The Renowned Street Dentists of Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩 – Video

The Renowned Street Dentists of Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩 – Video

The streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh are full of surprises, and one of the most interesting things you can stumble across is a street dentist. In a video recording from the streets of Dhaka, the host comes across a street dentist and is amazed by the work being done. This unique profession caters to the extremely poor who cannot afford high-end dental care. The street dentist provides services like tooth replacements, complete tooth removals, and even braces, all for those on a lower budget. The video captures the process of tooth replacements and gives an insight into the street dentistry in Dhaka.

The host talks to the street dentist, his patient, and even tries to understand the process being conducted. The street is lined with various other vendors and activities, making it a unique experience for anyone who has never seen this form of dental care before.

The video provides a glimpse into the everyday life of the people in Dhaka and sheds light on the existence of such professions that many may not have been aware of. The street dentist’s dedication to his work and the provision of affordable dental care to those in need is truly commendable.

Overall, the video showcases a slice of life in Dhaka and highlights the different forms of healthcare that exist in the city. It’s a truly eye-opening experience to witness street dentistry and understand its role in providing dental care to those in need.

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Video Transcript

I find this whole process super cool where  we come from obviously we don’t have this   profession as a street dentist but he I was  talking to him earlier and he was telling   me that he does completely like complete  tooth removals so right now he’s mixing  

Up like um some numbing stuff here you can  actually choose which different teeth you   want and then he goes ahead and replaces them  inside of your inside of your mouth I don’t   know I think um I think Brad’s up next I think  you’re going to get your uh teeth cleaned no

What’s up everybody welcome back to another  beautiful day here in Daka Bangladesh now   right now I’m walking around the streets at  night and in the night time you find a lots   of crazy things that pop up here in the city and  one of those are these little stands where there  

Are Street dentists yes here in the streets of  dhca Bangladesh you can find Street dentists   that mainly cater to like those who are on a  on a lot lower of a budget but I find it very   interesting and today I want to share share that  experience with you guys because this is something  

I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world this  is the first time in my life I’ve seen it and I   think you guys are going to find it just as  interesting so this is the street that we’re  

On right now and literally guys there’s people  selling toys and right here you have the street   dentist and yes this guy does literally everything  tooth Replacements you can literally replace any   one of your teeth these are all of the tools he  got all of the what do you call it antiseptics  

Is that what you call it bread I think so I think  that’s what it’s called I’m not atist antibiotics   all kinds of things and this guy is yeah right  now currently working on this gentleman’s mouth I find this whole process super cool  where we come from obviously we don’t have  

This profession as a street dentist  but he I was talking to him earlier   and he was telling me that he  does completely like complete   tooth removals he takes out wisdom teeth  he can even put braces on here on the streets so yeah here he has like his dremels and

Drills very nice system CH very delicious  later later after after we’ll have some   more chai yeah he’s such a nice dentist  too he buys he bought us some cha earlier   delicious team probably one of the best ones  we’ve had in Bangladesh so far yeah for sure  

Super good I want to see what he does here  so right now he’s mixing up like um some   numbing stuff um America California are you  from here Daka amazing is this your dentist   he’s your dentist he does your teeth  h no oh okay patient he’s the patient

Huh I personally don’t like the dentist  man it hurts he’s very good dentist huh   problem oh he has a tooth problem to  problem what’s what’s the problem with   his tooth problem Oh So pain a lot of  pain so is he taking his tooth out no

Man I love this whole system so  yeah that right here he has like   all of his antibiotics this is  for numing cream pain medicine   pain medicine oh wow so he puts the  pain medicine in the shot I like

Thisum so yeah here you can actually choose  which different teeth you want and then he   goes ahead and replaces them inside of your  inside of your mouth I don’t know I think um   I think Brad’s up next I think you’re going to  get your uh teeth cleaned no you don’t think

So let me know what you guys think of this  system down below seriously it’s incredible   not many places in the world that you can  actually get your teeth worked on on a street   and on this street there’s literally like um  yeah so much going on I mean people selling  

Uh mechanic parts all kinds of street food and  of course the street dentist hey Brad I got a   question for you man what are your thoughts on  the street dentist I mean coming from the US as  

Myself like it’s something that we’ve never seen  before huh oh no never I get afraid just at the   normal dentist yeah I I don’t think I could sit  down here personally but a lot of respect to it  

Now he was telling us earlier that he does tooth  removal for 400 uh which is like four bucks and   I think he said that he can take care of your  wisdom teeth all four for $600 so $6 to get  

All four remov I don’t know that’s a lot of bang  for your buck though if you ask me I think I’ll   stick to pay the costly the costly dental bills  though back home right same same I don’t know  

