“The Most Unpleasant Street in Germany: Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof” – Video

“The Most Unpleasant Street in Germany: Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof” – Video

This video takes the viewers on a journey from Los Angeles, California to Frankfurt, Germany in Lufthansa Business class, only to end up in what is claimed to be one of Germany’s worst streets, located near Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. The video showcases the area and the host provides commentary on why this specific location might be considered one of the worst places in the country. The host also provides tips and ways to support the channel, as well as offers a glimpse of his upcoming travels to Cairo, Egypt. The video also includes details about the airport experience and visit to the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX. The content is a mix of travel vlogging, commentary, and exploration of unique and offbeat locations.

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Okay I didn’t realize that when I booked this  hotel that it was right in the middle of Germany’s   naughtiest Street this has to be the naughtiest  place in the country I just walked by and people  

Were trying to um sell me something to snort you  can see it’s completely different than um it was   during the day with the neon signs what’s up  everybody welcome back to the first blog of  

2024 right now it is January 1st by the time you  guys are seeing this video probably a week later   but today I’m heading off to Cairo Egypt and I’m  actually flying Lanza business class I’m heading   to Frankfurt on a 10hour 50-minute flight with  the 24-hour layover in Frankfurt and then we’ll  

Be arriving in Cairo so join me as we travel um  to Cairo Egypt in this video or who knows maybe   we’ll do something cool in Frankfurt now I am  shocked right now because here at the airport   man there is a huge abundance of homeless people  just hanging around outside the LAX airport and  

It’s crazy that they do nothing about it and  this is one of like the most busiest airports   in the nation now I already checked my bag I did  upgrade the flight here at the airport because I  

Got the flight for super cheap around $500 with  the long layover and then the upgrade cost me   ,000 so I still ended up getting the business  class fight for about 1,500 in compared to the   5,000 that it would have cost had I booked  it online right away so yeah surprisingly  

Airport’s not too bad right now but it is  January 1st I have a feeling that January   2nd tomorrow is going to be a lot worse so let’s  actually make our way through security now and   then we’ll get up to the lounge I got an hour  and a half before boarding actually starts so  

With the business class flight you actually get  the Star Alliance lounge access I’ve actually   never visited that Lounge before so I’m excited  there’s no priority past lounges here in the Tom   Bradley which kind of sucks so normally I can’t  even use my priority pass to visit any but um  

Today today since we did upgrade we get access  to the lounge so yeah right now um the lines   are moving pretty smooth mine was terrible but  it actually only took me about an hour to get  

All the way through so these here are oh this  is where TSA pre-check goes up so I’m actually   in the other aisle with all the traveling I do  I should probably get a TSA pre-check by now but  

Yeah I don’t really travel too much within the  US so it’s kind of kind of a waste of my $100 if   you ask me I don’t know priorities I guess but  yeah I’ll see you guys once we make it through

Security security was an absolute Breeze and  yeah right now I’m in the middle of LAX I just   walked in there’s actually a lot of uh stores  open yeah everything seems to be operating as   usual now right now I’m actually looking for  the Star Alliance Lounge I think I heard him  

Say sixth floor but I’ve never even knew that  this airport was sixth floor so you know maybe   I’ll ask information but I definitely need a nice  uh Jack and Coke right about now I think that’ll  

That’ll spicen up the mood a little bit and get  me ready for this flight so um let me look for   this lounge and then I’ll see you guys inside  there and hopefully it’s good because lately a  

Lot of the lounges that I’ve been going on into  have been they’ve been pretty weak all right   you know what H let me ask some information and  then um I’ll get back to you guys okay so I just  

Got done asking and she said to walk towards the  Gucci store and then make a left so that’s where   we’re heading to now she said it’s actually in  this tower on the sixth floor in the elevator  

So let’s go look for that right now and check it  on out now they also have a PF Changs up there   I’m not sure if I’ve always missed that but  I’ve never noticed that here in this airport  

But then again I always show up here like just  with enough time to board My Flights but yeah   check out the advertisements they got in here  right now now I know there’s a lot of you guys   who have never traveled before have you never  taken a flight before let me know yeah right  

