Saving Wild Animals in the Philippines – Video

Saving Wild Animals in the Philippines – Video

The video titled “Rescuing WILD ANIMALS In The Philippines” takes viewers on a heartwarming journey through the efforts of organizations like Wildlife In Need and Ocean Adventure to rehabilitate and protect endangered animals in the Philippines. From rescued dolphins to confiscated reptiles and birds, the video showcases the tireless work of conservationists and veterinarians to give these animals a second chance at life in the wild.

The video not only highlights the important work being done to protect these animals but also educates viewers on the dangers of illegal pet trade and the impact it has on wildlife. It’s a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need to preserve biodiversity in a country as rich in flora and fauna as the Philippines.

Through stunning visuals and heartfelt interactions with the animals, the video captures the essence of conservation and the bond between humans and wildlife. It’s a reminder of the beauty and fragility of the natural world and the role we all play in protecting it for future generations.

So, if you’re looking for a heartwarming and educational video that showcases the beauty of wildlife and the efforts to protect it, “Rescuing WILD ANIMALS In The Philippines” is a must-watch. And if you find yourself in Subic Bay, Philippines, don’t forget to visit Wildlife In Need and Ocean Adventure to see their work firsthand.

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Video Transcript

Thank you for joining me I’m kie and I’ll be leading you through this 10-minute energizing yoga practice it’s meant to give you a burst of energy so you can get on about your day this is pretty much the daily routine or the morning routine I guess get up with the

Sun do a little yoga have some vitamins basically if you don’t get up with the sun it’s 1,000° the rest of the day so it’s kind of hard to work out and this is just such a magical time with the birds and no people and no other boats it’s just a

Wonderful time to be awake and on a boat mornings are the Best Very far Comm you this place is the whole reason we are here and in this Bay and no it is not for the water park but we’ll get to That so this is Ocean Adventures and where we are right now the whole Bay the bay that we are mored up in right right now is a marine park and it’s all essentially owned by ocean adventure and there’s no anchoring no fishing no boating within this Bay because it’s a

Marine park and what looks like a water park here well it is a water park but there’s so many other things going on really really cool stuff the Philippines are home to some of the world’s rarest animals there’s such Rich biodiversity here that it’s one of the world’s Mega diverse

Countries and no I didn’t just make that up the country houses around 53,000 species of plants and animals and half of them can’t be found anywhere else in the world and behind this theme park is a massive rescue and rehabilitation center with a full team of environmentalists and conservationists

Good morning that is Enzo Enzo yeah he’s a about no doing yeah he’s a big boy yeah ha lunchtime so the trainer said they check them and inspect them when they feed generally making sure they look okay they interact okay do you feel like you have the best job in the whole world

Yeah I said they just love to do tricks so even if it’s just a little wave or a little spin they like challenges and that’s kind of what this whole feeding process is about it’s just like you would with a a dog or a cat or any sort

Of animal you might be um taking care of everybody calls you doo right yeah or you just call me Leo Le okay all right well fine doc Leo is so much fun okay well this is Doc Lao or Leia and he is the head of veterinarian services here

And he is going to introduce us to all of his what you call these your patients your friends like what do you call these guys I don’t know I guess we call them our resident rescue Dolphins okay that one’s Valentina she it’s a spinner dolphin they called her Valentina

Because she stranded on the eve of Valentine’s Day and then we have Maxine Maxine is a pig killer whale he just stranded uh 2 years ago and then we have Sam Sam is a pantropical spot dolphin and he was rescued back in 2004 so he’s been here for 20 years now wow that’s

Marshy he’s a ra too dolphin we just rescued him last year what’s Mary’s story We suspected a denate last victim that’s when somebody who was Dynamite fishing yes and these guys would have been close by and is that legal here it is illegal but it is still it doesn’t

Mean people don’t still do it which is super frustrating right and once there’s a blast and then there’s a like a sudden change in pressure around the head then that causes the hair to fracture and once that’s fractured that’s already permanent which is why they now need to

