The Incredible Dr. Pol Shaves Horse’s Teeth – Documentary

The Incredible Dr. Pol Shaves Horse’s Teeth – Documentary

Horse Gets Its Teeth Shaved | The Incredible Dr. Pol

In the video “Horse Gets Its Teeth Shaved | The Incredible Dr. Pol,” we witness the examination and treatment of a 27-year-old horse named Cheyenne. The horse has been leaving partially chewed up gobs of hay in the pasture, indicating a potential issue with his teeth. Dr. Pol and his team decide it’s time to get Cheyenne’s teeth checked out, as they like to keep them maintained annually, especially for older horses.

During the examination, it is discovered that Cheyenne has sharp points on his teeth that need to be removed with a rasp in order to prevent him from biting his tongue and cheek and to help him chew his feed better. While his teeth are not in bad condition, they are significantly worn down, almost straight to the gums, due to his age. Dr. Pol emphasizes the importance of not taking too much of the teeth off, as it can shorten the horse’s life.

Ultimately, the examination results in a mix of good and bad news. While Cheyenne’s teeth are not causing any immediate issues, the fact that they are almost worn down to the gums indicates his old age. Dr. Pol and his team remain hopeful that Cheyenne will be with them for another 5 to 10 years and express their love for the beloved horse.

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Video Transcript

What we got? A horse. We got one. Cheyenne’s 27 years old. He’s leaving little gobs of hay partially chewed up, hay in the pasture a lot so. And who is riding him? We all do. All at the same time? No. I figured it’s time to get his teeth checked out.

OK, come on, back up, back up, back up. Good boy. We like to keep them done every year. Better for the older horses especially. Oh, he’s spitting on me. So they can chew their feed up better and not lose weight. Look at this. In horses, the teeth grow their whole life.

Let’s go underneath the tree over there. Many times, if they start dropping food there are sharp points on those teeth that actually have to come off with a rasp. Otherwise, they bite their tongue and cheek. Just hang on to him. Let’s see if we can do something. Yeah.

Yeah, there’s a little point here. You hear that? And we’ll just take the points off. His teeth are not bad at all. I think they’re just wore out. Hear that? And I don’t want to rasp too much off. The main thing is do not take too much of the teeth

Off because you can take 10 years off his life because the teeth are worn out too soon. Good. OK. The horse is still in good shape, so I’m not too worried. Now here, take a look. See how the point that was there got up. The teeth are completely wore out.

There’s hardly any tooth left. The gums are right there. I wondered when that was going to happen. And that’s age. Good news that his teeth aren’t really that bad as far as sharp edges cutting up his cheeks and whatnot. Good. Load him up. But bad news as far as he’s getting old

And they’re wore down almost straight to the gums. We hope he’s with us for another 5, 10 years anyways, heck. We love him to death. He’s a pretty good horse. He is a good horse. I bet they all were like that. OK. Thank you. Yes, thank you. It was a good result today.

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