The Reason We Chose MOZAMBIQUE! 🇲🇿 Exploring TOFO (Inhambane) – Video

The Reason We Chose MOZAMBIQUE! 🇲🇿 Exploring TOFO (Inhambane) – Video

Have you ever dreamed of escaping to a beautiful beach destination in Africa? Look no further than Tofo, Mozambique! In this video, we take you on a journey to this sleepy fishing village that offers pristine beaches, perfect waves for surfing, and stunning accommodations right on the sand.

Join us as we explore the laid-back vibes of Tofo, sample local cuisine, and immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean. From sunbathing on deserted beaches to trying traditional Mozambican dishes, we show you why Tofo is the perfect getaway for those looking for a tranquil beach escape.

But it’s not all just fun in the sun – we also shed light on the challenges faced by the locals in Tofo, from lack of access to education and electricity to the struggle of making a living as a vendor. Despite these difficulties, tourism has the potential to bring hope and prosperity to the region, and we hope to see more visitors coming to support the local community.

Join us on our adventure to Tofo, Mozambique, and stay tuned for our next video as we head to the stunning beach destination of Villankulus. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and follow us on Instagram for more travel inspiration. See you in the next video!

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone once again here from mosambique in Africa today we’re in a little village on the coast called tofu it’s like a sleepy fishing Surf Village really cool so it’s quite a mission to get here we woke up at 5:00 a.m. yesterday and got on a long bus

Ride all the way to a place nearby called inyan bani and that cost 745 metic eyes per person and then from there we got in a van that took about half an hour to get here for 100 per person and it was super packed probably the most packed little van that we’ve

Ever seen we could have got a private taxi too it would have been a lot more though I think it’s uh 1,200 for the private taxi so we got here at 2:00 p.m. so we left at 5:00 a.m. from maputo and got here at 2: p.m. and the accommodation that we staying in

Is absolutely amazing it’s $50 a night around $50 Carol’s just doing some work hello here we have the perfect office set up yeah check this out for the office so we have this big deck here and yeah we’re right on the the main Beach of tofu got the sun

Beds look at this for a beautiful beach so we have access right here if we want massive pretty much deserted Beach especially this part there’s barely any people the main Center of tofu is in the corner but from what we’ve seen there’s not even that many people around there

And we got the nice waves for surfing so we’re going to rent some boards for 5 days later on and this is how our place looks on the outside so all this big area is ours there’s another room below us so it is really big I could even live

In a place like this it’s pretty much just all together so we got the kitchen got a few little like sofas and chairs the bed’s really good too didn’t have any mosquitoes or anything yesterday they have the net here but didn’t see any and behind is just like a

Wardrobe and then the bathroom here so what an absolutely amazing deal for $50 a night there is no internet though but we do have some internet on the phone so yeah we’re able to work and we just bought a bunch of fish for $50 that was just caught this morning by some Fishman

So this is some of it and the rest is in the freezer this is tuna loads of tuna that’ll be for multiple days so they have like a helper here that cleans the place and he’s just gone into town to buy some things cuz he’s going to do

Like a little fish barbecue for us we’ll obviously be paying him a like a tip for that so I think he’s going to be cooking the fish here for Us So I have finished preparing the Brazilian rice the famous Brazilian rice and the caretaker our friend natalino is finishing preparing the the fish barbecue fish so the fish is ready super barbecued lots of flies they like the smell looks nice and crisy Bish Bish so we’re heading into the main

Center of tofu now it really is so so beautiful around here so the drive all the way up here from maputo was was kind of like this everywhere it’s just Countryside palm trees Farms I also like that it’s all sandy roads here in tofu pretty much everywhere tofu tofu not tofu

Tofu sounds like tofu yeah I kept making the same mistake but now I think I I’ve learned the correct way of saying it and this place kind of reminds us a bit of the the Philippines yes and but I think it’s more similar to Baya in Brazil which we

Love it’s like our favorite uh state in Brazil and we went to a place over there that was similar with a Sandy Rose like this and coconut trees and uh yeah it was just amazing just like this yeah even in Mutu which we didn’t get to show

Properly in the previous video that kind of seemed a bit like Brazil there Too So we’re entering the main center now look how beautiful it looks here with the big pan palm trees we came here the other day so a lot of the resorts are diving Resorts scuba diving is very popular here they have like the whale sharks I think they have Dolphins too and it’s

Really cool cuz all the places are like this wooden kind of like Shacks we ate at this place the other day so these are all restaurants and stores I think these kind of beach places are my favorite yeah we always love when we go to a place and it’s like this natural yeah