Become residents because they can’t they can’t survive out in the wild without their sonar without iocation they will not be able to navigate they won’t be able to communicate or avoid predators so their chances of survival out in the wild is just not it’s not yeah you’re so

Sweet hi oh I love you too they are so friendly and every time we walk by this is exactly what happens yeah breaks your heart cuz they’re so sweet hi hi why would anyone oh I know it’s not every day that you get a selfie with the dolphin who’s like

Actively trying get a selfie with you Bye so as I mentioned before this entire Bay is all a protected area which is why we are on a mooring because there is no anchoring here and there is no fishing here but they still do want you to enjoy the ocean this is a very popular dive

Spot because right next to us is a 300t Duncan ship built in 1919 it lived many lives including being in World War II it is sitting down there at about 75 ft with like one portion of it being at only 15 ft so it’s a pretty big range

And it’s mostly intact meaning you can kind of swim through the entire thing and uh we are going to try to free dive that I don’t know how that’s going to go because it’s been almost a year and a half since we’ve been scuba or free diving free diving was definitely our

Favorite way to explore underwater because it feels like you’re entering a different world and you know you’re you’re unobstructed you’re free there’s there’s really nothing on you it’s just just you and your mind down there back in the day it would have been no problem

To dive this ship free dive it but now we have to be realistic with ourselves I mean the reality is it’s going to take us quite a bit of time to get back to where we were and definitely a lot of practice so any pro will tell you

That dry training is better than wet training bird poop dry poop so preparing ourselves for free diving things like yoga breath work meditation are all very good because the key to any diving is relaxation if our muscles are tense then that’s eating up oxygen which is definitely going to affect our bottom

Time and if we are anxious or scared or nervous well it’s just not going to go very well if you’ve SC dived and you’ve ever had any trouble getting down you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about cuz the more anxious you are the harder

It is to get down yeah and one of us has actually been really good about getting up and doing yoga every single morning it’s not me so Jason’s probably going to have a leg up on me but before we go hop in the water it’s good to sit down and

Do just a quick little bit of breath work which means we’ll probably have a better dive and that’s also where today’s sponsor headspace comes in and I absolutely love this app so I’m very excited that they are today’s sponsor because it is just so comprehensive for all things when it comes to creating

Some headp space yeah there are just too many aspects to cover when it comes to headspace but there are four main categories that are on the top of the explore page and those are the ones that we use the most because while there’s movement which is great for like

Exercises and yoga which is what I did this morning yeah and then I did not I slept in music which I like their playlist for Focus cuz they’re like 45 to 60 minutes which is perfect it’s also my reminder at the end of the playlist that I need

To get up and move yeah exactly bre and then there is sleep cast or the Sleep section is what originally got me to sign up for headspace and I love the Sleep cast hello Cat Marina thanks for join if you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep that I I highly

Recommend checking it out uh but the one you need right now is going to be under the meditation section which is guided breath work I’m definitely going to need it with all this wind I’m already starting to get anxious and there are a lot of different styles but I like the

Ones with no people or talking just visuals it’s incredible how much I can feel my heartbeat slow down and my body relax with even a 60-second session and breathing is a seemingly simple thing but a quick exercise like this if you’re super stressed or mentally exhausted can be immensely

Beneficial if you have never tried head space or anything like this before then now is the time especially because you can try it out free for 60 days all you have to do is sign up with the link down in the description box below or scan the QR code on the screen

Okay the free trial is how we got hooked quite a while back so there’s no risk to check it out and let us know what you Think I can see it down there but it’s too creepy ah DP DP no No Territorial F they’re like this is my CL oh my God We did not do that dive Justice we didn’t time it right because we missed low tide and slack tide and uh the wind I guess stirred up the water quite a bit so oh well we didn’t get to see the wreck but it was pretty creepy down it

Was super creepy I mean no no no amount of breath work you do to relax yourself can prepare you for the creepiness when there’s no visibility um but maybe we’ll try again another time because for now we got somewhere else we got to be before they

