“Surprising Taboos and Strange Facts in Denmark” – Video

“Surprising Taboos and Strange Facts in Denmark” – Video

15 Taboos In DENMARK And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist !
Throwing cinnamon powder at unmarried people, allowing prostitutes to work, or even forcing cyclists to wear helmets are extremely unbelievable things, but they happen every day in Denmark. Circuit. People often refer to Denmark as a wonderland, home to mermaids and wonderful Andersen fairy tales. But very few people know that here there are many prohibitions and strange facts that are not found anywhere else in the world.

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15 forbidden things in Denmark and strange facts you won’t believe exist throwing cinnamon powder at unmarried people or even forcing cyclists to where helmets are extremely unbelievable things but they happen every day in Denmark circuit people often refer to Denmark as a Wonderland home to mermaids and wonderful Anderson fairy tales but

Very few people know that here there are many prohibitions and strange facts that are not found anywhere else in the world face coverings are prohibited according to Danish law those who wear a scarf that covers their face and only shows their eyes in public will be fined 155

Us if they commit the crime again they will have to pay a fine of more than 1550 us the ban also applies to accessories such as hats that cover the head and neck masks and fake beards full face coverings including Muslim scuffs nikab or Bur have officially been banned

From public use in Denmark since 2018 law Banning bur proposed and argued by the ruling center right Alliance does not Target any religion nor does it prohibit the use of traditional Jewish headscarves turbin or hats those who force or threaten others to use face coverings will be sentenced to up two

Years in prison however many opinions believe that this document is aimed at some conservative Muslim women some social activist groups have criticized the new regulation saying it violates women’s rights while supporters assert that the ban will help Muslim immigrants integrate more quickly into Society number 14 do not speak formally

You do not need to use words like thank you excuse me please when chatting with Danish people or entering a bar just say give me a beer without the please after it this does not mean that Danes are only rude people on the contrary they are very polite and consider those words

To be polite this reflects an important part of communication culture in Denmark in this country directness and frankness are often highly valued and the use of polite words such as thank you excuse me please may be considered too unpleasant or inappro necessary in some situation especially when something needs to be

Done quickly like at a bar Danes tend to value directness and sincerity in communication and they usually do not use over polite words therefore when interacting with Dan’s directness and simplicity are often valued more than using lots of polite words however this is just a small aspect of the diverse

And interesting communication culture in Denmark naming law in most countries today naming a child is a very simple matter each couple can choose a name they like without fear of violating any legal regulations boy can even have the same name as girls but in Denmark naming children is really a difficult and sometimes difficult problem while other

Nordic countries have similar laws Denmark’s regulations are the strictest partly because the Danes don’t like anything too unique or different therefore choosing a name for a child is a serious job according to the law and needs to be approved by the organization of ecclesiastical Affairs and the organization of family and consumer

Affairs this Danish naming law has enforced to protect children from being teased or shunned or isolated because they have names that are too strange become jokes in the future or are sometimes just for entertainment parents giving your child a strange name like apple ptro Martin will be rejected

Because the name resembles a fruit jet Travolta resembles an airplane or Brooklyn Beckham W because it resembles the name of a place parents to be in Denmark will have to choose names from a list of 7,000 government approved names mostly British and Western European including 3,000 boy names and 4,000 girl

Names common names that have creative spellings or unusual spellings are usually not approved the law stipulates that boys and girls names must clearly represent gender family names are not allowed as names in addition Denmark also has laws to protect rare National traditional surnames some ethnic and religious names such as Oli and Hassan

Have also been added however if parents want to put another name on the list they must apply and first wait for permission from the local church which registers the baby’s name next the name will be reviewed by the University of Copenhagen name investigation board ultimately it is the government’s

Ministry of ecclesiastical Affairs that has the power to approve or reject that name number 12 and 5-year-olds will be thrown cinnamon pound in Denmark being unmarried at the age of 25 is considered a serious problem on their birthday they will not be allowed to blow out the candles and Cut the Cake

But must sit still and let their friends and relatives throw cinnamon powder at them for most countries in the world 25 years old is still quite young many people do not think they will get married at this age the 25th birthday is also welcomed with cake alcohol parties

And singing as for 25-year-old and women in Denmark on their birthday they will always have to keep their minds in a defensive State because at any time anywhere whether in the house or on the street their relatives and Friends May hold you back to throw cinnamon powder at you according to many historical

Records this tradition has been passed down since the 16th century a story tells that at that time people got married quite early and those who were not yet settled by the age of 25 were considered severely single but at that that time only spice Traders got married