Here six floor Star Alliance okay this spot  is nice look they got outdoor seating outdoor   Terrace area all kinds of places to sit down  a lobby but this here is where I’m heading to   first first things first let’s hit the bar  look they got some snacks the game on okay  

This might be one of the coolest lounges I’ve  ever visited and I had no idea it was here at   LAX but yeah they got a little like outdoor  patio no smoking but they got some fire you  

Can enjoy the view of the planes inside they got  a little selection of food it’s not the greatest   but it’s there they got a nice fully loaded bar  I actually got me a temple Templeton rum and coke  

And yeah guys this place is awesome so I’m going  to do a little bit of snacking do a little bit   of drinking I got 1 hour 45 minutes till I got to  be at the gates and I’m going to get there early  

Because I did pay for the business class so I’m  going to get um early board access and of course   the welcome drinks so I don’t want to miss that  anyways guys cheers to um 2024 I wish you guys  

An amazing year thank you for making 2023 one of  the best of my life and let’s hope that 2024 can   get better and may we all accomplish our dreams  our goals and I wish you guys good health so cheers oh that’s nice man look at  that what a BL cool all right he’s  

Trying to make sure I don’t drink no more  me before I get on that PL all right well   um I’m going to crush through a few of these  bad boys and you know what I’m not going to  

Bore you guys with too much of the lounge  I’ll see you guys on the flight how about that so we have just boarded the flight I had  let me actually you know what let me let you guys  

Guess how many uh Jackin cooks or actually whiskey  Cooks I had inside of the lounge but right now we   are inside of the plane now the see it’s actually  a little it’s a little spacious it’s not as good  

As the um last business class we had to Sri Lanka  however it is still it’s acceptable so this here   is the configuration down here we actually got a  blanket we got a screen menus tablets a little bit  

Of storage place and it was actually given to us  with a blanket that should be nice and a pillow   and yeah we should be taking off here in the next  few minutes but yeah definitely um very spacious   it does have the overhead luggage compartment  though um but still super spacious is very

Nice so we have made it to Frankfurt and let  me just tell you guys that flight was a breeze   seriously I hope one day I make it to a point  in life where I can pay for business class every  

Single time because that flight was amazing and  literally um didn’t feel it at all I fell asleep   for about 7 hours fully lied down and now I’ve  feel refreshed here in Frankfurt so the airport   is actually pretty busy it’s actually super cold  out here too but I’m excited now right now I  

Actually don’t have to pick up any bags because  they’re getting checked all the way to Cairo now   I think I’m just going to look for the exit and  head straight to my hotel I’m actually staying  

In the city center at the Hilton and from what  I read online it’s only about a 15minute train   ride from here and trains are right there so  let’s go look for one so I just made it through   immigration now according to Google Maps the  train is only about a 30 minute train journey  

To the city center actually it should be a little  bit faster than that um because we are pretty much   arriving to the train terminal right now but let  me just tell you guys man I wasn’t expecting the   uh immigration officers to be as friendly  as they were but man they were super kind  

Super friendly and um yeah he even gave me some  beer recommendations food recommendations cool   guy man I love being in Germany every time I’m in  Germany it’s a good time um it’s been a few years   since I’ve spent some good quality time here in  this country but Springtime Springtime is going  

To be your up time I’ll be back to explore a lot  more and of course make all those good videos in   the UK for you guys that you guys want to see so  right now let’s get on the train almost got hit  

By these Gates and let’s make it to uh Frankfurt  hoop off from here to Frankfurt City Center €6   6.30 they actually have English German French  Italian and Spain Turkish translations single   trip Frankfurt adults actually let’s see how  much the day pass costs day ticket adults 12  

Old30 let’s do that actually all right um this  one all right so the train is here this here   is the train that I’m going to be taking to the  city center and according to these signs and it  

Has Wi-Fi and it’s only about a 13-minute ride  to the city center I mean look at these trains   though they look awesome little bit of graffiti  never hurt nobody all right let’s get on in

