The Homeless Situation in Honolulu, Hawaii – A Crisis in Need of Attention – Video

The Homeless Situation in Honolulu, Hawaii – A Crisis in Need of Attention – Video

With stunning beaches and beautiful scenery, Hawaii is often referred to as a paradise. However, there is a harsh reality that exists alongside the picturesque landscapes – the homeless crisis in Honolulu, Hawaii. In a video posted by Travelwithchris, the host walks the streets of Honolulu all the way down to Waikiki Beach to shed light on the homelessness crisis that is often overlooked. The video shows unfiltered scenes of homeless individuals on the streets, highlighting a side of Hawaii that is not often talked about.

The video captures conversations with locals and individuals who call the streets of Honolulu home, bringing attention to a reality that is often overshadowed by the island’s beauty. The host emphasizes that while Hawaii is a gorgeous vacation destination, it is also facing a significant issue with homelessness that requires attention and action to be addressed. The footage provides a glimpse into the daily lives of those affected by homelessness, showcasing the extent of the crisis in the capital city.

The video aims to raise awareness about the homeless crisis in Hawaii and underscores the importance of discussing and addressing the issue. While the video showcases the beauty of Hawaii, it also brings to light a side of the island that is often overlooked. By addressing this critical issue, the video prompts viewers to consider the broader social and economic challenges faced by communities in Hawaii and the need for support and solutions to address homelessness.

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Everything here is great however there is  a a different reality like as you can see   there are homeless literally everywhere yeah  I didn’t realize there was like a rough side   to Hawaii I thought I thought there was  only beaches in Paradise out here that’s  

What I thought too how long you been living out  here for uh been about 10 years oh no sorry 15 15 Dam that’s clean that’s clean yaying hey that’s  from the East Coast too huh that’s like new VI  

Though yeah I can’t hit that oh you dropped that  just for the uh you know anybody got problems how   many people would you say like call the streets  here home in honol right now about four right   in front what’s up everybody welcome back to  another day here in Hawaii and it’s actually  

My last day here but there’s something I wanted  to talk to you guys about because honestly well   I wasn’t expecting this from Hawaii since since  the moment I’ve arrived I’ve realized that there’s   something else um that lies here on the island  beside it being a beautiful well Island Paradise  

That most people come out here to witness and  that is that well just like most places in the   US there is a huge problem here with the homeless  there’s a homeless crisis here in Hawaii and it’s  

Quite sad to see I wasn’t expecting this to be a  reality of you know an island that is separated   from Mainland USA and from the moment I’ve arrived  we’ve encountered some pretty some pretty crazy um  

Situations with the homeless but I’ll talk to you  guys a little bit more about that as we continue   on with this little walk but I just want to show  you guys a little bit of a different reality that  

Exists here in Hawaii because a lot of people  don’t shed light on this side of the island   however it is very much a problem and I’ve talked  to a lot of locals about it as well and everyone  

Agrees that things need to change and I just  want to show you guys this because well I’m in   Honolulu the capital city of aahu and I mean this  place is gorgeous the downtown is super beautiful   there’s also some extremely important historical  landmarks here in the city and of course there’s  

So many beautiful beaches surrounding this  area we actually just left Alam Moana which   is extremely beautiful but right outside of all  of this beauty even right in the middle of all   this beauty there’s a different reality and I want  to show you guys this because well I thought that  

You know Los Angeles Seattle Portland that those  places were um where all the homeless were found   but no it is a problem that exists all around  the US now there was actually um as well I’m   with Gladis Gladis has been joining me on this  whole trip here in Hawaii and it’s been quite  

An amazing trip huh yeah very I mean the food food  here is amazing the people are amazing everything   that we’ve encountered so far is is great how are  you everything here is great however there is a a   different reality like as you can see there are  homeless literally everywhere and I’ve actually  

Encountered quite a bit of um quite a bit of  homeless individuals throughout the journey and   everybody’s super friendly nice um wants to talk  to you obviously everybody asks for a dollar but   it was just something that we were not expecting  to see here in on the island of Honolulu so join  

Me as we um walk around and I show you guys just  just how crazy um yeah the homeless population   is here in the city now obviously there’s so many  places on in Honolulu where you’re going to find   a more densely populated um homeless areas we’ve  actually noticed that in Chinatown um there was  

