Raising Our 7-Year-Old as Gender Fluid: Our Extraordinary Family – Video

Raising Our 7-Year-Old as Gender Fluid: Our Extraordinary Family – Video

The video titled “We’re Raising Our 7-Year-Old As Gender Fluid | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY” follows the story of a transgender and non-binary couple, Blue and Emerson, who are raising their seven-year-old daughter, Claire, in a gender-fluid and open-minded environment. Blue and Emerson teach Claire that gender and sexuality are fluid, and that she should feel free to express herself however she wants without the need for labels or identities.

The couple shares their personal experiences, with Blue coming out as transgender at the age of 26, and Emerson becoming a father figure to Claire. They also talk about the challenges they faced in their previous relationships, and the process of introducing testosterone into Blue’s system. The video showcases the family’s commitment to providing a nurturing and accepting environment for Claire to explore and discover her true self without any societal constraints.

The uplifting story of this extraordinary family challenges traditional gender roles and encourages viewers to embrace the ever-changing and unique aspects of their identities. Through their openness and support, Blue and Emerson are breaking down barriers and promoting a message of love and acceptance.

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Well transgender means you come out as a little girl or little boy and then they started hey I don’t feel like I’m a girl at all so they come out as a girl and then are raised as a boy or come out as a boy and raise as a girl my father is

Transgender so that’s what’s really special about him my mother I’m happy that she gets to be happy so it’s super special for her I came out as trans when I was 26 years old I was married before in a lesbian relationship that essentially dissolved because of my transition I lived a full

Adulthood being a woman prior I identify as being in the gray area I guess I feel masculine I feel feminine I’m not a boy or a girl I was previously married with Claire’s biological father we separated in 2015 Claire and I were on our own pretty much up until we met

Emerson 1 two 3 oh yeah I never thought that I would ever be seen as like a father figure to anybody but obviously that was a dream of mine I remember the first time she ever called me Daddy I was putting her to bed I was like hey if

You need me or something just like call for me and I’ll I’ll be there so one small guy one big guy it’s me and it’s you she’s like okay I’ll just yell out Daddy really loud and you’ll come running and I was like and I remember I was like my heart like

Dropped so for sexuality and gender essentially everything in our house is fluid fluid meaning that anyone can like anyone and we encourage her to be open into any type of relationship whether it be with male identifying female queer by whatever I think it’s important to speak to Children about these

Aspects for example both of us were put into a box as a girl from birth and we have these expectations that are thrown at us and I think that boys and girls both have these expectations that society places on them and they are just disruptive and I think that you’re

Unable to truly find yourself within those boxes for a lot of People what’s kind of different about me that sometimes kids don’t do is about my clothing and my hair sometimes I wear like a girl shirt or boy pants so I made a picture it says um a boy self right here girl self right here so I said boy girl

Girl self and boy style because that’s what I do cuz these are in the boy section and sometimes in my class I have some girl clothes Claire Daddy’s going to do a shot now every Tuesday in a week he has to take a shot he’ll sit down on the chair

And my mom will stab his leg usually and I always do the Band-Aid what essentially is happening is I’m introducing testosterone into my system for it to pretty much give me a second puberty type scenario so every week I have to keep injecting myself with the testosterone or else my body

Will naturally go back and take away kind of a lot of my changes is that I worked so hard to obtain all right you ready yes yeah okay one two 3 perfect and with the good one I think the main uniqueness that we have is our openness of being queer and our our desire to raise our child without any bounds you are a girl you must be like this or you are a boy you must be like this that

Doesn’t exist in our house and it never will so we really like to make sure our child knows that however she feels to express herself just like us it’s ever growing and Ever Changing and we really encourage that exploration it’s really special about my father that he is transgender and all I

Know that she’s transgender we were really raising her just to be open to be however she wants to be without any need for a label or identity and that she will in time discover who she is just as we have

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A TRANSGENDER and non – binary couple are teaching their child that gender and sexuality are fluid. Seven-year-old Claire from Monterey, California, is the daughter of Blue and Emerson, who have been together a little over two years. Claire’s mother Blue said: “I think it is important to speak to children about these aspects because for example like both of us were put into the box as a girl from the birth, and we have this expectations. “I think that boys and girls both have these expectations that society places on them.”I think that you are unable to truly find yourselves within those boxes, because we don’t fit those boxes”

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Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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