Stories of survival in Sudan | DW Documentary

Stories of survival in Sudan | DW Documentary

Stories of survival in Sudan | DW Documentary

A journey into a forgotten conflict. Ten million people have been displaced by the civil war in Sudan, more than in any other crisis worldwide.

Of Sudan’s internally displaced persons, a quarter of a million have found refuge in the Nuba Mountains, in the South of the country. The area is difficult to get to.

With so few reports from the region reaching a global audience, DW reporter Mariel Müller traveled there to get first-hand accounts from those affected by the war. As is so often the case, women have suffered the most. Three of them share their stories of survival.

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A journey into a forgotten conflict in Sudan a civil war has been raging for almost a year now 10 million people are fleeing the violence more than in any other crisis worldwide of these a quarter of a million internally displaced persons have found refuge in the nuba

Mountains since the war broke out it has been almost impossible to report from Sudan visas are not granted to foreign journalists but with the help of an aid organization we were able to gain access we’re here to talk to people whose stories would otherwise not be Heard my name is Namar Isel I’m a nurse I fled from the war in my name is shd I was in K when we were attacked and my children were murdered my name is Hannah hamoda I fled after having lost my two children and one of my legs these women have survived the

Horrors of bombing destruction rape and displacement but they refus to give up we’re traveling in a United Nations plane from the south Sudanese capital of Juba towards the Sudanese border thank you upon arrival in yida we continue by car a couple of hours later we prepare

To cross the border into Sudan the only indication of its existence is a red ribbon we’re headed to the nuba mountains in the state of South cofan in the south of Sudan the region is controlled by the rebels of the spmn for nearly four decades they’ve been fighting against the Sudanese central

Government the rebels are demanding more self-determination and a secular self-government they say that for too long their brothers the Nubians have been discriminated against and oppressed by the Elites in the capital katum because of their religion and ethnicity the region has been neglected lacking roads medical staff humanitarian

Aid and food International NOS are only allowed to operate with permission from katum and the war has now almost completely cut off the already precarious flow of humanitarian Aid we’ve reached the agiri camp around 10,000 people live here most of them fled from katum and the surrounding area

When fighting broke out between the Sudanese Army and the paramilitaries Hanah hamura is one of them when the bomb hit her house I didn’t immediately lose my leg or feel that it was severed my body just went completely numb she was taken to hospital and operated on immediately when she woke up

After her leg had been amputated the doctors told her that she had also lost her two sons awatif and abar who were only 2 and four years old my children were adorable we used to play a lot together but now God has taken them from me and I leave it to God

To judge the government I don’t blame God she says the bomb dropped on her house came from the Sudanese Army she and her two older children managed to flee here to the nuba mountains and even with hardly anything to eat and a Long Way to the closest water pump here they’re

Safe safe from daily air strikes shelling and gunfire a brutal power struggle is playing out in Africa’s thirdd largest country between Army Chief and deao president abdal fatak aloran on the one hand and his former deputy and leader of the paramilitary rapid support forces Muhammad hamand [ __ ] known as HTI on the Other they have been fighting constantly since April last year neither side wanting to give in so far all International attempts at mediation for a ceasefire have failed Namar is was also forced to flee she was working as a nurse in Kum when the bombs began raining down around her

As she was leaving the city she heard that the paramilitaries were specifically going after women I was very scared because people were being robbed on the way and then there was the danger of being raped a few of us about three or four managed to get out but some stayed

Behind my father and my brother are still missing she was lucky and made it unharmed to the nuba mountains where relatives took her in after a month she found a job in the Region’s only hospital since the War Began malnourished children have been arriving here in growing number

For months Namar has been waiting for fresh supplies of medicine we have some medication but not nearly enough we lack important painkillers and antibiotics so we must refer patients with serious illnesses to hospitals in other regions she’s angry at the two generals who are making the people pay the price for their power

Struggle and Al Han are fighting each other but it’s the people who are suffering they have nothing left I think neither one is fit to rule Sudan someone else should lead this country despite or maybe even because of the challenges she’s faced Namar doesn’t want to return to Kum whenever the war

Ends when I arrived here and started working I realized that people here need my help much more than the people in [Applause] like Namar around a quarter of a million people have fled to the nuba mountains since the war broke out this church has played a central role in getting people to safety many in the community say that without the help of Pastor musaki they wouldn’t be here today A few weeks after

The fighting began he organized 23 buses to bring 1500 people from carum to the mountains our people scattered our people died our people they were not uh they were not having food the bus carry more than the number that he supposed to carry because people are running from

There and they were not able to stay there so we just fill the bus and they face a lot of uh hunger on the way many were taken in by relatives or other church members it’s a tight-nit community where people share what little they have this is not a permanent solution

After nearly a year of fighting many people are looking to the International Community as a Last Hope of ending the war the countries those who are more strong to put pressure on the government of Sudan so that they can solve the problem can stop the war but if they are

Not able to to talk to the IM and ban to stop this war people will still suffering it may seem peaceful in this region but war is Raging on its northern border the Sudanese Army is only 7 km away in the town of kadugli We aren’t allowed any closer

Instead the rebels show us their captured military equipment all their weapons come from the enemy General eek TFI tells me look around at all the suffering there is no Health Care no education no food we have told the Sudanese government to improve conditions they haven’t done anything that’s why we will

Keep fighting until they are removed from Power the civilians here seem to support them but those civilians are also the ones who are getting caught between the fronts in October 2023 soldiers of the Sudanese Army invaded the village of K bed and began killing people indiscriminately according to survivors

We spoke to shad hamdan and her family were at home when the soldiers attacked these men just showed up first they killed my husband then my children I was afraid that they would kill me too and I started screaming they pushed me down and began raping me as soon as one

Had finished the next one came they said today we’re going to show you you Rebel they told me that this is the way they would kill me but she survived and made it to this improvised Camp around 5,000 people fled here from Kar many of the women have suffered similar

Violence with no NOS active in the area a single donation of plastic tarp is all that has made it through and there is not enough to go around for everyone in need sick injured and traumatized as people are left to fend for themselves I had so many doubts I no

Longer saw any point in living I can’t offer my surviving daughters a good education or anything else I can’t even manage to give them enough food and they don’t even want to eat they just sit there unable to do anything lost in their own thoughts every few days a group of men

Risk their lives by colle ing what little food they can from the fields around cbear and distributing it among the residents without their help her family would starve says shadya but this small pot has to feed 15 people and her continuous struggle having to act as a

Mother and provider leaves her no time to process what she has been through I want to create a home for my children so that they are not constantly reminded of what happened to them I hope that they can grow up well despite everything back at the Airi Camp Hanah

Hamoda sets off on the excruciating track to the water pump the round trip takes about an hour and a half and without her friends accompanying her it would be too hard they give me the feeling that I haven’t lost everything they encourage me every day and tell me that my life

Still has value that I can’t give up Hanah hamud also has two surviving daughters and they are the ones who give her the strength to carry on I do now struggle so that I may make them medicate so that I may make them be happy they should not feel that I am I

We don’t have a complete mother that is why I’m practiced to do very every activities around the world so that I L them to say that we lost our mom this stoic resilience unites the women the strong will to see their children grow up well despite the war to carry on no

Matter what and to one day rebuild their country

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