A huge like homeless population also right next  to the Royal Palace there was so many that could   be found but outside of those areas generally  speaking you’ll see people sleeping on most   Corners here in Honolulu and it’s quite impressive  now Gladis actually comes from a country that is  

Well let’s just be honest it’s considered a third  world country her country Venezuela is a place   that many people would never even travel to never  even think about visiting but um she was actually   just telling me that well she feels the same way  when she comes here right well I always want to  

Visit the us but every time I visit and I see  this reality I feel like I am in a third world   country and you know even in some third world  countries you don’t see that there’s a lot of  

Povery there’s a lot of people in need as well  but you don’t see so many people living at the   streets like in us and I wasn’t expecting this  at all of Hawaii I mean nobody talk talks about  

It right we know in Mal it’s really bad especially  around the ski Road area we know in San Francisco   Portland Oregon but not here so yeah you just  don’t expect to hear it from Honolulu you know   it’s a it’s completely well it’s been completely  unexpected for us let’s continue walking let’s  

Walk across the street but and so many people is  scared to travel to third world countries like   Thailand and I’ve never seen something like this  there yeah so we were actually talking to some   people that recognized me off of my videos a few  days ago and they were like man is Thailand safe  

Like is it is it a place that you recommend  we visit we’ve always wanted to go but we’re   like nervous we’re scared um how’s the crime and  I’m like man dude Thailand is amazing like I get  

It it’s considered a third world country but it’s  so different than that like it’s not a I actually   think Thailand has a lot more modern things than  we do in America one of them being the malls like  

You’ll never see a mall better than you would  better in America than what you see in Bangkok   you’ll never see public transportation better  than in Thailand yeah like they’re they’re so   far ahead when it comes to so many things that I  start to think man where’s living in a third world  

Country I know this is a very huge problem all  around the us but here in Hawaii I was expecting   get off from a bus in a bus station and you see  a bunch of people living in the street yeah the  

Other day um we went out for dinner we actually  went into a McDonald’s and we we ordered our food   we placed our order and we had no idea well what  was going on inside of McDonald’s but as soon as  

We get done placing our order we turned around  to realize that there was all kinds of homeless   people inside of the McDonald’s one of them was  even shooting up which was quite crazy and look   this guy he’s actually walking um through the  mall he was actually just getting chased out  

By security and he was acting like a complete  fool right now a few minutes ago he’s actually   taking the elevator right now which is quite  impressive but um dude was you know losing his   mind and as I mentioned um well I just wanted  to talk to you guys about this because well  

It’s something that we don’t hear of when we think  about Hawaii we don’t think we don’t we we never   hear about these problems that are existing here  but I actually did some researching research and   I read some articles that was actually talking  about um this very problem and it turns out that  

A large majority of the homeless population here  in Honolulu are actually people that have come   here from the mainland and decided to just stay  here so over the course of the last um few years   since the pandemic the government has actually  been trying to relocate the homeless population  

Back to their states on the mainland because  they are causing quite a bit of problems here   on the island especially IND the tourist areas as  you’re walking around wakiki you’ll constantly see   be seeing not they’re not police officers they’re  kind of like security guards constantly telling  

Homeless people to get out of the like the main  Boulevard yeah in W Kiki area you see a lot of   homeless population as well like specifically  at the um first part of the beach and it’s not   it’s not only here at the downtown it’s there  also in Chinatown yeah in Chinatown you’ll see  

A lot but you’ll see people just like just like  this man you know um drinking items from the trash and of course um we’ve also noticed that  a lot of people just set up like um cardboard  

Boxes and houses and Tents right along sides of  the roads but I mean look at how beautiful this   place is guys it’s just sad to see that this is  very much becoming a a reality of most of America  

All the big cities are slowly falling apart we’re  actually just reading articles about San Francisco   and how the business district and shopping  district a lot of stores are completely shutting   down because um well let’s be real the government  nowadays just allows absolutely everything to  

Happen um there’s no rules they just let people  pop up tents in front of companies in front of   company doors that pay um millions of dollars a  year in taxes and it’s like no one wants their  

Business to be Loc located in a downtown anywhere  in America these days I mean it’s getting out of   hand and I have a feeling that that pattern that  trend is going to continue around America and to  

