Sarper from 90 Day Fiancè Admits He Is Financially Struggling

Sarper from 90 Day Fiancè Admits He Is Financially Struggling

In a recent video posted on YouTube, “90 Day Fiancè: The Other Way” star Sarper made a shocking revelation about his financial situation, stating that he is currently broke. Sarper, who gained popularity as a personal trainer on the hit reality show, attributed his financial struggles to the jealousy of his ex-girlfriend Shekinah.

According to Sarper, Shekinah’s insecurities and jealousy ultimately led to the downfall of his personal training business, causing him to lose clients and ultimately leaving him in a dire financial situation. The reality star did not hold back in the video, expressing his frustration and disappointment in how his relationship with Shekinah impacted his career and livelihood.

Fans of the show were surprised to hear about Sarper’s financial troubles, as he appeared to be successful and thriving on the show. Many viewers were rooting for Sarper and Shekinah’s relationship to work out, but it seems that their tumultuous romance ultimately took a toll on Sarper’s professional life.

Despite his current financial struggles, Sarper remains optimistic and determined to rebuild his personal training business and bounce back from this setback. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Sarper will overcome this obstacle and get back on his feet.

As the drama unfolds on “90 Day Fiancè: The Other Way,” viewers will surely be keeping a close eye on Sarper’s journey and rooting for him to overcome his financial woes. Stay tuned for more updates on Sarper’s story and his quest for success in the world of personal training.

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