Reunited on the Boat! Episode 279 featuring Jack’s Girlfriend 😍 – Video

Reunited on the Boat! Episode 279 featuring Jack’s Girlfriend 😍 – Video

In the latest episode of Sailing Zatara, titled “BACK ON THE BOAT! (with Jack’s girlfriend 😍) Ep 279,” the Z Crew is back on the boat and ready for some new adventures. With the help of Starlink and Peplink, they are able to stay connected and share their experiences with viewers all over the world.

In this episode, Jack’s childhood friend and now girlfriend, Mackenzie, joins the crew on their journey from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. They are excited to be getting new Yanmar engines installed, along with other upgrades, at Just Catamarans. The crew is also getting the Rudders fixed and installing a new Dinghy with a powerful Mercury engine.

With Mackenzie onboard, the dynamics of the crew are sure to shift as they navigate the challenges of living and working together on a boat. But with the stunning views of the water and the excitement of new adventures ahead, the crew is ready for whatever comes their way.

So grab a ticket, become a member of the Z Crew, and join in on the fun as Sailing Zatara takes you on a journey of a lifetime. Happy sailing! 🌊⛵️

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Video Transcript

Ohy baby my backpack is way oh my goodness so good to see you again hi I haven’t introduced you yet who are you I’m Mackenzie Morgan I don’t know what else to say about myself other than the fact I’m from Texas we’ve known each other for

Really long time but kind of kind of but now we’re kind of just back together so as we shared last week while in Texas Jack reconnected with a childhood friend and they became Inseparable and like I said she actually applied for our Med crew last year but we didn’t choose her

Because we had a policy of not selecting people we already knew but based on her answers to some of the questions we discovered she’d grown up to become an extremely mature and insightful young woman what do you think is the biggest problem in the world today good question

My original answer to this was just that people are too sensitive but I felt like I could go a little bit deeper with that because sensitivity is just an outcome that bases from a bigger issue in the world and I’d say that bigger issue is programming in schools and media which

Leads to division a lot of division which then leads to Too Much sensitivity in the world people are too sensitive to a lot and it’s really tearing the world apart the whole point about conversation means that you have to take a risk that you’re going to to offend somebody otherwise conversation is meaningless

And you’re not going to get anywhere interesting at all if you’re just tiptoeing around like oh am I going to offend this person if I say this or that like no that’s crap people are too sensitive anyways next question what are you doing here I was invited by you guys

To come here thankfully that’s awesome and I humbly accepted after a lot of thought I was thinking do I really want to come here and spend a long time with them so the question really tough so the question is are y’all boyfriend and girlfriend we’re figuring that one out

To remains to be decided what you saying Really woo woohoo yeah Wo woo oh [Applause] Yeah yeah ni that was so fun all right what we doing today we’re going on a little road trip to uh see see yeah Oregon and Washington it’s going to be fun why why are we going to Oregon and Washington I don’t really know but we wanted to do it so we’re

Going to go do it yep we’re going to look at Vans for Finn for Finn for that guy that weird stranger over there he wants to leave Us everybody is talking at me Miss Miss mine Mackenzie Morgan is going with us hi yeah why are you going why is she going kidnapping me ja’s kidnapp her how are you two getting along terribly terribly awful She’s So Mean She’s So Mean So and everybody’s going Wrong and they know but going to hold you and everybody needs someone I don’t try to go along I don’t say I never told you when you wake up tomorrow and your heart ain’t feeling Right pain and sorrow every day and every Night Finn’s heart has been set on a Volkswagen van Anan Westfalia and he’s looked at dozens either in person or online over the last few weeks this was the first one on his list to look at while we’re here in Seattle he had several more in Portland Oregon we were

Going to go see the next day however when we pulled up and saw what great condition this one was in he took it for a test drive made the guy an offer and shortly after it was a done deal all right get in your van Hipp

Drive away this is the this is actually one of the least Hipp I’ve seen you got to keep the name Betty White oh is that what they call it Betty White I love Betty White that’s a cute name all right Keith’s driving right now just to get through all this Seattle

Traffic and uh then F’s going to take over when we get on the highway going get some gas Finn slept in it last night yeah that’s so cool Betty White Betty White she’s got me uh he’s got Betty White’s got all tied up this is the inside of his little van

That goes up higher so he can stand up we’re going to go the Tre are singing to the tune of a song and the wind is gently ringing the bell that brings the morning welcome of the D so at this point Finn only has his driver’s permit so a licensed adult 21