Be real honest with you guys I’m a bit worried  to see um how our country is going to end up   in the next few years yeah it’s very sad it’s  very sad that also uh this year happened like  

A a robbery in LA in a nrom and it was so crazy  and I see people they were interviewing people   on the TV for the news and people was like let  actually Walk This Way because because that is  

Happening in their City yeah and um yesterday  while we were here in Honolulu we were walking   around um where where were we Victoria’s Secret  we were actually in Victoria’s Secret yesterday   and um as we’re standing in there a whole bunch of  police cars pull up and we’re like what the hell  

Just happened here in Honolulu and it turns out  that that right before gladus and I walked in the   store someone walked in there and just snatched up  all the bras and underwears and took off running   they ran off with hundreds of dollars worth of  merchandise and it was quite crazy yo what’s up

Bro hey man you want you need a you  need some money sure where are you from where are you from oh no  Mommy good yeah where you from   bro oh just are you from Hawaii oh  no oh you dropped it where are you

From how long you been in Hawaii for uh probably  Portland time oh you’re from Portland yes sir oh   man yeah I didn’t realize there was like a rough  side to Hawaii I thought I thought there was only  

Beaches in Paradise out here that’s what I  thought too and then you just now now you   just ended up here yeah I’ll have to keep flying  you know yeah it’s a struggle everywhere isn’t

It yeah fair enough take care bro but see and guys  I don’t know I try to help people out everywhere   because there’s people that are hungry and you  know I like to um get to know people and talk to  

Them obviously dude is out of whack man lost  out of his mind and it’s sad to see because   that’s somebody’s son that’s somebody’s brother  um somebody in this world really loves that man   a lot and they probably just don’t even know it  and it’s very it’s very heartbreaking I got a  

Couple cousins that you know they’re extremely  loved but they’re living on the streets right   now um in Los Angeles and you know we’ve tried  to help many times we’re going to zigzag by back   this way let’s see if we can’t find any anybody  that can give us like some real conversation it’s  

Really heartbreaking and you know um sorry to  interrupt you no go ahead and as you can tell   this is not a cut cut cut video like we’re not  taking little pieces from the from the Honolulu  

We’re walking and people are just walking here as  well you know so I try to make this as raw and as   real as it gets but um you know I don’t all the  negative comments neither of people saying oh  

I’m showing people at their alltime loan no this  is this is what needs to be shown I mean it needs   to we need to set some shed some light on this  because man the streets are crazy out here and  

There’s a lot of people suffering man and you  know you got a you got a large a large demo a   large how can I say it these homeless people  come from all kinds of different demographics   you got people that are veterans out here you  got people that are just badly hooked on drugs  

On alcohol and then you got many too that are  let’s be honest and most of them are probably   inter like interconnected to this very um topic  many people are struggling with mental issues and   uh mental health is extremely important and it’s  something that needs to be talked about because  

The the homeless people that you see walking  through these streets they’re not the only   ones dealing with mental issues I deal with them  glattus deals with them it’s just that everybody   in the world deals with them it’s just that we all  cope differently and you know a lot of times all  

It takes is for you to smoke the wrong thing once  tried the wrong thing once and you know you end   up lost on the streets and there’s also a lot of  people on the streets that just simply cannot pay  

Their bills yeah yeah yeah exactly and uh let’s  be honest I think that has a big part to do with   it here in Hawaii like life is so expensive  all around America but here in Hawaii it’s  

Quite expensive so I can imagine that it’s very  easily I mean it’s very easy to just end up on the streets let’s see if we can help  this other guy out yo what’s up bro take care

Man like he’s checking the dollar to make sure  it’s real it’s real you don’t think it’s real   oh that’s funny that’s funny he was checking my  dollar he thought I was trying to stuff him up  

No but and I don’t know I just I just have been  doing YouTube for a long time so I know what kind   of comments you’re I’m going to get in the comment  section but uh so many people are just quick to  

Judge I’m one of those people that I help people  out whenever I can um I try and pay it forward I   know that man there’s people hungry I was broke  for many years man like I know what the struggle  

Is like to uh you know even have a dollar so  I try and help out where I can and hope and   I like to think that hopefully that money isn’t  going towards drugs or alcohol because let’s be  