Here all right wow they even have like a private  cabin that’s cool all right I think I’ll sit right here main station man to be honest with you guys  I don’t know what Google Maps was saying that ride  

Literally took 10 minutes from the airport to  the city center but right now we are here and   man inside of the subway station it is cold it  is super cold so um as soon as we walk on out  

Of here yeah my nose is probably going to start  running I can already feel the the the European   winter Vibes now I usually steer away from Winter  I’m not a big winter person but for one day why  

Not now I did hear that it is actually quite  chilly in Egypt as well but hopefully we get   some nice weather while we’re out there okay  I just saw a sign that says osang which means   exit here in Germany now um quick little Pro  tip anytime you guys land in Europe anywhere  

In the world actually but especially here in  Europe in the um in the train stations always   make sure that you put your wallet your phone all  your valuables in a safe spot because especially   inside of these Metro stations uh sub stations  man uh there’s a lot of pickpockets especially  

In Europe and I had a friend in 2019 when we both  landed in Berlin literally from the airport to the   hotel he got pickpocketed and lost his wallet for  the entire trip so don’t be one of those people  

And I’ve already saw some some little suspicious  characters so I had to move all of my belongings   to the front but here we are time to um see what  frankfur has in store for us wow it’s been many  

Many years since I have been inside of this uh  train station but so many memories as soon as   I walked out of here I mean look at how beautiful  these train stations are here in Germany guys and  

All around Europe so these here are where the  tracks are this is where the trains line up and   you can actually take trains all around Europe  from here you can literally head all the way  

Down to Greece or all the way to Spain on a Metro  Rail um from here in Frankfurt I mean look at how   amazing this terminal is super beautiful isn’t  it guys I mean look at this so European right  

I mean you can’t get more European than this  haters going to hate potato’s going to potate   oh that’s nice I like that but yeah super cool  place now my first time ever in Europe was in  

2017 when I quit my job to go and travel around  the world I came here with my best friend and we   spent a lot of time in this train station and we  basically traveled around Europe for 7 months we  

Took we took a lot of cheap Ryan Air and whiz  air flights but we actually traveled mainly by   into inter Rail and you can actually um purchase  a inter rail pass for a month 2 months 3 months  

Or even for a set duration amounts of trips so  definitely something to to look into if you’re   planning on coming out to Europe it’ll save you  a lot of time a lot of money and you’ll be able  

To have freedom to just hop on trains Hop Off  trains head to new countries every single day   that’s what I did it was fun I’m going to be  doing that again this year so um you’ll be re  

Reliving all of that with me I see some Christmas  decorations we’re about to see Frankfurt together   oh man yeah definitely winter Vibes out here  walked out to a cloud of cigarette smoke and um   the smell of rain but yeah this year is Frankfurt  guys look at how beautiful this place is you can  

Tell they had like some winter markets going on  here I think that’s what that was for but yeah   look at the front of the station so beautiful  right hop off means main station in Germany or   something like that because everywhere every Big  City has one of those but yeah super beautiful  

Man all right says we’re about a 10minute walk  right up this road here let’s go check out our room directly in front of the train station  actually let me show you guys directly in   front of the train station there’s actually  this bouevard like walking street with all  

Kinds of different restaurants there’s an  Afghani restaurant right there um Potato   restaurant gu they a lot of potatoes here in  Germany um couple beauty stores yeah a lot of   shopping very European Boulevard here now um  there’s also lime scooters and uh lime bikes  

Everywhere for rents so pretty cool to see but  yeah very cold and you know it’s actually um   not super cold yet here in Europe especially if  you ask the Europeans but for me I think I need  

Some gloves and something to cover up my my  ears for a little bit so I actually brought   brought a beanie with me and some jeans because  I’m only wearing sweatpants right now but um yeah   I’ll get changed and we’ll probably go get some  food here in a bit let’s see hopefully the area  

That my hotel in or that my hotel is in is quite  nice all right so it looks like over here on this   street wow oh man look at this they got an erotic  shop what is this more bars W I guess I’m staying  

