The Astounding Megaliths of Baalbek, Lebanon – Video

The Astounding Megaliths of Baalbek, Lebanon – Video

“Discover the Megalithic Wonder of Baalbek in Lebanon, as we delve into the ancient temple complex with massive 1,000 ton stone blocks. This site, located in the Beqaa Valley, is truly astonishing, with perfectly aligned megalithic stone blocks that have no mortar in between them. The sheer size of these blocks becomes apparent when you see a person standing next to them. The site is now a Catholic monastery and church, but the megalithic characteristics are still visible in the old walls.

The name “Baal” comes from the god of the rain and thunder, with different attributions such as “B Hadad” for rain, “B Shamash” for the sun and “B Hermon” for the mountain. The temple complex is a must-see, and it’s interesting to know that it served multiple purposes over the centuries – from worshipping ancient gods to later being incorporated into Roman structures.

The video takes you on a fascinating journey, where we explore the nearby quarry that provided stones for the temple, including an incredibly massive stone that was never fully extracted. There are theories suggesting that the cataclysmic events, dated around 11,000 to 12,000 years ago, might have played a role in halting the completion of the structures.

To paint a picture of the sheer size of these stones, one can see natural cracks, likely indicating that these stones were abandoned mid-quarrying. The site indicates that higher-level technology, such as anti-gravity, may have been utilized to move these massive stones. Additionally, a team of scientists from the University of Bristol in the UK is working on a project to understand how sound might have been used to lift these heavy stones.

All in all, Baalbek in Lebanon is truly a mesmerizing megalithic site that leaves us wondering about the ancient civilizations that once thrived there.”

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E This a place I’ve been wanting to go now for about 15 years it’s a place called belbeck in the Becca Valley in Lebanon a massive Temple called complex with massive 1,000 ton stone blocks bottom left there you can see the size of the person in comparison to the

Blocks I’ve heard crazy theories about this place that it was once used as a landing Pat by aliens in the distant past called the anunaki I decided I needed to get myself out there and check it out This is beet Marie this is about a 45 minutes Drive outside of Beirut and uh it’s now a Catholic uh Monastery and church but the old wall which you can see here is megalithic characterized by these big stone blocks that are fitted together absolutely perfectly with no

Mortar in between them you can’t fit a sheet of paper between them they are absolutely horizontally aligned really impressive back in Beirut there’s an older part of the city in the center which is being uh slowly and carefully excavated there’s some signs of some uh Granite columns probably Granite from

Awan uh and also you can see here what looks like the sort of tracks you see in Malta and uh just above there is Hanan Pasha Peru Style original Stone workk uh and this is in the same complex as this Roman bars which was obviously built uh later later On The name of pal is coming from Bal Bal was the god of the rain the god of the Thunder and we had different attribute to the god B we had B Hadad means B of the rain B shamash the sun b sapon the mountain sapon B Hermon the mountain

Hermon and in the Holy Bible we talk about B zul which means devil and people who worshiped the god B were against the people who believed in one God the Hebrew so here we can say that the Semitic people of this area they decided

To build a temple to honor the god B and they called the place balab which means B town before going to the temples we will go to see a quarry and this quar is called the pregnant woman Quarry or the pregnant woman Stone in this in this

Quarry but what is important that you will see today the Quarry that they took the stones of the Bas and because we are interested in the stones and uh uh because we have the base of the temple is made from three huge Stones we call it the TR Stone that’s why it’s very

Important to visit first the Quarry and then we go to the temples okay thank you that’s what we wanted to do thank you So you think this was left here because they could it was so big they couldn’t move it um that’s a good re it could have been the cataclysm like we think it at us one could have stopped it I mean this could have been something they were going to finish and and cataclysmic

Events happened and they stopped cuz they wouldn’t they wouldn’t have started it if they couldn’t finish it exactly and no doubt make sense it’s the same with us one start with there we see natural cracks we don’t see the crack here yeah but it looks like they didn’t

Get to finish under cutting it and the one the left and one in C to is even bigger and they were going to plan to cut a bigger one what we right on next to it right next to this is one in the ground in C2 it’s Thicker Than This One

Probably 1,500 tons what they say this one 1,200 tons and it’s visible right go right around I’ll show it you okay cool take a video right here oh this is in C2 oh goodness yeah it’s it’s thicker and it may be heavier and there may be another one on

Underneath it that they were cutting underneath yeah wow yeah they stopped the work they just stopped the work like it was ended cataclysm could be this is pre- cataclysmic this is pre- cataclysmic there’s no way anymore no moment could so we’re talking when you we say cataclysm we’re talk 12,000 years