Honest even the people that are out here on drugs  the people that are out here abusing alcohol they   still got to eat so I’m hoping that that dollar  goes towards something right um but yeah guys I  

Think I’m going to turn the camera around for  now and yeah I’ll log back onone once we make   it to another little area of the City just so I  can show you something different because there’s   so many different realities I felt like when  we’re in the city bus as you’re driving like  

Every few blocks the city changes of Honolulu  yeah it’s crazy and the bus is a great great   option for you to see the city and take a look  around local neighborhood as well yeah and as  

Soon as you leave white Kiki the streets feels  more like the rest of USA you know those local   neighborhoods and yeah just yeah it takes you  away from um you know the tourist side of the   island parasite land par Paradise landscape  exactly exactly Hawai is that we’re not saying  

No Hawai is a paradise but there’s also this part  of Hawaii like a bunch of reality The Naked Lady   strip club yo that looks cool exotic dancers  2 p.m. to 2: a.m. exotic dancers nightly strip  

Show I think that’s a I think that should be a  plan for tonight you want to come to the strip   club I think your viewers would like you to  get in there with the camera yeah we should  

Make that happen that’d be actually pretty damn  cool huh a strip club in Hawaii we don’t need   to wait for tonight yeah that’s true you think  you think they have um you think they they do  

Strip shows and like hola dance at the same time  well it’s Hawaii it’s Hawaii could be huh they go like no but jokes I mean uh Jokes Aside we’ve  loved Hawaii so much man it’s such a great place  

Um I just wanted to shed some light on this  because I hope it changes I really do because   I get quite embarrassed when well I’m just going  to be real with you I’m getting quite embarrassed   walking around seeing all these things because  I know that there’s so many tourists from all  

Over the world here man there’s people speaking  all kinds of different languages in W Kiki and   then you’ll just see somebody walking with their  ass hanging out um a strap around their arm like   they just got done shooting up and man you know  that they go back home and they talk about these  

Things I know firsthand I’ve traveled around  the world and it’s sad when I’m sitting down   at a at a hostel table and people are telling  me Oh actually it’s happened to me and glad  

Several times they’re like oh I went to LA and  I thought it was going to be so amazing but it   was [ __ ] oh there was just homeless everywhere  and I asked them oh what was your favorite part   about the United States and they’re like oh  nothing it’s a beautiful place but it needs  

A lot of work and I can’t agree more with them  like it’s sad that that is the impression that   people take away from our beautiful country  actually you know what I’m not going to cut   it off well I did already but um this here is  the Honolulu Convention Center guys and it is  

Absolutely beautiful now the skyline starts  to get pretty dense around here you’ll start   to see a lot of high-rise buildings down on  this side of Honolulu and down towards wakiki   but let me just tell you guys um as you work  your way back towards like Chinatown and the  

Opposite of alam Moana everything’s a lot more  historical smaller buildings it’s actually very   beautiful to be honest with you guys I kind of  like well I really love wakiki it’s super nice   trendy but for me it’s kind of more dedicated  towards um well obviously the tourism but also  

To shopping and I feel like when you’re outside  of w Kiki that’s where you can see like the real   Honolulu and see how things are are so much more  different than that wow another strip club oh  

Man they love their strip clubs in Hawaii Club  roxa wow that looks actually quite nice I like that now we’re walking alongside the rivered now  I’m not sure exactly what this river is called  

Because like I said I’ve only been here for a few  days but we’ve actually come out here quite a bit   to walk along this little Trail because it’s so  beautiful and as you can tell there’s some elderly  

Couples with their dog people come out here to run  and then well you also find plenty of tents now   there’s actually only one right now at the moment  here but um what was it 2 days ago we were out  

Here and there was actually about 5 or six so um  yeah very interesting how people might just move   around depending on the day whether it’s cold  or hot or yeah who knows but look there’s even  

A gentleman out here fishing that’s cool I bet  you there’s some good fish that come out of this water but yeah that’s a full-on little house I can imagine there’s some good fishing  in Hawaii I definitely want to come out here  

And do some serious fishing one day actually we  were on a boat yesterday doing some shark diving   and I told glattus that I actually would like  to come on out here and go on a fishing trip I  