Thank God for insurance because the dentist does  get extremely expensive now earlier while we were   out here during the day somebody actually told  us that this is where the people that don’t have   a lot of money com to the denst obviously this  isn’t where everybody from Bangladesh gets their  

Teeth done there’s real high-end professional  dental places everywhere guys this is just one   example of a job that takes place on the street  that a lot of people have to do yeah and it’s   interesting CU there’s a lot of people like in  line like this man’s going to be incredibly busy  

When we came by earlier today there was no one  here and we asked I was trying to pay people to   get their teeth fixed if they needed them I was  like I’ll pay for anybody to get their teeth fix  

But no one actually wanted to get their teeth  fix at the time but man super cool yeah amazing   I’ve never seen anything like this okay so right  now the dentist took a break to buy us some tea  

He he knew we liked the tea earlier huh the CH so  right now he got a new patients we’re going to see   exactly how this process works guys I’m going to  try and not talk too much and just let him do his thing Very cool huh oh so he does use a plastic bag as a glove [Music] 0:06:59.400,1193:02:47.295 [Music] Med Media so we ended up leaving the street dentist because  man they got a little bit bothered by me filming   but to be honest with you guys I didn’t just walk  up and film we talked to him earlier today and I  

Even paid the man I gave him a lot of money  I’m not going to tell you guys how much cuz   I don’t need you guys or anybody getting in  trouble but I paid the man well I gave him a  

Lot of money to sit there and make the video  and he was super cool about it I think that   maybe the patients got bothered but I told him  that I would even compensate the patience so I  

Don’t know what the problem was there was a bunch  of miscommunication but man it ended up getting   very like strange and like they kept asking us  if we were dentists if we were doctors he kept   sending me in Google Translate like am I doing  this right I don’t know maybe he thought that  

We were like filming to like talk mess about  it but seriously it’s just very interesting   to us and I have nothing but respect for that  man like I think it’s cool I there’s no doubt   in my mind that he’s super educated and knows  exactly what he’s doing I just have never seen  

That before so um yeah I guess he took it the  wrong way afterwards but man I paid the man   like a lot of money for that for the permission  to actually do that and right now as you’re were  

Walking we actually came across another area  the last clip you saw where there was like a   man selling spiritual medicine and then like some  local kids were like bro don’t believe this it’s   all brainwashing stuff but like yeah there’s a lot  of like funky little things um going on and it’s  

Super cool to see like this City comes to life at  night it’s completely different than it is during   the day it’s awesome cheers with the cha cheers  alikum but yeah for now let’s continue walking   with um down these streets oh selfie selfie let’s  take selfie come on I love taking pictures in Bangladesh video you want to do a video  let’s do a video what’s your name Mullen   Mullen Mullen yo what’s up Molin what up Molen  live from Daka Bangladesh much love to you bro nice meeting you Salam alikum all right well  we’re going to keep it walking and yeah I’m just  

Going to keep showing you guys this street a  little bit now I was a little bit disappointed   because to be honest I wanted to record the  entire procedure at the dentist and I thought   that we both had like a a mutual understanding  but I guess not so we’re going to continue I’m  

Just going to show you guys this street a little  bit show you a little bit of the night life here   in this city and then I think we’ll bring this  video to an end and I don’t know exactly how the  

Quality is right now at nights but I think it’s  super cool to show you guys the contrast because   definitely the streets look a lot different at  night time than they do during the day actually   directly ahead of us is where isn’t that where  we just did like a big shopping spree oh yeah  

The street on the end here and that street was was  wild man and I can imagine that right now in the   evening it’s going to get even a lot crazier  but yeah Street dances let me know what you  

Seriously thought of that I have never seen that  before in my life and hopefully one day I get the   opportunity to actually like fully film that  for you guys because man it’s intense but you  

Guys saw dude they get straight to the drilling  are you down to get a I can’t say I’m down dude   I’m down to do a lot of things but that is not  one of them I am not doing that one you know  

What guys it’s because the is super important  like it’s such your mouth is such an important   organ that like man you get an infection in your  mouth like it can be life lifethreatening so I I  

Don’t want to mess with that I don’t think I’ll  mess with any I just got hit I don’t think I’ll   mess with any um any medical procedures on the on  the road or on the street like that it’s it’s it’s  

Kind of rough for us let alone like eating some  street food I don’t want to have an infection in   my mouth and he was using like a power tool  yeah dude he was using a Dremel man just di  

Between customers you know what’s crazy about  these streets here in Daka is that at night man   the street food comes out you’re like where  did all these people even come from man it’s crazy you know what I think  we should actually let’s head   down this way bro it looks crazy down this [Music]