Ago is the marker for the cataclysm around 11,000 we say 12,000 yeah so this is pre 12,000 BC yeah and that is that’s truly Psy cyclopian cyclopian is how you describe it cyclopian blocks exactly right that’s a good term and the belbeck temple is is kind

Of that way isn’t it I think everything this was the Quarry for the site no doubt and and they must have had much ancient temples there that the Romans just built on top of and that’s what we’ll see they didn’t move the triathon the trions are thousand T blocks Romans

Came and found the just like the Inca did found the remnants of a megalithic civilization just built upon it and the Greeks probably before them and the Phoenicians maybe that’s where B comes from because Susan noticed this at usan the material in the unfinished obl there

Was not as good as some of the statues we see in Lux originally if you notice the test pit they went down to find the deepest that’s what they wanted so this is the end just like she said at asan the senses are waning the C is coming

They’re trying to get this done as fast as possible maybe they knew something was going to happen and they stopped so this is the last that they did probably the OB they took out before this were magnificent and they’re all gone probably cataclysm or Romans chopped

Them up the same that we know in in chem we don’t have any of the big obelisks anymore I mean the cataclysm took him down this is the end of the work one here one was taken from here another one under here and they were going to do

Another one they were going to do another no they weren’t going to do another one cuz look at the quality of the stone it’s crap but look at the end no no that’s these are these are test they’re testing the solidness and here it’s no good I think it’s a cataclysm stop right

Angle it looked like they were pretty sure they were going to make one this is erosion this is a result of the years of erosion and probably cataclysmic effect makes it so little crappy they were had every intention to use this one but they were in a hurry they were in a

Hurry to the end of the work Alex this is she saw she saw the same thing last one the quality of cyanite in that unfinished AAS is nowhere as good as the statues of Ramsey in in the Luxo Museum they would this is the end of the work

And this is all they had to do left it was all was left so what was the ones they took on top of probably the pristine ones we’ll never see so we’re forun well unless they were the ones that were already in the walls in the trilon the triathon right those are

Original blocks how were they planning on moving it cuz they were obviously planning on moving it anity head the same as as the commans did the anti-gravity obviously obviously they had to create an anti-gravity field to get this up and that would have been something to do with sound sound creates

Anti-gravity field this is what we’ve been working on this is what hakeim said years ago follow sound and water with the key elements and we have scientists all around the world there again there’s two students that have contacted us from the University of Bristol in in UK one’s

Getting his PhD in engineering one’s getting his PhD in physics they’re doing a joint project something that sound can lift St can create anti-gravity for when they publish we’ll we’ll push their names and and promote their work awesome yes physic assist engineer it’s perfect combination yeah absolutely two young

Boys are really on to it the mentality of uh of normal people is going to get also horizontal levels okay because according to gravity and I believe either primitive or high-tech machine they understand gravity course so according to gravity this is will be double or maybe trible weight to move it

And it would also be sliding tending in that dire exactly so I’m saying it will be double or triple so it’s originally 1,000 tons it’s going to be 3,000 tons for the people who are right even with the Hightech machines or tools still trible uh weight also okay uh and it

Seemed that they were going deeper this is the idea I was discussing with uh Robert Chu that to get this quality as one piece Limestone especially Limestone because look this is the Limestone M all so you must get deeper so it mean that once the mountain was higher so we lost

At least 50 m from the top absolutely agree yeah so we are now in the bottom or minimum on the middle level of the Quarry so the Quarry was much higher than and Susan said the same thing at asan the quality of the unfinished oblas

She said was not as good as the statues of ram you see in lble and you can see that they were going deeper for the for the quality Stone and so this is the end of the work this is the last this is the poorest quality Limestone what they had

Originally was better exactly so imagine that how come this people had the idea to say this location this spot is going to lead them to this one block so it means that not only cutting tools but also they have tools to see to figure out like x-rays orpr GPS I because or

The sensors imagine with me that they cut half of it and then they find a crack mean they lost I don’t know days or months or years of doing this also workers and tools okay so that is leading us to very uh important uh opinions or or uh ideas that they very

Civilized that is not a matter of just hard work uh they had trolls or Giants doing this that is not the the case at all right no Giants Sten what do you think about this sort theory on sound a sound system but not only tuned in to the material itself

The frequency of the material frequency of the material tuned in to the required geometry of the material and that’s why I think all programmed in the mind again all programmed in the mind so the the the folks that had the capability to have moved this if they wanted to but

Didn’t mhm how long ago would that have been okay let me tell you our timeline yeah that 10,000 BC till now it is the beginning of civilization from zero and then and let’s compare with Egypt predynastic dnases and then Roman and till now okay before 10,000 BC

The cataclysm it was the top and when the cataclysm ended that let’s call it first human maybe not the first but let’s call the one before 10,000 BC the humans were very civilized okay advanced advanced completely because the story of um I am one of the big be like against