Or over has to be in the right seat but when he turns 18 in June then he can get his permanent driver’s license and drive all by himself and go wherever he wants to go the D the red leaves are falling the barn out is calling the welcome off the Dawn don’t kill me he’s taking a nap now he lay the first have sex okay scratch that that’s that’s not happening out in the ending of the night welcome of the Dwn all right Finn made it home to the cabin he barely made it up the icy driveway we did have to put chains on but it made it up it uh the chains were a little too big unfortunately so we have to get new ones I don’t know what they’re doing right

Now maybe I’ll do right there glitch off what’s he doing we’re fixing chains adjusting them so we bought we bought some chains yesterday evening and we had the guy set them outside of the auto shop so we could just pass by cuz we were getting in there late and it turns

Out the chains are a little too big for these tires so we got to cut them and that’s what he’s doing how come you’re not doing that right now cuz I’m driving the car back and forth so I can help him oh gotta but you’re going to know how to

Put those chains on take them off by yourself yeah yeah not hard no they’re not not hard at all but this is my Volkswagen van again this is it baby this van was listed for $36,000 but Finn was able to negotiate the guy down a little bit he’s worked

Really hard at his YouTube channel this past year and so he was super proud to pay cash for his very first vehicle peplink that’s all our peplink stuff to set up our cameras to set up everything we want out here on the ranch all right it out you go that this

Is such soft it is super soft what you doing not starlake cool so our off- grid cabin will not no longer be off grid Noe that’s okay we need it we needs the internet okay K take the Dr No you don’t need to clean them out anymore ja hand the drill

Back all right starlink is installed what are you doing I’m putting in flooring cool with Dad and mix yeah MacKenzie’s parents came and visited us and we have been having a good time and now Finn is put mitt to work that looks good Finn does it look good yeah it’s

Really cool those look pretty good nice got rid of that rubber nasty M yes we secretly had MacKenzie’s parents fly in to surprise her and luckily she was very excited what the heck who’s over there don’t slip don’t slip oh my God this family has a bond that is

Beyond anything I’ve ever seen and I don’t know any other girl in the world who’d want her parents to cross her party with her new boyfriend but this family is truly amazing okay good that’s good oh my God it’s so crazy because we’ve known Mackenzie and her family for over a

Decade but reconnecting now while watching our kids build a relationship has been so much fun and you know I talk about the quiet and loneliness of our impending empty nest but the truth is I’m realizing our Nest is actually growing and getting Fuller as each of our kids find their significant others

And we build new relationships with their famad true and they can get the best of anyone long this won’t get you through you’re going to need to find a friend going to need to B someone and if you wake up [Applause] tomorrow and you ain’t feeling

Right B the SE B say goodbye the pain and sorrow every day and every night every day and every Night so because of Starling I’m able to put peplink routers and switches at my Ranch in Montana and on the boat you guys saw me do that install with the r peplink routers and stuff on the boat I’m putting the peplink routers and switches and Wi-Fi access points all

Over the ranch here and I’m going to have cameras tied into those I also have installed a few cameras on the boat and we’ll install some more cameras when we get back to the boat and I can see these cameras no matter where I’m at in the

World I can take my phone and I can look I can look at the boat I can see what’s going on on the boat I can see my instrument panel I can see builders I can see my engines and if I’m at if I’m

On the boat I can see my Ranch up here I can see wildlife I can see if it’s snowing and and those kind of things also we want to hopefully one day and install a uh weather thing so I can access the weather of what the actual temperature wind rain and everything

That’s going on up at the ranch and I can see that online as well but today we’re installing the peplink switch and an AP here in my garage so that it will talk to my big peplink AP thing over there at the house and ties the garage

And that so I don’t have to run wires from the shop to the uh to the uh house so that’s what we’re doing this is the switch that powers the Poe cameras so one of the things this switch does is switch connects to an access point which is right over here

And that access point talks to my house to the starlink and the the the P link router that’s in there so I don’t have to run a cable underground or over the air to tie my shop cameras into my house so that’s what the neat thing about a

Switch and a a peplink switch and a peplink AP it works really good together very cool Yeah went fire dude okay so we’re headed back to the boat today we got all the cameras wired in to the starlink so we can keep track of them on the boat Keith has an app so he can see anything that’s going on out here and all the kids are going with us

Uh today to go to the boat we need their help to move the boat from Miami up to Fort Lauderdale where we’re getting new engines thanks to Yanmar and to just catamarans they’re putting the engines in for us so we’re super excited about that and then we’re going to move the

