The Limitations of ChatGPT in Writing for You | David Savill | TEDxUniversityofSalford – Video

The Limitations of ChatGPT in Writing for You | David Savill | TEDxUniversityofSalford – Video

In the video titled “Why ChatGPT can’t write for you,” David Savill explores the importance of reading and writing in the age of artificial intelligence. He begins by sharing the story of a Portuguese language teacher in Brazil who empowered agricultural workers through literacy, only to be thwarted by a military dictatorship. Savill emphasizes the significance of literacy in empowering individuals and fostering democracy.

Savill delves into the role of reading and writing in shaping consciousness, critical thinking, and creativity. He highlights the unique power of language to enhance human civilization and individual agency. Despite the advancements in AI like ChatGPT, Savill argues that true writing and thinking cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. He underscores the transformative process of writing in unlocking the depths of one’s consciousness.

Through compelling anecdotes and neuroscientific insights, Savill underscores the irreplaceable value of human literacy and consciousness. He warns against the passive consumption of information offered by AI-driven text generators and advocates for the active engagement with language and writing to nurture critical awareness.

Ultimately, Savill urges viewers to embrace the journey of self-authorship through writing, as it is a fundamental aspect of humanization and self-discovery. He challenges the audience to ponder the essential questions of identity, meaning, and purpose that only individuals can answer through the profound act of writing.

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David shows us the importance of reading and writing in developing and maintaining society, democracy, critical thinking skills, and humanity. With the rise of artificial intelligence, he shares the importance of human intelligence and the three questions AI cannot answer for us.

David Savill is a novelist and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at The University of Salford. He is the author of They Are Trying To Break Your Heart (Bloomsbury), winner of the French First Novel prize for the best English Language debut novel, and nominated for the Desmond Elliot prize. He is a former BBC Current Affairs producer and journalist who made investigative programmes for Panorama, This World, Real Story and Radio 4’s Crossing Continents. At the University of Salford, he founded the world’s first Creative Writing Multidiscipline degree, guiding students through courses in writing, media production and podcasting to become the future of creative industries. His current research explores what we can learn about politics and the health of democracy through storytelling.

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