In like the I guess the red light district  I’m not too sure that’s what it looks like okay I didn’t realize that when I booked this  hotel that it was right in the middle of Germany’s   naughtiest Street this has to be the naughtiest  place in the country I mean there are red lights  

Oh I guess broos everywhere I mean look at that  that’s a brool right there and yeah they just say   you can come in for SE so this here is my hotel  Hilton Garden Inn I’ve actually never stayed at  

A Hilton Garden Inn I actually maybe that’s why  it was so cheap because it was a Hilton Garden in   and not a regular Hilton all right let’s head on  in there check in was incredibly smooth man this  

Hotel is nice look they got a little work center  a little computer that you can use printer as   well to print out your tickets the lobby is quite  nice and now it’s time to head on upstairs and I  

Actually got to throw the phone on the charger  before I continue all right we’re on the third   floor 329 oh man I smell Indian food sounds good  wow I’m impressed for $80 not bad I always love  

Myself an elevator like this where you can get a  nice view as you’re going up to your room a lot of   high-rise buildings Springford is known for being  like um one of the business cities here in Europe  

Where there’s all the banks and a lot of uh a  lot of business takes place here all right 329   let’s see hopefully we got a good view all right  we’re to the right so this here is what $80 gets  

You in Frankfurt not bad huh got a closet in here  nice queen-sized bed chair desk television mirror   and then here’s the bathroom everything you need  for a nice little short stay wow definitely not  

Bad for $80 I’ve stayed in a lot worse and then  I don’t got a view but hey it’ll do the job it’ll   do the job I mean look at this it looks cold as  [ __ ] out there huh I keep saying that this whole  

Video but when you’re in Germany in the winter  there really not much to say but it’s cold as   [ __ ] all right so I just left the hotel and it  is raining now guys I just actually walked into  

One of these buildings right here and they are in  fact uh red light districts they are actually like   7even eight floors of just yeah hallways full  of doors with women sitting out front of them   so it’s pretty crazy and there’s actually like  all kinds of uh people out on the streets like  

Selling dope I just walked by and people were  trying to um sell me something than the snort   so yeah definitely walk down the or book the hotel  in the wrong side of the wrong side of the street   this definitely is probably like Germany’s um  craziest Street for sure you know what I’ve  

Been in Germany for a whole hour and that’s an  hour too long it’s time for a beer let’s jump   into a store and see if I can’t buy myself a  nice little beer uh nice German beer to kick  

Off this little trip so this here is where we’re  going to jump on into what’s up bro all right I   think this here is what I’m going to go with the  augustiner these here are my favorite beers bam  

And this is how you do it right here this my new  German friend I just walked out of the grocery   store you want a beer let’s buy you a beer come  on let’s buy the homie of beer no oh but I was  

Going to all right all right here well you know  what let me get let me get him a let me get him a   cheap beer bro I’ll get you here I get you one bro  which one you want €150 that’s your budget come  

On which one which one you want yeah but which  one yeah this one this one is that the one you want yeah yeah yeah take that one take that  one take that one yeah yeah yeah I get it I  

Pay for you so I just walked out of the store  so yeah this here is the um Austina the hellis   my favorite beer in Germany I believe it’s a beer  from Bavaria cheers or PR now when I was actually  

In the store the guy that was working there he  was a pretty cool guy he was telling me don’t   buy none of these guys nothing he was telling  me to be careful here on this street he said  

That this street is very dangerous and to hide my  phone and my watch I was showing my Apple watch so   he was like cover that and put your phone away so  you know what I think I’m going to take as advice

Cheers all right let’s find some food all right  it’s raining quite hard right now so I decided   to just turn around and come into this restaurant  right here it’s called freeon work and it looks   like they got like some traditional German  food or at least uh variations of it oh wow  

This place is awesome all right let’s come on  in here hopefully I can bring my beer in here   English there we go eat here let’s see what kind  of options they got oh they got vegan options for   all you vegans out there chicken shama poutine  barbecue P pork poutine poutine is what they  