And of PE VI yeah so I think for me places with palm trees the fch roofs Sandy roads are still my favorite overall juice bar and over here you got some souvenir stores nice and colorful African clothes don’t know if we will buy something nice designs though so it’s

Very quiet right now cuz we found out that we’re in the low season it’s the rainy season I think the high season starts in April until November around November so there isn’t actually that many people around I think some of these are accommodations up there really cool place to stay right on the

Beach wonder how much these ones cost I think right now it’s uh around 60 maybe you can find something for $50 even cuz it’s low season even on the beach front like this maybe so I ended up buying this bag can you open it I can’t do it with one hand

Didn’t really want it but help the guy out 400 it’s nice though oh it’s two designs yeah you can choose okay so we we got two bags in one we didn’t need it but uh we met that that guy on the first day that we arrived and I think we told

Him that day we like another day we’ll buy something and yeah when they see we are Brazilian I don’t know I think they are they like us but yeah we bought it but now everybody wants to sell us things yeah so that was 400 Amig Let’s do the water test like always we are expecting it to be warm here from what I’ve read here we go very warm like Caribbean or maybe even warmer than Caribbean yes I think finally We can surf with out of wet suit yeah wet suits are a bit of a pain to

Put on take off they’ll be nice trying to Surf without it yes you can see people doing lessons here the beginners you can rent boards right here there’s also some stores back there like Carol said before though this is so identical to Bayer in Brazil it really does just look

Completely the same like even the color of the sand the water it’s all like this the scenery the accommodations and I think if you walk around the corner you end up at a different Beach so we’re going to see if we can walk all the way around it’s low

Tide right now we’ve also notice that their Portuguese seems kind of similar to Brazilian Portuguese yeah it’s very easy to understand I mean it’s still not the same the same accent but it’s quite easy to understand for me like a a Brazilians so I think it’s because they

Say they watch many things from Brazilian TV and movies and everything so operas and music the Brazilian culture is very present here and I think that’s why they have uh some similarities with the type of Portuguese that they speak here yeah we noticed they even have some of the slang that we

Say over there yeah EST so it seems like their Portuguese is a kind of mix between Portuguese from Portugal and uh Brazilian Portuguese cuz Portuguese from Portugal their accent is completely different to the Brazilian one yeah yeah here’s like somewhere in Between To the rythm of the violent Place and a lot of the cold po around here is sandunes so even where we’re staying over there somewhere it’s all like a sand June too we’re kind of build on top of it and I forgot to mention that this is the Indian Ocean so that’s why it’s

Nice and warm yeah so around the corner is the other Beach this one’s called tofu which means little tofu so you have tofu and toim and this one’s also full of sanun you can see like accommodations at the top or restaurants I think the main Center is all the way down there in

The corner not going to be walking all the way there right now Though All moving closer to the rhym of the violent Breeze all things moving closer to the rhythm of the violent Breeze Violent To the ryth of the Fireo uh from So we’ve come to a restaurant right at the far corner of the beach called Kazaa even got like Vlog music going on this is the kind of music I put in our videos pretty cool laidback and this Kaz I think it’s also Al accommodation place

You can stay here if you want but a really nice Beach Bar got some sun beds people chilling out and I got the breaded chicken with rice and salad that was 800 and Carol got a really interesting looking dish yeah this is called Mata which is a Mozan dish and I

Think it’s from this region here uh yam Bunny and uh I think it’s made from Yung Cava leaves that’s why it has this color Cava leaves yes but I think there’s also like peanuts and some other stuff mixed it’s a very interesting uh texture yeah I don’t know if we’ve had a casava

Leaves before no only casava and from what I read normally they eat this with the crab and some other shellfish but uh this is a vegetarian version so only vegetables and rice very unique taste but it’s very nutty like uh you can feel that there’s like a

Lot of nut nuts inside so you cannot have it yeah I’m allergic to nuts especially peanuts do you like it though yeah I do yeah maybe with something else maybe potatoes not just rice but it’s good the dish itself it’s Good So we’re back at our little beach house once again we’re going to be heading out soon we just arranged a taxi to take us to another popular Beach place here which is actually all the way down there all the way down the coast you could probably walk there looks like it will

Take over an hour seems to be some sort of Lighthouse down there which you probably can’t see and I think the taxi is going to be 700 that’s just to take us and then I don’t know if we’re going to come back with the same guy or uh if

