is to die for it’s so good thank you thank you watch out for shells here and there there’s a little bit of collateral damage but man that

Foundation with the crunchy chicher on inside that spicy garlic mix it with that super Savory crab it’s Del Let’s talk more about you and your hunting Carlos and Michael are lifelong fishing enthusiasts he preferred to eat the food that he HS in 2017 their routine fishing quest for tilapia took an unexpected twist when they encountered their first Cayman fued by adrenaline they made a daring decision to capture the dangerous

Reptile and their bravery paid off just like that this hobby became a Cayman catching service not only for food but also to control the reptilian population their work garnered National media attention propelling them into the spotlight as an online sensation soon we’ll witness one of these Cayman hunts

For ourselves today Oro you have the opportunity to hunt a crocodile how is that fun and how is that an opportunity we’re going into the water where the crocodiles live how would we do that because that’s where they are also I think it’ll just be really entertaining I what is the worst case

Scenario for Oro see the worst is to be beaten by one if it does bite Oro what should he do play dead ah he say that they have first aid kid better than second Aid Kid third you’re going to be fine and I’ll I got your back you know

What let’s just step it up and let’s catch a crocodile let’s do it let’s do it We’ve entered the Great River of Louisa the hunting grounds of the Diaz brothers within Puerto Rico’s largest Basin our Target awaits the spectacled came it it’s so quiet that is scaring me it’s a bit Eerie out here should we be looking for eyes what is the strategy here what are

We looking for as the smaller member of the crocodilian family the spectacle came in matures to approximately 7 ft and can weigh in at around 90 lb so he’s trying to keep finding some movement and some resemblance of the carp oh I think he found something oh coconut despite their modest size the

Cayman is a lethal and intensely aggressive breed with a diet comprised of at least 105 prey they spare no creature including the copy bar and so if we find one we have this right here I mean this is what animal control uses to get a wild dog so he’s going to put this

Around the neck and then cinch it up tighten it up and then pull it onto the boat with us yeah see why you mean Widow armed with flesh tearing teeth and a strong jaw the spectacle Cayman is always ready to unleash its lethal strike or you promis to help look I’m

Helping look from here but if you see one you can’t just be silent yeah of course of course you promise yeah I promise I promise after hours of searching unfortunately there’s no sign of The elusive Cayman within Arms Reach we’ve been out here for a while no luck no

Luck for you good luck for me at this point we have only one hope remaining they have two methods of catching crocodile one is they search like this the other is they look in a trap and see if they got anything in the Trap so there’s something in the Trap we’re

Bringing in here anyway we no you no man that’s too risk what are you risking you for one I need to go and get no bro we’re going to turn around we’re going to head back to his trap and look most likely nothing’s going to be there Oro yeah this is the

Trap all right so right here he has I guess the string that goes to the trap holy [ __ ] I see them out I know that’s it why you backing up go get up there no the m is f to this work do you pull the Rope or use thisave no

No you screaming through it’s not just me dude there it is it is pissed he’s going to use a steel Loop to wrap around his neck to secure it oh [ __ ] I H you got pulled in oral let’s go you’re almost zero why are you standing up

There all right here we go catch it I catch it yeah what do I do l l l no no no no no no the neck I grab the neck yeah doodle and then do what I did it you got to do it doodle okay I got it you see oh push

Down a lot push down hard okay I got it you oh [ __ ] that tape doesn’t look strong enough it’s electrical tape it’s multi-purpose oh my God man you have the right to remain silent anything you say can be used against you in the court of law d man how did he

Do he gave me an eight man an ultro meemes are unqualified it CU you’re absolutely qualified I’m sure they would love to bring you out again after a Victorious hunt it’s time for the real work to begin as we take on this rare reptile recipe after slaughtering with a decisive headshot processing can

Begin first we must peel away its thick rough skin renowned for its durability and distinct texture cman skin finding to Second Life in the fashion industry since oro’s Cayman catch is rather petite it’ll be used as an appetizer we’ll soon try but for our main course this big Cayman caught by the Diaz