Boat down to Grenada so the next few weeks we will actually be on the boat it’ll be great content good videos I’m so excited about everything that’s happening I think we’re going to do a little bit of remodel in the kitchen I hope um so anyway we’re headed back to

The boat today so uh let’s go chos the The trees they are singing to the tune of a Song and the wind is gently ringing the bell that brings the morning welcome of the Dawn take it off okay we’re back on the boat we are headed from Miami to Fort Lauderdale today it’s going to be about 5 hours and hopefully we can sail how’s it feel be back on the boat feels good did you sleep good last night very good yeah off here we’re off

Just like that we’re all we’re back and back on boat back and gone back on a boat and we have a staway y yep what do you think of the boat so far in the last what8 hours I love it it’s really cool it’s so different I’ve never really been

On a boat like this before yeah it’s really exciting it’s nice and warm here that’s for sure for sure I’m happy to be wearing yeah not Muck Boots and standing in the mud move scar away all right Captain Jack tell us how to go and what to do and what not to

Do what should be looking for what should be watching out for uh boat boat you’re not the captain that’s you should ask the captain that question look at me I am the captain now hello Captain hello princess how does it feel to be back on your boat it actually

Feels good yeah kind of recharged can we be sailing today babe it could be the ons are kind of Northeast yeah they’re supposed to push around to the west and the East oh it feels good to be back on the water at least in sunshine Yeah Okay so tell me what we’re getting done when we get to Fort Lauderdale so that’s where we’re headed right now up to just cam Rands and just cam Rand is doing the brand new engine install on the uh new Yanmar engines that we got we got the new Yanmar 110 engines beautiful engines

Can’t wait to put them in going to paint the whole inside of our engine base it’s going to be clean all reorganized vus Maxwell we’re putting in all the new uh vus soundproofing in this in there and all new hoses everything when I replace an engine I want to replace everything

And vus vus makes everything for that so if you’re looking for engine parts engine hoses uh exhaust stuff anything to do with your engine vus is the place to go for that then we are getting the Rudders fixed we’re going to drop the ruds probably tomorrow morning we’ll

Drop those Rudders and get those off to the rudder shop and get the new Rudders get those fixed the one that broke off and um I’m going to put new lines up there in the Boom the the the out hul lines for the The Reaping lines cuz

They’re creaking like an old lady and our dingy and we got the new dingy the new high field dinghy 4. it’s just like this one a little different in some places but the ne thing about the new one is it’s got a Mercury 60 horsepower

Engine on it so I’m going to be real excited to see how that 60 Mercury runs and and uh compared to the old old engine that we have here and and if anybody wants a dingy we have one for sale that’s right right so Z2 we’re

Going to put it out on the internet here this week and uh see who wants to buy the old Z2 so that’ll be exciting times cool all Right so our newest crew member doesn’t feel so good I feel great I don’t know what you’re talking about you look like you feel great get some sun on them white legs Right we’re in it the cats is this it the cats all right so how do you feel having MacKenzie out here on the boat I feel good what do you think’s going to happen I don’t know is she going to be good crew mate or is she just going to

Be eye candy for you well I don’t know I was going to make a dirty joke but I’m not going to make it okay please don’t so I’m excited to see how it goes I know she’s pretty out of her element out here just cuz it’s uh yeah such a different environment than

Texas yes it is she is a city girl SC me a little bit she’ll have to adjust and adapt but awesome I think she can do it yeah yeah all right what else that’s it just trying to make youall feel awward and uncomfortable a that’s a gizy

Gizzy you see that Valley 48 yep we’re going right on the other side of that Pole right there next to Them okay well we made it in to the marina here we’re at just catamarans in daa Beach they are going to get started on removing the old engines uh tomorrow I think and Keith was going to pull the Rudders off here but it’s too shallow so

We got to figure out what to do about getting the ruds off cuz they have to come down and this is very very shallow so I’m not sure what we’re going to do about that but tune in next week and I will film all of it for you we’re going

To get the old engines taken out get started on putting the new ones in so it’s going to be great I hope you have a great weekend subscribe if you don’t already thank you so much give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you next week bye-bye we’re about to go snowboarding yeah

We’re about to get at it man there’s not much power out there no it’s going to be good we’re going to go here we go guys we got to go replace these lies in this bird that’s they’re squealing like a little baby Girling like a little baby girl stand oh stand

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