The Drawback of Being Overly Nice in the Workplace | Tessa West | TED – Video

The Drawback of Being Overly Nice in the Workplace | Tessa West | TED – Video

The Problem With Being “Too Nice” at Work | Tessa West | TED

In the TED talk titled “The Problem With Being ‘Too Nice’ at Work” by social psychologist Tessa West, she delves into the concept of anxious niceness in social interactions. With over 20 years of experience studying uncomfortable social interactions, West highlights how in situations where individuals feel anxious, they tend to default to being overly nice and generic in their communication. West’s research focuses on the three main outcomes in social interactions: what people say, nonverbal behaviors, and under-the-skin responses.

West emphasizes the negative impact of overly positive and generic feedback in the workplace, pointing out that it can harm both performance and reputations. She explains how anxious niceness can create a culture of ineffective feedback and communication. West also touches on the effects of anxious niceness on racial minorities and disadvantaged groups.

To address the issue of anxious niceness, West suggests three solutions. First, she emphasizes the importance of gauging the willingness of individuals to receive constructive feedback. She also highlights the need for specific and actionable feedback, rather than generic niceties. Lastly, West encourages individuals to start small by giving neutral feedback and gradually working up to more critical feedback.

Overall, West’s TED talk sheds light on the importance of breaking the cycle of anxious niceness in social interactions in order to promote more effective communication and feedback strategies in the workplace.

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