Close so we’ve bounced over to wind it’s Wildlife In Need and they rescue local animals that need help and Rehabilitation but they also have animals that are confiscating by the authorities from around the world that aren’t supposed to be here so this place is pretty unique especially

Considering we’re on an island how the heck did you get here some of the animals here are victims of illegal pet trade they get confiscated and then they are surrendered to us we have to accommodate them and care for them but since it’s a nonprofit organization the budget will

Always be a concern so we’ll show you around um I have with me of course Angie she basically grew up here wow ever since she’s a teenager we currently have like 10 ball pythons and we have two vermis pythons in one boa how do they end up here illegal P all confiscated

All if if we know they are from here the goal is to release them back to the world but we have to make sure that um it’s holistically assessed so we we coordinate with our veterinarian from Ocean Adventure uh you’ve met them right so Doc and then doc Adrian so w works

Really closely with ocean adventure to help take care of some of the animals that can’t be released back into the wild especially ones that are endangered or good candidates for their educational programs like these insanely adorable Bearcats who knew even such a thing existed I can definitely see why

Somebody would want to scoop them up and take them home so all of our animals here at Ocean Adventure are sick injured abandoned and nursed back to good health so we are promoting here at Ocean Adventure that we don’t take wild animals as a pet instead choose domestic

Animals instead all right so that’s all thank you so much nice meeting you thank you apprciate it bye guys these are the local monkeys right long tail yeah a don’t look look how CA look how cute I am I get why people want to take them home yeah monkeys they’re running Clicks

In Social Circles so they have to keep them separate otherwise obviously they would just fight all the time but each one of these which this one and this one right over here are both right about to be released so people end up getting them when they’re babies and they think

Oh they’re cute so they take them want to turn them into pets but then they get older get complicated and they don’t want them anymore so they kind of prepare them get them ready to go back out into the wild but they have to find

A place to do that right they can’t drop them in on somebody else’s territory so it takes a lot of time and effort just to even find a safe spot to release them back out into the wild so I just it’s a lot of Labor love we do the process

Gradually not just okay release them and and then we’re done no we always visit the the location every day if I’m not mistaken uh at times twice a day and then we would leave food so event then we will slowly fade out so the process is really long it’s not just you know

Alha so he Al Alpha because these all come in individually right each one was somebody’s idea of a pet that didn’t work out so then they have to kind of create these social structures for them so they can release them back out that little baby got bold

Y yeah he’s like yeah you keep distracting them over there I I’ll I’ll just get another one over here so each one of these comes in individually they follow a protocol to introduce them to each other and that’s how they kind of form their little social structures here so even though

They’re just right next to each other these are like different little social groups very interesting got two yeah so we also try to just so they won got it so in there was Cloud rats and they are so cute they don’t look like rats they kind of look like possums

But cuter wow so and they’re a native here um somebody had just found those they didn’t know what they were and they brought them here so they have to basically quarantine them then reintroduce them back into the wild so it’s crazy come on in this is the

Aviary it’s wild to think that so many of these cute Majestic and slightly intimidating creatures are living in the forest right here can be found nowhere else in the world and are considered critically endangered like this Wy Pig and somebody brought these yes he may be a bit punk rock for some

But he still plays an important role in the Ecosystem so these are flying foxes which if you remember back when we were in Tonga We rescued one off at the top of the mass that had gotten its wing pierced on on the anomer well [Applause] memory oh my God the flying foxes are native right yes they are yes yes yes we

Can actually take you later oh around 5 or six fet yeah we have a road here going to the uh residential area so in the morning it’s like they are leaves of trees but then uh by five you’ll see you hear it we just been dropped off at the

Side of the road here cuz this is where all the fruit bats the flying foxes hang out and those are not leaves those are bats and apparently in like half an hour or so the sun will go down a little bit further and they’ll start flying and