Late or did not get married at all because they often traveled everywhere were busy with business and did not stay in one place long enough to get to know and marry someone who’s that therefore those who marry late are often ironically called Spenders they will be covered with cinnamon and pepper

Regardless of whether they sell spices or not on the 25th birthday friends have the task of kidnapping and tying the birthday person to a chair or a pillar on the side of the road after donning goggles to protect his eyes they started throwing cinnamon powder at him sometimes the mixture will have more

Water added to increase adhesion 5 years later when 30 years old and still not married the gift will be upgraded Pepper powder and eggs a cinnamon attack usually lasts quite a while as participants wait for their victim to wash off before continuing the attack a few more Times now number 11 same-sex people can marry in church Denmark was the first country in the world to give legal recognition to same-sex couples in the form of registered Partnerships in 1989 on 7 June 2012 the law was passed replaced by a same-sex marriage law which took effect on June 15 2012 the

Danish Parliament has even approved a law alling same-sex couple to marry in church with a full wedding ceremony like any other couple instead of a short blessing ceremony by the homes Lutheran Church water is done as before despite the objections of the priests lawmakers voted 84 in favor and 24 against to

Change Danish marriage law churches Nationwide will be required to organize same-sex weddings but by law individual Parish priests still have the right to refuse to perform marriage ceremony at that time the local Bishop found a replacement to officiate at the church number test cycle of cycling in Denmark

The use of bicycles has become an indispensable part of daily life overcoming all weather conditions bicycles not only serve as a means of transportation but are also a symbol of a sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness from entertainment commuting transporting goods to traveling with family bicycles have been associated with many aspects

Of life with up to 675,000 bicycle compared to only 120,000 cars in Copenhagen this number proves the influence of bicycles on life and culture here up to 29% of all Journeys in Copenhagen are made by bicycle and for commuting to work or school this figure increases to 41% in

Particular this rise in Copenhagen can be up to 62% for people living and working in this city continuously promoting bicycle use people in Copenhagen cycled a total of 1.5 4 million kilm per day in 2016 up 22% from 10 years earlier with the average Danish person cycling 1.6 CH per day and nine

In 10 people owning at least one bicycle people see cycling not only as a means of Transport but also as part of their daily life daily life not just for sunny days bicycles become a companion in all situations from going to work shopping to participating in crowded events the

Convenience of flat terrain along with environmental awareness has promoted the development of bicycles in this country number eight band squishy toys and Squishy is a toy designed with many cute and eye-catching shapes such as cakes or animals so not only children but also many teenagers like it they are

Very soft and quickly returned to their original shape even if the player distorts them as much as possible mainly used to relieve stress however these quite interesting toys are banned and completely removed from stores by Denmark the Danish Environmental Protection Agency took samples and tested 12 squishy toys and discover all

Contain toxic chemicals that cause cancer and can also damage the liver cause breathing difficulties infertility and eye inflammation scientists have analyzed the chemicals in toys that will be released and stick to a child’s hands or body if a child holds them in their hands while sleeping or hugs them for an

Hour continuously the chemical DMF found in squishy is easily absorbed through a child’s skin causing lever toxicity vomiting and constipation in addition squishy also contains trolamine which causes difficulty breathing and eye irritation after the above Discovery the authorities immediately issued a warning about the level of danger and advised

All Distributors and importing companies to be responsible and not continue to sell this type of toy again gain so Danish children officially say goodbye to this toy but it is necessary because health is the most important thing number c children on the street a video of newborn babies sleeping in

Strollers in public has attracted widespread attention because there are no parents around the strollers Denmark where babies sleep Outdoors alone one woman captioned the video which has now attracted more than 11 million views this may come as a shock to most people but in Denmark leaving babies alone on the street while

They nap is common practice it’s completely normal for parents to let their children sleep outside while shopping or drinking coffee but moms and dads always keep an eye on their baby and strollers often have baby monitors this practice is so common that they even have cart parking spots outside businesses and in public

Parks children here are not kidnapped because no one wants to be responsible for someone else’s child said a mother in Denmark based on the safest countries in the world 2022 report Denmark is ranked quite high at number four this level of security and safety allows children to enjoy a lot of freedom and

Independence than weam site states that it is common to see children aged 8 to n traveling alone on public transport and that other passengers will keep an eye on them number six it’s forbidden to call native people Vikings although the Danes are proud of their ancestors who conquered