Think a fishing trip would be super cool here  in Hawaii but look at how beautiful this place   is man absolutely gorgeous isn’t it the skyline’s  something else I really really like it out here I   think this is called alaw Boulevard alaw Boulevard  yes alaw boulevarding oh yeah I wonder if he got  

Anything out of there alaw Boulevard though  I really like this place wow you can see the   elevator going up that building up there but  yeah um although this is the topic for this   video it still doesn’t take away how beautiful  Hawaii is like you guys should seriously add  

This place on your list and come on out here I’m  kind of sad that it’s it’s taking me so long to   come out and visit this this beautiful island  and there’s so much more to explore there’s   actually seven islands that make up Hawaii oh  excuse me just had some Chick-fil-A that hit  

The spot all right poian sauce with Polynesian  sauce we had to do it right all right um catch   up with you guys here in a minute we’re going  to continue on with our walk all right guys  

So I’m back in W Kiki it was actually quite a  quite a long walk from Alam Moana it only said   35 minutes on Google Maps but man it took a lot  longer than that so I’m just just going to walk  

Around and show you guys The Vibes of this area  now and I’m sure you’ll see lots of people out   here just lingering around because well since  the first day we got here I noticed that this   Boulevard up here the main street is actually  extremely popular for be Beggars and well yeah  

People that don’t have jobs so um what’s up guys  how you oh bro you played the keyboard yes sir   hey that’s sick yeah how many years you been  playing keyboard for about uh I’ve been playing  

Music since I about 12 years old so about 5,000  years now but 5,000 years yo that’s sick about   20 something how long you’ve been living out  here for uh been about 10 years oh no sorry 15

15 damn that’s clean that’s clean yo bro  here let me give you a tip for app yeah   right here sweet can you can you play me a  song though I need a song come on now you  

Got what you got show me your best one where  are you originally from uh I was born in in   North Carolina oh North Carol oh you’re from  the East Coast y actually I know some people   from North Carolina consider it the South some  the East Coast it’s definitely oh damn that’s

Hard damn this man’s crazy damn okay yo he got some Talent like that my I got  charm like a Le [ __ ] I’m a mess away even if she go away even if she go  away even if she go away hey I’m a classic  

Man I’m a classic me when you look this clean  I’m a classic man damn calling me like a I’m a man so is this what you use more uh to keep you  sane or is this like what you what you actually  

Do for for work I come out here and you know and  perform yeah oh bro then hold on let me give I got   to hook you up with something else and [ __ ] I I  was I thought I thought it was just like a little  

Fun thing but this a job you got to respect the  hustle you know what I’m saying where you from   my friend I’m from La I like the Long Beach Long  Beach like yeah I’m just out here showing people  

You know the real side of w Kiki and what’s going  on out here all those man yeah bro of course so   is this usually where you kick it at it’s like  around here I mean shoot this corner has been kind  

Of nice to me so I usually try to hit the main  strip but um and you live around here as well uh   yeah yeah yeah um I’m bouncing in between here and  a spot on the east side of the island what’s the  

East side it’s uh Kano Kaa kind of where Lanai  Beach is oh man everybody told me Lanai is good   it’s I mean it’s pretty but it’s like it’s kind  of like uh more country version of this with a  

Lot more like just people like so it’s like people  trying to see the beaches and stuff and why did   you choose to come out to Hawaii um it originally  started with music uh I was in Tennessee at the  

Time and um I was traveling around with a bunch  of bands and stuff and somebody stole my car   and some crazy stuff happened kind of sent me  back and I was down bad I called my I had some  

Family out here that retired from military that  I knew from you know school time and [ __ ] and   uh they offered me a job in a place to stay out  here and been stuck ever since you’ve been just  

Chilling here ever since yep man that’s crazy I’ve  heard that’s a common that’s a common story though   people come out here like somewhat connected to  the military and then just end up staying yeah I   mean that was definitely like like residual  military connection but I came out here as  

A musician and within like the first like week I  was already playing um I didn’t know how serious   Hawaii was about their birthday parties man like  cuz we was faded backstage you know I’m thinking  

That there’s going to be like 50 people at this  part like um I ain’t smoked like a month and   Hawaii got that different re for so I was like oh  guys strong out here yeah it’s pretty nice damn I  