Then it will be a very empty tree so we’ve been told that wind sometimes comes down here under the trees because the baby bats fall down and they get disoriented and they can’t survive on the ground so they have to come oh they’re starting who so apparently the babies will fall down

And they they come and rescue them rehabilitate them and then let them go back into the wild so what do you think are we going to join them yeah that would be cool go baby bat hunting yeah baby bat hunting that’s good wow sorry I’m a little disted oh no

Jason is so good about getting up essentially with the Sun or first thing in the morning and I am just not a morning person I never have been but he’s always been like that I don’t know if we ever change I always think as I get older I’m like I’ll become like one

Of those older people that wakes up at 5:00 a.m. and has coffee and is in bed by 8 yeah I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a night out till the day I die but considering that we live together on this boat and even when we’re not on this boat we are

Together 247 like all the time very little time apart and it’s nice to have this little bit of a morning routine where he gets up and he goes and he does his stretches and his yoga or whatever workout he wants to do every morning and then I stay in here

Almost intentionally just because I kind of like having that 15 to 30 minutes by myself I message friends or I catch up on something and sometimes I just sit in here and do nothing at all or a quick meditation to kind of start the day just because this is usually my favorite time

Of like easing in to the day So Different Strokes different folks but also I think good for our relationship and maintaining each other being this much together all all the time little bits of the difference in our routine I think is is is good I don’t know if that’s

Marriage advice or relationship advice or anything else but it’s what works for us so just taking a moment to get comfortable sitting up or lying down with the eyes softly focused just taking a big deep breath breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth

When we left wi yesterday they told us they are releasing a kite and they asked us if we wanted to join and well now we’re walking down to the mangroves to release this rehabilitated bird and they’re beautiful we’ve seen them hunting behind us catching fish it’s

It’s pretty cool to see be a part of this is very special Just wait for Oh uhoh yay windy very windy you got this catch the draft do we think he landed on one of the trees over here but we’re not quite sure and they just want to make sure that he’s not hanging out on the ground and then he’s actually able to fly he’s

Only been at win for a week because they try really hard to rehabilitate them quickly and release them as fast as possible because they don’t want them getting used to being fed and stuff like that otherwise they’ll just end up flying right back to wind because

They’ll think oh well this is my home and this is where I get free food yeah yay up in the higher tree Oh that is good oh that’s great feel good to be back in the wild back in your home look at you right back where you’re supposed to Be it’s um just after breakfast now they’ll come back around lunchtime and check and see if the bird is still in the same place or not not see if he’s on the ground and then they’re working with the local indigenous people cuz they’re the ones that protect this land here

Where the mangroves are and they will also keep an eye to see if there’s any birds hanging out on the ground because if they’re hanging out on the ground that’s not good and they’ll have to come back and rescue but so far they said successful flight exactly what they

Expected and they’re very happy to have that kite return back to Nature oh success that’s it’s always a good feeling man I remember when we had our little flying fox it just for a few days but it felt so so good to see him fly off and sad at

The same time but yeah that’s great as you can imagine it’s a lot to take care of all those animals and of course yesterday at the end of the day they had the government show up with two more snakes and a couple of what were the

Birds oh pheasants yeah and a couple of pheasants and they’re already maxed out at their current facility they need more space which they have secured they have a whole new plot that is so much bigger that’s going to allow them to build a big Avary so that they can do test

Flights there so they can prepare the birds a little bit better before they release them back into the wild and then of course they’ve got all the animals that can’t be released back into the wild because they can’t survive so now they are their forever caretakers and

That requires a lot of help from a lot of different people and of course money too and they need money to build this new facility so they have started a fundraiser so I will make sure to link their page uh down below so that you can

Check that out a little something to get it started or of course if you find yourself here then you can go and visit and see the animals and see the work that they’re doing for yourself which I do highly encouraged it’s been quite the experience watching that bird take off

Today was um yeah you know it just gives you all the warm and fuzzies cuz you’re like they’re doing really good work and it’s so nice to see that no matter where you go in the world you can find people that care

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