Street wow I really love this area so this here is the  old Daka area for those of you guys wondering   and it’s super cool place to come and walk  around especially during the day and in the  

Evenings me and Brad have had a good time out  here today what’s up bro Salam alikum how are   you I’m fine are you selling sunglasses  how much oh oh I like these ones what’s   the price for these ones rayan 350 350 you have  anything for 200 okay which one 200 this one in  

Bangladesh you bargain huh You’re supposed  to bargain all right here what’s your name   bro Assad Assad man Chris nice to meet you bro  I love your country here um 200 there you go bro Market f price 500 in the  market 500 for reals wow so you  

Got the good price all right thank  you man thank you man appreciate you bro bro you have a nice smile that’s why  I came to you you always feed off the   Good Vibes man when they when they when  they smile hot Brad it’s like it’s so

[Music] welcoming oh yeah there’s  a lot of selling going on right now I feel like this city does not sleep  it doesn’t matter what time of day you   head on outside like this city is  always just incredibly incredibly   full there’s so much going on it’s  so hard to even walk through these

Streets so it looks like over in  this direction yeah they got a   bunch of like saris and sangs t-shirts  sweaters a lot of clothing in this Market yeah hopefully the quality is  not terrible in this video because it  

Is extremely dark right now but I have to  show you guys these streets man I still   can’t get over the dentist bro I wonder if  there’s like what do you call the hearing doctor hearing a audiologist I don’t know  what do you call it a optometrist is is the  

Is the eye doctor I wonder if there’s eye  doctors on the streets dude I’m sure they   have every profession on the streets man I  got Brad holding my tea here let me get this   I keep forgetting that I that I hand them my  tea the problem is is um we’ve been drinking  

So much teas here and everybody keeps like  we finish one and then they bring us another   one and it’s so much sugar that I simply cannot  drink all of them or else I’m not going to sleep tonight wow look they’re selling picture frames  

And yeah all kinds of like  wall decor over here on this side oh dude they got the Messi Jersey  hello salum how much how much the Messi   Jersey 250 250 you have bigger size only  size n big size oh okay can you hold this  

Bread W can I see the back please oh it  doesn’t say messy on the back okay okay no   Bangladesh no no Bangladesh no banglades  oh that one looks cool okay um you do 200 two piece is 500 no no two piece  Just One Piece One Piece One Piece 200 here

Um hello I’m okay right now  thank you actually 250 250 okay oh I just bought my  first messy jersey inent Miami too I’ve always wanted one of those  always he’s only been like what on   the team for 6 months now but everybody  loves the Messi Jersey and I feel like  

The US is going to get a lot  more into football with that [Music] move I’ve been buying so  much stuff guys I don’t know how I’m   going to be able to put everything  inside of my bag to get on out of

Here thank you all right let me make sure yep  that is a five I’m so confused with the money   here yeah I I can’t get I still haven’t got it  down a lot of the bills look very similar Salam  

Alaykum some are two different colors yes some are  two different colors yeah and um there’s actually   like a new bill and an old bill I feel like some  of them look completely different but yeah Guys  

These here are the streets of DACA at night I  mean super cool to walk around and just see all   of this isn’t it every time I’m in countries  like this I just think about like how boring  

Our country is like it’s so boring walking around  the US um during the days at night like you can’t   just walk around your neighborhood like leave your  house and just be into something like this and you  

Can’t just go talk to people and you can’t just go  talk to people I was telling Brad like how amazing   is it here in Bangladesh like every day we’re  interacting with like so many so many people  

I was going to say like 20 30 people but it’s a  way way above that so many people but yeah guys   this here is Dhaka Bangladesh night sorry that I  wasn’t able to show you guys a whole lot more of  

The street dentist here in Bangladesh but I hope  you guys enjoyed those small little Clips because   that’s what this channel is all about showcasing  you showcasing to you guys parts of or parts of   the world that you probably never heard of and  of course um experiences like that one so with  

That being said I’m going to put the camera down  now and I’ll see you guys again soon for another   another video from somewhere around here in  Bangladesh yo Brett thanks a lot for joining   me man yeah of course dude thanks for thanks  for helping me try and negotiate the dentist  

Video unfortunately didn’t go has planed there  was some miscommunication I think he started   I don’t know they started feeling weird after or  something maybe he felt like something was up but   guys we’re just honest guys like trying to make  a cool video and showcase like a profession that  

Most people don’t know about so whatever I’m out  a lot of money so please like share comment this   video and it is what it is life goes on later  guys you always I was the one to take a love

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