Haven’t smoked a day out here but you from Cali  so we probably smoking your [ __ ] anyways okay   okay yeah on the East Coast it’s it’s kind of  bunk huh man it’s it’s it’s yeah it’s Swag you  

Guys are still out there you guys are still out  there smoking that bush weat they still call it   kind they still call it like kind bud when you get  the good stuff kind bug you get the kbag KB okay  

Got $25 qu it’s like oh okay but um but yeah uh  you know just all in all uh Hawaii’s like uh it   teaches you a lot about I guess it taught me um  what like platonic love was I guess amongst like  

My brothers and stuff like and it’s nice out here  because there’s like a family Vibe huh like and   everybody’s super friendly and humble and you  know just doing their thing I mean you know he   has all problems like last night I heard someone  get stabbed or something and you know crazy stuff  

Happens but a lot of times don’t see like the  the side of wake key like you know that is uh   happening at like four in the morning when people  are going bat [ __ ] yeah yeah yeah I’ve noticed  

That when people leave the club here they don’t  know how to act huh yeah it gets it’s crazy out   here and you know what else I noticed too um well  besides besides the beautiful beaches and stuff  

Like there’s also a lot of struggle out here in  um in Honolulu and that’s something that a lot   of people don’t expect when they come to Hawaii I  mean I like a lot got rolled up on in somebody Tex  

Me for something my like he’s like hey Ronnie you  ow he like what you got in them bags I was like oh   you ain’t going to take my bags but I got you a  $20 bill right now let me talk to homie cuz cuz  

Somebody ganked my stuff you know it’s just uh  you know moving ganja and stuff yeah yeah yeah   the grind the grind don’t stop if you playing  music out here and you ain’t got like a bag of  

Like hey you got we yeah of course yeah yeah of  course of course I mean I’m always just like it’s   my personal such stuff but uh but like uh people  just be doing dirty stuff like stealing stuff and  

Selling it back to [ __ ] like that’s kind of  where somebody stole my bike that I uh somebody   supposed to sell somebody else got fuzzy and then  this dude pulled up on me just now so you’re a  

Blessing appreciate hey bro and so how many people  would you say like call the streets here home in   honol play right now about four right in front  for real you could tell uh uh one of the homies  

That uh just roll past on a bicycle he’s out but  you guys are all kind of connected you guys all   know each other like after a while you kind of  just know everybody yo I like the caribbeaner  

In too yeah that shit’s hard I like that I was  I was saw people saying my ears is from Jamaica   I like what do you mean Caribbean oh oh I get it  I get it Caribbean from Jamaica all my Jamaican  

People know the Vibes Jama people yo bro hold  on I’m going hook you up a little bit more then   cuz no bro for real cuz I know the struggle man I  know the struggle stories tell I’m like American  

Idol over here like yeah righto here let me give  you a 20 oh what yeah bro for sure cuz I know the   struggle but you know it’s funny because I’ve been  actually walking around something a little bit of  

Herb yeah I can help you out not may maybe later  maybe later oh my bad my bad no no no cuz I’m just   walking around trying to show people The Vibes but  you know a lot of people don’t want to talk to me  

And they don’t want to like communicate and I’m  just trying to spread Good Vibes but I’m trying   to show people like the real side I don’t care  if you pull up in a rollsroyce or a shopping cart  

I got you I’m I’m going to be your friend bro me  too that’s how IAT I treat everybody with the same   love you know what I mean you got my respect until  you don’t you and then it’s a rough road back to  

It so is the plan to eventually get back to the  mainline or you just n for me uh you know cuz I   actually I produce music out here I got on the  radio and um for I still have songs on the radio  

Out here and I’ve had about like I got like 7.3  on YouTube and I had 2 million on my sound cloud   before I got kicked off of the bootleg remixes  cuz that’s what I did was I did Regular remixes  

Of like popular song covers yeah okay see I should  have done covers I should have got a singer to   sing them because then legally it doesn’t become  this derivative material that is a lot harder to  

Like publish without oh so if you do the covers  then you you can still monetize and do everything   yep because you’re basically just doing you know  the compulsory license standard cover but if you   change a lyrics it becomes a derivative work with  a parody or something and if you do a remix with  