Brothers will be roasted up whole first it’s spiced up with a mixture of salt pepper and garlic powder there is one small issue the Diaz brothers though competent in the catching of Cayman they’re still new to the cooking part meaning this could be a one-of-a-kind feast or a complete disaster we’ll find

Out which soon in the meantime allow me to introduce Deborah a chef who’s challenged herself to Pioneer the use of this prehistoric meat Deborah has come here to cook us some amazing food including these crocodile tacos which come from the crocodile that he helped to capture yes we are practically the

Intellectual outdors of this dish the inter right to create this unique Croc Taco she starts with a fat piece of tail that she expertly fillets into thinner portions Deborah once a cook in the hotel industry took an unexpected turn in her culinary career when she stumbled upon the viral posts featuring The Diaz

Brothers and their Cay I started reaching out to them hey I want to take us to the whole another level intrigued by this protein’s potential she proposed a partnership with the brothers and their mother offering to combine her culinary expertise with this unconventional ingredient so before working with these guys was anyone you

Knew eating this type of food not Puerto Rico nor after an egg and batter coating the Cayman meat gets lightly fried now for the assembly Nestle the Cayman meat inside a warm flower tortilla then Crown it with Chipotle mayo and crisp cabbage this unusual mystery meat was an instant

Hit at a recent Cayman Festival hosted by Deborah and the Diaz brothers this Festival was one small step in their massive mission to make Cayman meat mainstream and Puerto Rico in the USA M mhm m it feels like a big fish it’s meaty but tender it is a perfectly composed Taco you have that nice fried tail but then you got the Cora on there too for some freshness and a little bit of crunch it’s crazy because this is three full

But it really feels elevated the cooking on this is fantastic this is excellent the cover is very thin and very crunchy and it has enough oil to be juicy but it’s no overpowering it’s actually very healthy I studied the anatomy of the crocodile this is where I got the best

Filet which it comes from the tail that is delicious that was like a 10 out of 10 Croc Taco Croco Coco this was a great start a great first taste but we have a lot more food to come you are also making a paa and we’re roasting up an

Entire crocodile let’s go check out how the roasting process is going great can I eat more of that yes okay guys this is very exciting so it’s not all the way done cooking yet but we’re going to take a look I’m going to reveal it right now oral are you ready

100% man let’s get it okay here we go wo wa oh man he has shoes on what happened here when he’s ready he fells off okay that’s kind of how you know maybe that’s an indicator that the meat is done to a medium level tell me about the strategy

How long do you cook it how often are you flipping it it always depend on the size of the K in this case is around 1 hour and they turn it like time to time it looks awesome the tail is like as big as the body basically the head is here

The limbs are here do you eat every single part except for the head they don’t leave anything from here this is going to finish roasting and soon we’re going to try a beautiful Feast with this as our Centerpiece guys lady this looks fantastic he looks like a little dog yeah it does you know I could I don’t how about crocodile it’s an honor to have this and an honor to have us here sharing this meal with him this is AED Puerto Rico that few people get to experience before

We get into this crocodile I want to talk about this right here this is paa is paa a common preparation Puerto Rico this is a modified version because the traditional paa is not very common in Puerto Rico paa with yeah I’ve Been to Spain I didn’t see any paa with a

Crocodile head on top our untraditional paa features succulent meat from the Cayman tale and a special guest fresh local River PRS caught by the Diaz brothers they get in the water at night with a trident like Ariel’s death yeah they identify it because they eyes

Become red so that’s how they can see it and grab them the Cayman and shrimp are generously seasoned with a homemade blend of salt pepper and garlic powder in a wide pan or paa dish toss in the seasoned meat for a flavorful stir fry are these shrimps that you can get in

The store so the only way to get them is for someone to go in the river special introduce green pigeon peas red and green peppers and onions for a burst of flavor pour in a SA came in broth made by boiling the tail bone then to

Complete the dish add rice and let it slowly steam to Perfection M that’s really good boy know beautifully seasoned the rice has a nice bite to it tons of meat inside the flavor is similar to Lobster it’s like chicken texture with lobster flavor it’s like a chicken breast that’s like succulent and juice see delicious what I like about this