Many countries in Western and Eastern Europe from the late 8th Century until the 11th century they do not like being called vikings Vikings refers to the Explorers Traders Warriors and pirates in northern Europe in the past people often talk about Vikings as roving warriors on warships or Pirates Vikings

Always brought death with them because of their bloodlust and barbarism maybe that’s why the locals don’t want to be called vikings but interestingly the Danes still keep the traditions of their ancestors especially the festive culture the largest Viking Festival is called Viking Mo God held in July in the town

Of AAS attracting around 25,000 visitors each year this is the ideal destination to explore and experience all things Viking participants all wear traditional costumes and the main activities of the festival include matches horse races and a number of other activities such as ancient Vikings in addition there is

Also a viking Market where visitors can make their own souvenirs cook and try archery number five drunk children on the streets beer is a part of indigenous culture with more than 5,000 years of history and there are more than 100 breweries in this country it’s no surprise that here for 14-year-old

Citizens have started drinking beer and you can see them getting drunk on the street people also rarely use alcohol instead drinking draft beer Denmark is statistically the most drunk country in the world the definition of binge is defined by researchers as drinking at least six drinks in one city for a

Country with such a beer consumption rate it is very normal for children to be exposed to it from a very early age children in Denmark are not actually allowed to drink alcohol Danish law is very clear about prohibiting children under 16 years old from buying and drinking beer or alcohol the legal age

To buy and consume alcohol in Denmark is 18 years old despite this Danish food culture involves parents allowing their children to consume alcohol at home in a safe and educational environment and getting drunk is considered an enjoyable part of life living happy Nations I for me scientists

Have recorded that the Danes are the happiest people in the world in fact this country is not a country with ideal weather and climate because winter in Denmark has a very short duration of sunlight only a few hours while the sun is a natural Factor important nature that affects people’s sense of Happiness

Yet despite the circumstances Denmark has repeatedly topped the table in the world happiness report conducted by the United Nations to explain the special psychology of the Danish people and series of books teaching how to live happily in the H style has been published haay is essentially the

Pursuit of joy and happiness in life ha is a brief Danish concept about helping oneself live comfortably and comfortably encouraging each person to find small Joys coming from staying away from noise chaos and chaos chaos from both external and internal source hi J advises people to be gentle with

Everything around them enjoy the sweetness of cake feel the warmth of a cup of tea the comfort of a bed dinner with loved ones the coolness of a cup of ice cream the moment of playing with your children the moment of reading a book the Leisure of a walk py is very

Simple it basically emphasizes the small joys in everyday life to help us create a brighter warmer Panorama which we can normally easily find easily overlooked because of busyness haste and Inattention absolutely comply with the law Denmark is one of the countries where people obey the law absolutely there is no law prohibiting pedestrians from jaywalking but no person will dare to cross the street even when there are no cars or bicycles circulating if the signal light does not allow it known for

Their strict legal system and transparency Dan Marge people are often highly appreciated for their compliance and respect for regulations this is not only due to their culture but is also promoted by a strong education system with teachers regularly teaching about the importance of obeying the law in society furthermore transparency and

Fairness in the Danish legal system help create a stable and secure environment for the community looking at children happily sleeping on the sidewalk while waiting for their parents to go shopping we can also understand how safe this country really is number T of Lego surely among you here

Many of you have played or maybe love Lego games but many people probably don’t know which country Lego originated from According to Lego’s official website The Game’s name is an abbreviation of two Danish Words legot which means play well the Lego group was founded in 1932 by Carpenter old Kirk

Christians in inban Denmark the company has been passed down from generation to generation currently owned by K KK Christensen grandson of the founder over nearly a century from a small carpentry Workshop Lego has grown into a modern Enterprise making its Mark as one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers Lego’s

Most important product is its bricks plastic bricks with the principle of interlocking through tubes provide unlimited assembly possibilities stimulating children’s Imagination number one origin of the name Bluetooth Bluetooth is Bluetooth right or no Bluetooth was named after the second king of Denmark King Harold Bluetooth but the king probably doesn’t dye his teeth blue right in fact this Viking king was very talented at communication and negotiation once he

Succeeded in uniting Denmark and Norway in history thanks to this Talent people decided to name Bluetooth wireless technology after him Bluetooth technology is also designed to unify and connect mobile devices wirelessly which reflects the Same Spirit of communication and connection as king heral Bluetooth played in unifying the

Lands this is an interesting example of how history and culture can influence the names of modern Technologies and here’s an adventure to discover the 15 forbidden things in Denmark and strange fact we may not have heard of before this country is not only a place of wonderful natural beauty but also

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