Call French fries here or um pulus Tijuana  Street fries wow these have like guacamole   Curry’s wor special you know what that’s go  ahead and try the Curry’s worse that’ll hit   the spot right now and let’s go with let’s just  do regular fries so this here is my order these  

Are the Curry’s wors it looks a little bit  bougier than the Curry’s wors I usually eat   and then this year is a water because this year  well besides the beers that I’m going to have   everywhere around the world I’ve made it a New  Year’s resolution to not drink any more soda so  

No more soda no more cook zero I got to get rid of  that stuff and I got to start making some better   healthier decisions however um a beer especially  in Germany is always a must so so let’s dive on  

Into his Curry’s worse now I’m actually going  to grab one of the sausages one of the fries   now I don’t know exactly where I’m going with  this video um but we’ll see we’ll see what it  

Turns out to be hopefully you guys are enjoying  it though all right cheers I mean this is what   you do when you have a layover anywhere in the  world you go you have some local food you have a

Beer you get some rest oh [Music] man  that is so good so Curry’s worst is   essentially just a sausage a  big sausage covered in curry   sauce and they love their fries here  and mayonnaise in Germany everywhere   you go they put mayonnaise on everything I  don’t understand it but it goes well it goes

Well it does make me feel good being back in  Europe however I definitely am going to am going   to stick to Europe in the summer Springtime the  winter for me is just brutal and this isn’t even  

That bad last year when I was in um Europe chasing  down all the Christmas markets it was quite brutal   out here this it’s decent weather but when it’s  wet outside and you’re all wet it gets extra

Cold so you see all of these little neon signs  with the hearts basically those are buildings with   just floors of wom it’s crazy and yeah the city  Cent is super beautiful it’s a mix of like modern   and a very traditional old German architecture  a lot of cinos as well interesting place and  

There’s also the five elements hostel this is  actually where I stayed my first time um ever   in Frankfurt but yeah I’m on a little walk around  right now very beautiful city but very wet and cold so I ended up crashing for a few hours and  now I’m walking the streets it’s super cold  

I threw the beanie on and let me just tell you  guys the streets here around the main station   get a lot rougher at night there’s actually like  needles around on the floor bunch of like needles   syringes you see a lot of people smoking like  out of crack pipes man it’s crazy it’s pretty  

Surreal place and yeah like I mentioned earlier  there’s yeah red lights everywhere brothel so   pretty crazy I was not expecting this um in this  area I stayed at the five elements hostel a few   years ago but I really didn’t walk around here  I stayed here stayed there just for the night  

And didn’t spend too much time in this area  and right now when I was actually leaving the   hotel they told me to put my phone away and not  walk around with it like I am right now however  

I wanted to show you guys what The Vibes are  looking like out here on the streets at night   because you can see it’s completely different  than um it was during the day with the neon signs so this is what the streets  look like at night I mean look  

At the buildings how lit up they are  with the hearts blinking all the red windows and it actually continues quite  long as well you can pretty much expect to yeah walk around and find  these pretty much on every spot but yeah there’s also a lot  of good food here in the area as  

Well but yeah let me know what you guys  think of this street so far let me know   what you guys think of this video  like this one here is called Las Vegas but yeah I’ve noticed that there’s also  a lot of like um Arab food a lot of Thai food  

Vietnamese food here in this area as well let’s  actually change the camera angle a bit now for   a lot of you guys that are not new to Europe you  might be like man that looks like a crazy place  

What do you what uh why why did you choose  to walk around there but um truth be told a   lot of big cities in Europe especially around the  main train stations or main bus terminals they’re   always like the sketchiest places and you always  find um red light districts just like this I mean  

They have them in Brussels here in Germany and not  just in uh Frankfurt and Munich and also in nurg   there was a couple areas in the old town where I  walked around and um saw a couple of those things  

Where else I’m trying to make sure I don’t step  on anything I’m not supposed to and you also got   to excuse me you also got to be careful because  as you’re walking the streets people are smoking  