The actual vocals from then they still own it  and it gets into a fuzzy territory where you   can get flagged or they’ll allow it and you just  won’t make no money off it oh damn I didn’t know  

That I didn’t know that so the yeah BR the music  the music no the music scene is it’s intense and   you got to really make sure you hit everything the  right way camping camping yeah yeah also intense  

All are oh I get it man this dude’s so you’re  a comedian and a musician I see I’m just a dad   yo bro I came out hey I like the dad jokes I’m the  king of dad jok there you go what you got what you  

Got you got one what’s your best One Hit Me With  Your Best Shot I need I need to steal um um what   you call Doritos that’s not yours nachos hey I  be like who chips whose chips at right now nachos  

Nachos bro no I don’t know what other ones I got I  used to have a lot I just feel like you lose them   when you don’t use them on a side note I can’t  believe re with a what’s her name got murdered  

Bro who Reese with a Reese wither spoon no it’s  with a knife oh damn hey you got it you got it   fatality hey he got me with that one fatality  yeah round two fights I’m like a podcast out  

Here that’s why I just kind of like keep myself  live and that’s what hey you help me out get me   a speaker bro I hope you could go get a speaker  and just show [ __ ] why not you know what I mean  

Hey a little hey that’s from the East Coast too  huh yeah that’s like New York Vibes though [ __ ]   yeah I can’t hit that oh you dropped that just for  the uh you know anybody got problems anybody got  

Problems lightsaber yeah you got to hit them with  the lightsaber hey bro I got a question what’s   I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing these here in  Hawaii what does that symbolize yeah shoot uh you  

Know means your fire still lit yeah yeah yeah you  get oils in them well these are fake ones but the   real Ki nuts you pull them off the tree you could  you could light them up like a little camer really  

Y and they stay lit yep damn damn that’s sick just  like us stay lit yo bro hey just like us that’s   how that’s how I stay lit what’s your name man yo  bro my name is Chris Chris Ronnie yo much love bro  

They call me rip to this beat rip to this my real  initials that’s why it works cuz you kill these   beats yep and my real initials is Rip so yo that’s  hard though I really like your um what you what  

You’re out here doing because yo bro it takes a  lot of talent to come out here and play music yeah   man you know and is this charge on battery or you  recharge it yeah no this is battery so uh you know  

Right now well earlier it said I had no battery  and now it said I got full so you know casos got   to love them what uh and you you’re self taught  yeah yeah man that’s amazing kind of like a a rope

Selftaught yo that’s clean yo you know who I saw  the other day right here on this corner Floyd   Mayweather what yeah bro look let me show you the  video I swear look right here on this corner I  

Saw Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather was yep two  nights ago look at this Floy Mayweather came for   the August Vibes yeah I guess for the August  Vibes I’m not sure what he came out here for   though but let me show you this you’re going  to trip out right here on this corner he was  

Wa get it right watch me be in the video just  imagine if it was I’ll send it to you trying to   see where he where it’s at though oh yeah it’s  right here hold on work we got time huh here we  

Yo everybody’s on that island time out here huh  oh man yeah Island time is a real thing be like   2 hours and 37 minutes lat look at this that was  Floyd right there TMT the whole crew look Floy  

Maywe right here just riding a bike all yeah but I  figured you guys probably see a lot of celebrities   out here at they kind of like I ended up doing  like stand up for Jay Pharaoh by accident one  

Day like Dam I was straight up telling him jokes  not weird but I I straight up called him like uh   Hey a’t You Chris Rock Chris Rock come on he and  him with the wrong name I said I said sorry white  

People ain’t supposed to do that compare any black  person person that’s funny yo man well I’m going   to let you I’m going let you do your thing bro  appreciate you if you’re out and about uh I’m  

Usually on the Strip or uh late night around 1000  p.m. I start going on Kelly O’Neal’s okay hey bro   I’m going to mess with you maybe I’ll pick up  some of that green later on oh let me know oh  

You need my contact yeah bro let me get your  contact what’s the contact it’s uh 808 so you   just be skating around from one area to the next  huh yeah but while well KiKi where the money side  

Though I mean yes if you out here like this you  know if you trying to get regular work no yeah   just put it in there got you that’s what she  said that’s what she said hey you got to love  