Dish is rice and beans are so popular in Puerto Rico and there’s so many variations and this just feels like a different variation of that even though it’s you know Spanish inspired it still feels very Puerto Rican and also go deeper you can feel the rice below that

Is a little bit more cooked we call it Pig coming up next guys this is the grand finale we have a Croc here you’ve got a knife in front of you let’s see what you got oh so we’re getting some crocodile Hamachi this feels more like a

Sharma oh yeah there’s a beautiful color on here oo yeah it’s still juicy warm crispy on the outside before you get on is take a deep smell that’s a unique perplexing but fascinating Scent see now it tastes like sea bass it really depends on how you cook ity by flavorful Smoky flavor just kissed by that charcoal it’s a dense meat but it has more of a seafood flavor at this point it really depends on the preparation it’s so versatile it plays

With your mind because if you see the texture this is like a chicken breast absolutely and then when you go you will feel the flavor of a bigger fish like a cot fish it’s excellent I’m very impressed because you’ve got the whole food chain You’ got you guys going deep

Into the dark night plucking these things from the water and then we got you really cooking with some new on yeah and it’s not just cooking to survive and just do the bare minimum I think it’s a more sort of is coming out of the wild it’s an elevated crocodile literally

Elevated because they put it from the water yeah it used to be down there now it’s up here on the table my question to both of you is in a short time already because of all of your influence the crocodile has come a long way from being something

That people didn’t really see as a food option to being something people are considering or wanting to try so what do you think is the future of the crocodile as a food here in Puerto Rico he’s bigger effort goes to legalize it he really once made this into a

Business and in order to legalize it he needs to promote the benefits of doing this practice so they can first create an industry second do it in a legal way and the third step is import it to the US Deborah if I’m not incorrect A lot of

The food standards maybe all the food standards that exist in the USA are also applied here correct so that’s a problem people might think oh this is a separate entity they have their own autonomy when it comes to food but no this is not something you can legally just catch and

Sell on the street or in a restaurant there should be a process in which this is checked reviewed some kind of quality standard is put in place but that standard doesn’t exist at the moment no so what is the next step we made a festival so 2,500 people had a taste of

It and then hopefully when we get the permits from the government then we can just distribute it because we’re an island we have to live off for what the island gives us and right now it’s either iguana or crocodile I think there’s hope for the future because I’ve

Been to Louisiana I’ve been to Florida I’ve been to these places selling either alligator or crocodile and it’s a thing it’s like a staple Regional dish in some locations in the USA so there’s no reason why the same couldn’t happen here and it makes sense to support the

Circular economy where things come from the island rather than importing from outside in order to consume like why not use the resources here and at the same time help to eliminate what is becoming a pest I really really appreciate you guys coming here to do this amazing

Tasting and um we hope to see this in the supermarket eventually heck yeah ladies and gentlemen Cheers Cheers if you love Indian food then you’re going to love our new channel best ever food indiia subscribe now for weekly videos showcasing the most unique street food from around the

Country breakfast beer tiny little beers so you don’t get too drunk before work right now we’re going down the what do you call the edge of a river right now we’re going going down the edge of the river oh let’s talk more sorry while it’s too dramatic Dam man there you go I

Mean it’s just a baby it’s a lot of work to be a baby if the shoe fits then then wear it yeah grab it grab it grab it me yeah I should grab it with my hand no boom guys that is the end of video 4 and

The end of our series here in Puerto Rico I hope you enjoyed this series I hope you enjoyed Oro I mean I know he can be a lot but I’m sorry Puerto Rico is so much more than what me the ey first there’s the amazing street food

The countryside food but when you go even deeper well you could catch shrimp from a river or even some Cayman crocodiles if you survive if I want to say a huge thank you to oo you can find oo right here on Instagram he is posting so much interesting content about life

And Technology otherwise guys that is it for this one thank you so much for watching I will see you next time peace time for the after party now

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