All kinds of stuff out of um pipes and earlier  as I was walking into my hotel I had to walk   underneath this like construction scaffolding  and there was a lot of people um smoking out of  

Some pipes down there and let me just tell you  guys the fumes that were coming out of there   smelt like something that you probably should  not uh be inhaling now the reason I was saying  

That was because well a lot of those fumes can  be toxic and the last thing you want to do is   like be walking down the street and get a nice  whiff of some I don’t know some damn fentanyl or  

Something and then you end up in a bag you know  so I’m trying to be uh really smart and now I’m   going to be walking a different way back to the  hotel but yeah the streets I don’t know they are  

Obviously very sketchy but I don’t find them well  I don’t feel like um they’re dangerous I mean you   basically just got a bunch of uh junkies walking  around and you know those people never really   scare me too much because um well obviously in  Los Angeles it’s kind of the same kind of the  

Same thing going on but European cities at night  are all extremely beautiful I mean look at the   look at the architecture and in the buildings and  there’s actually quite a bit of movement out here  

As well for it being well freezing there is a lot  of movement but I guess the locals are obviously   super um accustomed to the weather and for a  lot of them this here is probably nothing so  

Let me know when is the when is the coldest  time in Germany when does it get the coldest   as of right now I’ll tell you what I will not  be coming in January February even March back  

To here because yeah yeah I am I am uh freezing  could barely talk but yeah it feels good to be   back out on the road feels good to be in Europe  even though it’s just for a day let me know if  

Germany is on your guys’ bucket list and if this  is a place that you guys have wanted a visit but   yeah there’s the main station I haven’t really  wandered too much I tried searching up things  

To do in Frankfurt but yeah I was pretty tired  and it’s raining quite bad so I didn’t really   want to venture off too much but yeah this here  is what Frankfurt Germany looks like at night and  

Um now the the next videos you guys are going to  be seeing are going to be from Cairo Egypt which   I’m really excited about and hopefully it goes  smooth because everybody well everybody that I  

Know that has gone there has told me that it is a  pain in the ass to enter with camera equipment and   um that they don’t really like vloggers and that  it’s hard to film so hopefully I can put together  

Some good videos for you guys I left everything  at home drone camera equipment I only brought the   phone and the go Pro so let’s see what happens but  yeah look they even got a Mexican food restaurant  

Right here across the streets even though I just  had some Cobia last night at home Rossman which   is kind of like a like a CVS Pharmacy in the US  almost like a Walmart you can go in there and  

Buy everything Beauty items a lot of liquor stores  convenience shops where you can buy beer yeah it’s   nice so literally one one street away look there’s  the red light oh no there’s the red light street  

That down that way but one street over and you got  you know a bunch of shopping restaurants and it’s   pretty nice to walk around I have seen a a large  law enforcement present here as well too so that’s  

Pretty cool to see because it makes you feel a lot  safer especially as a tourist walking around in   an area where you know is the main train station  where people show up um from other parts of Europe  

Or around the world and you know tends to be a bit  rough so it’s nice to see that the law enforcement   presence is here all right well you know what I  think um that’s going to be it for now if I find  

Something else interesting to show you guys I’ll  tune back in but for now I’ll see you guys again   soon for another adventure from Cairo Egypt now  I’m actually only going to Cairo in Alexandria  

I’ll be back to visit a lot more but that’s what  I have planned for this trip as of right now so   um let’s see who knows things can change and I  heard that Alexandria uh makes for a nice day  

Trip too and you can actually get up there um  quite fast from Cairo so who knows maybe I’ll   even change the itinerary a little bit but for  now um yeah guys see you see you again soon for  

Another one I hope you enjoyed this little video  but it was nice to catch up and you know inform   you guys on what’s going on in the next few in the  next few weeks what can you guys expect so yeah  

Expect a lot of Egypt videos and then after that  we’re heading to you know what I won’t tell you   guys all that just yet but um stay tuned a lot of  exciting trips happening in the next few weeks you always I the [Music] one

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