Anybody that knocks out there that’s what you said  jokes y uh I’m going to give you my uncle’s number   though cuz I just realized uh I’m getting my new  phone tomorrow okay freaking phones for me out  

Here yeah they go left and right huh I should  have saved it but uh all right bro that’s for   Ronnie hey Ronnie appreciate you bro much love bro  take care of yourself yes yo Ronnie good people  

Man but yeah that’s what I’m trying to tell you  guys um there’s good people out here it’s just a   it’s just a struggle so that’s what I wanted to  shed light on here in this video is that there’s  

A lot of people out here struggling even though  it’s a paradise and um like I said I didn’t mean   any any bad vibes with this video you can look  at my channel and I I film these kind of videos  

All around the world and of course all around  the United States because it’s something that   that needs to be talked about and we need to shed  some light on it because it’s a sad reality of of  

The United States and you know as I me mentioned  earlier when I was walking around with glattus   before she ran up to the bathroom you have to  man these are things that need to be talked   about because it’s quite sad when people come  from all over the world and um you know that’s  

The impression that they leave with that they go  back to their own countries um with and then of   course they go back home and shed those same uh  share those stories and those vibes to everyone   else I’ve been in plenty situations sitting down  at tables with people from all around the world  

World um everywhere and people are telling me all  these things about my own country all these things   about um the homeless the crime how they didn’t  feel comfortable walking the streets and man we   need to change this we need to change this we need  to come together and help these people out whether  

I don’t know I’m not one of those people that  really know too much about Solutions or what we   can do to fix these problems um but they need to  be fixed and this is a reality that’s not existing  

Only on the mainland of big cities but also here  in Hawaii so um keep that in mind and of course   um treat people with love and respect no matter  where you are it it’s important to um to bless  

People and bless others yeah let’s hook the hum up  to I think I got one right here yo here you go bro   oh thank you yeah man take care of yourself and um  yeah treat some people with some love some respect  

We’re all humans and as I mentioned when I was  filming my skido video video a few weeks back a   lot of us are just simply one paycheck away from  ending up on the streets or one bad unfortunate   situation away look at what just happened in  Maui with the whole fire situation those people  

Were living their normal everyday lives and some  people lost the the place the the their workplace   along with their home along with their vehicle  along with their family members and now we’re   left with nothing and that could happen to pretty  much any any one of us man so um keep that into  

Consideration especially when you’re traveling  around beautiful places like this because the   struggles everywhere I mean look at this gentleman  looking for some food as well so yeah guys I think   um with with our little conversation with Ronnie  I think we’re going to bring this video to an  

End because I could walk down this whole strip  and I’ve already showed you a couple examples   there’s also other areas in the city that are  complete tent cities like you just see tents   absolutely everywhere however um yeah yeah it  doesn’t take away from how beautiful Hawaii is  

It’s a beautiful place it’s a paradise um there’s  just two different realities and I wanted to share   that with you guys so hopefully you enjoyed this  video hopefully I was able to um shed some light  

On you know a different side of of Honolulu that  a lot of other people are scared to talk about   however you guys know I like to keep it real with  you guys here on the channel I like to um share  

Both the positive the negative the Beauty and  The Ugly and I think we did that here in this   short but sweet Series in Hawaii now keep in  mind that I didn’t see damn near anything of  

Aahu I didn’t really see a lot of of Hawaii  like I mentioned there Hawaii is made up of   seven beautiful islands um this place to just keep  it real with you guys it’s hell of expensive it’s   expensive um I’ve been spending roughly three $350  a day um besides accommodation actually some days  

Have been closer to like 450 a day because well  accommodation is costing me almost $300 a night   right now at the new hotel that we just switched  to and we’re easily spending $150 $200 in food a  

Day so it’s getting stupid expensive out here um  and that’s us just you know simply taking it easy   so um yeah we’ll be back we’ll be back um I’ll be  back to show you guys more of some other Islands  

I hope one day I can make it out to Maui as well  um yeah guys that’s going to be it for today’s   video I hope you guys enjoyed that definitely have  some plans to come on out to Hawaii it is amazing  

Out here and you will not be disappointed  nothing but good vibes all right later guys I was the one to take love I remember  how we started do realiz what my supp

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