We just find someone that to bring us back we’ll see The So this place is called Baja once again looking extremely beautiful on arrival basically the same as T so there’s like a little beach restaurant here probably go there later on and from what we saw on Google Maps it looks like there’s an interesting place here where there might

Be some sand banks if the The Tide is low really beautiful drive yeah and there’s no one here I thought there would be some groups of people I don’t know maybe later because today is a Sunday but nobody here yeah completely to ourselves even emptier than to so back there there’s

Lots of accommodations but I think it’s all quite spread out on this coast and it’s an absolutely massive Beach it just goes on and on so yeah I think everything’s spread out yeah check that little beach house there an amazing location right right on the sand wouldn’t mind knowing how much that

One costs all these are right on the sand this is your view all Day this part looks pretty cool got sand on either side it’s almost like a little pool to swim in and I mentioned before that we’re here in the rain season but we’ve been pretty much lucky yeah I think there was only one day that it was uh raining a lot but

It was a day that we were just relaxing we we were tired so we didn’t do anything yeah so that’s obviously great but if you look that way quite a few clouds there I don’t think it’s going to rain though mainly Blue Skies So we kind of underestimated how long this walk is like we’ve been walking walking and walking and then when we check the map we haven’t really gotten anywhere so I don’t think we’re going to walk all the way there we were going to go to the Far

Point think we just going to hang out here got another one of those cool areas that’s like a natural swimming pool yeah this is unusual looking isn’t it yeah very different water must come in down there somewhere comes into here I’ll get the Drone out though to explore the area see

What we can find So we decided to come back to that first pool it’s even lower tide now cow’s got the nice Chill Spot I’m going to take a nap it’s like a bed it’s like perfect to lie down it’s comfy too soft Sun bath the other pool looked a

Bit murky kind of like yellow here is really nice so in the next video we’re going to be heading to a place which I think is like the number one beach destination in Mozan beak called villan kulus we’re going to be flying there there’s a airport nearby here but that

Place in the pictures kind of looks like more Caribbean Maldives level the pure white sand I think the water is more like a turquoise color too but this is already amazing either way especially since we got it all to ourselves we literally haven’t seen a single person yet not even like a local

Fisherman completely [Applause] empty So that’s going to be it for this video we’ve absolutely loved this place and could easily spend way longer here I don’t know if I mentioned at the beginning but we’ve been here 5 days overall so a really nice amount of time but I wouldn’t mind spending a few weeks

We really love it just the perfect Beach Vibe for us here I am pretty beat up from the surfing though so as I mentioned we don’t need to use a wet suit here so I just went in my normal shots but I didn’t know that I’d get all

These Cuts so look at that that’s like pure flesh and even on my arms like I got rashes everywhere all over even my stomach so that’s why in the surfing scenes you ended up seeing me with like a t-shirt and I used like thermal bottoms and then um yeah it was okay and

I think Carol is just taking in the final view since we’re about to head out really like this place too just be good if they had a internet it would have been easier for us to to do some work on the phones not great and hopefully more tourists come here in the following

Months cuz we can kind of see that things seem a bit bit difficult for the locals yeah yeah we talked with many vendors and even the the helper here natalino we that the other day we had lunch with him and we were talking about uh the situation in mosm Beque

Specifically here and we can see that it’s hard for the locals for example natalino told us that in in his area there’s no uh electricity so they have they have to purchase their own solar panels and stuff so it’s very complicated and not cheap as you can

Imagine and I’m not sure how the the government situation is but from what we see they don’t help that much uh the locals but hopefully with tourism uh this place can become a better place for the locals to leave yeah also speaking with uh some of the locals on the beach

It seems like a lot of people didn’t really go to school here I think they have to pay for Secondary School I don’t know what age that is I know in like England and Brazil I think that’s around 10 11 years old so I think they do

Primary school and then if they can’t afford it they’re basically just no education from like 10 11 years onwards and also there are a lot of vendors here there seems to be almost more vendors than um than tourists and we was even speaking to one of the coconut guys that

We showed quickly in the beginning after we bought that bag and he said some days he might just sell like one coconut right now and that’s like a 100 meic eyes and even in like the peak season he’s lucky if he sells like 10 of those

So yeah it just seems a bit tough but um yeah at least tourism’s increasing here and I think it should get a little bit better so as I mentioned the next videos will be from villan kulus which is supposed to have the beautiful white beaches and the forecast is looking

Great now it’s showing Sun I think we might be doing like a boat tour there too so that’s what will be coming up if you like this one just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe see see more videos like this follow us on

Instagram and we’ll see you in the next One

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