The story of development like cavemen and then no no no I believe that Adam was send with all the information all the technology but not necessarily when I say technology it’s not cameras and computers it could be mental technology okay like I want to talk to you I use my

Mind I don’t use yeah okay and so many things like this like maybe but I’m not sure they can lift stones with their power cuz pray and don’t forget that we don’t use almost 70% of our pre 80% in my case 80% okay So these are the three St so we come from this side to show you the Three bigest Stones which made the platform of Jupiter Temple we call it A Thon so here we can see the first stone the second and the third to the north the height of this platform from

This side is 13 M so here we see a part of the base on the top it’s a modification which comes later from the Arab Muslim time but the stone Stills the same it’s a Lione now the history of these blocks that you see go back um to into time IM immemorial and as a matter of fact I’ll read from a um a book written by the curator of the site for 37 years named Michael alof he says that tradition

States in this in the town in the area in Lebanon that the Fortress at baluk is the most ancient building in the world and was built by Cain son of Adam in the year 133 of the creation going back to the time of Cain well that’s pretty far

Back that’s that’s what the D says and I mean that’s the Adam and Eve of course I don’t believe and the revisionist historians are are going back and say saying let’s listen to these traditions and give some serious consideration to why these people say these things uh and

Not presume that they’ve just made it up or created a myth for the sake of creating one now this is this that big the big uh these these blocks in that one’s one the ones on the very top they’re known as the triathon and they weigh over 1,00 tons

So the remarkable anomaly is that how these could have been moved 1100 tons one block precisely you can see how precise they’re mounted there look at that stuff mhm that’s amazing In the bus in the bus we talked about the historical part of balbec but now we will talk about the ritual what did this people inside this Temple so we are concentrating the history of balbec during the Roman time because it was a largest Roman temple in all the Roman

Empire so this is a Jupiter Temple the temple is divided in different parts we have the propa the exagonal courtyard the great Courtyard and the temple itself in front of the propa we have semicircular benches so it was here in this area people will wait when the

Priest and the procession are ready they will start the ceremony by the propa as the name said the entrance before the doors and if you look to the main entrance you can see that you have Two Towers we have 12 Granite columns and we have a staircase partially restored to

Gave an idea that the uh that the complex or the temple was a fortress before the restoration so we will go up and we’ll start the visit from the propa of today of course very smooth beautiful yeah well just feel it feel the transition from here to there and then go this

Way that’s like a machine machine finish oh man we had four Granite columns coming from Awan you can imagine the quantity of this type of stone here in balb coming all this uh Granite from Aswan from Egypt so it seems that it was not difficult so difficult to bring this columns to B I think it’s the same as same as the uh the Gran diorite I think they’re coming from slightly different places in the Quarry and in the Gran diorite I don’t think comes from Egypt and this stuff I think it does B piece of right it’s not quartz it’s not quartz no it’s

Felar that shines like that of course have a look look at on the magnification it’s beautiful stone beautiful stone you can see why she spends hours working Stone and modification you get hooked on it it’s beautiful to look at so smooth Perfect Dark it’s got that

Green it’s got that GRE this is this is what Chris D says can only be done by Machine cuz it’s a perfect Arc you can see that we have an altar we have a tower behind we have two columns and we have two basins the priest will

Go directly to the Basin he will purify the animal and after the purification he will go up to the altar where is the people taking picture there and of course uh when he kills the animal with a sacred knife people will start to go up the tower and down they will

Participate in the sacrifice it look like each person is offering a sacrifice aside the priest here he’s not God he’s not replacing God he’s a mortal who’s putting order to the ritual this is a typically Roman sacrifice but if you look to the plan you can see that you

Have two columns the first one uh it’s pink it has a pink color represents the fire and the second one gray color represents the wind and these columns reminder of Solomon Temple uh built by the Canaanite people or Phoenicians or uh uh uh Canaanites or setic people and

We can say that in the ancient time we had the gods the gods created the semi gods and the semi Gods created the Giants the Giants hold Mount libanos and they fix it here they hold anti lianos and they put it in front so the first man who sailed was called isus he

Discovered a small island to honor the gods who learned him how he can make fire he puts a column representing the fire which has a pink color and another column represents wind because he needs wind to sail so this is Boaz and yakin in the in Salomon Temple this is the

Balance of the universe so for the locals of bbec when they go inside this Temple they are looking looking to B but for the Romans they are looking to Jupiter which means that b and Jupiter same God so our God is your god so there’s no difference between us in that

Way Rome will fix her Authority in this area and of course they will live peacefully if we can say Our course I think the Romans cuz it’s in it’s piece The Columns are in pieces they’re not solid solid s Sol but this this this this is not this is ancient Comm this is a bit of instruction E

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