Salma Hayek Pinault and Lila Avilés on ‘Tótem’ Being ‘Universal’

Salma Hayek Pinault and Lila Avilés on ‘Tótem’ Being ‘Universal’

Signing on to executive produce “Tótem,” the sophomore feature from writer-director Lila Avilés that was chosen to be Mexico’s submission for the Best International Feature Film Oscar, was a no-brainer for Salma Hayek Pinault. “For me, it’s very important to support women, especially if they’re Mexican. And to support talent. And Lila’s talent is rare. It’s special, it’s unique, it’s bold, it’s brave. And also it’s delicate and personal,” said the Academy Award-nominated “Frida” actress during a conversation with IndieWire over Zoom. “I just want the world to feel her through this movie, and to be touched and moved by her talent.”

Premiering at last year’s Berlin Film Festival, where it won the Ecumenical Jury Prize, “Tótem” is a chamber piece centered on seven-year-old Sol (Naíma Sentíes) observing her family prepare to throw what she begins to understand to be the last birthday party for her terminally ill father Tona (Mateo García Elizondo). Distributed by Sideshow and Janus Films, Avilés’ feature is the only Latin American film to have made the shortlist for Best International Feature Film at the 2024 Oscars. She is also one of only three female directors on the list, and the only one with a narrative feature; unfortunate, but important, details that stood out to Pinault.

“I wish there were more, and I’ve got to tell you, [Lila] is standing out in a year of amazing international films. And some of the…

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