The Role of the SS “Helpers” at Auschwitz – Video

The Role of the SS “Helpers” at Auschwitz – Video

The SS “Helpers” at Auschwitz is a thought-provoking video that delves into the Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, “Here There Are Blueberries,” which explores the role of young secretaries at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. The play focuses on a Nazi officer’s photo album, shedding light on the young women who worked as secretaries for the SS, known as Hil Forin or helpers. These women were not drafted but were true believers in Nazi ideology, many of whom were members of the BDM, the female Hitler Youth.

The video raises important questions about the extent of their knowledge of the atrocities happening at the concentration camps. It also highlights the importance of studying the perpetrators of the Holocaust in order to understand how such atrocities could happen. Through interviews with survivors, historians, and playwrights, the video challenges viewers to consider the power of propaganda and indoctrination, as well as the moral responsibility of individuals in times of great evil.

“60 Minutes” does a thorough job of uncovering this lesser-known aspect of Holocaust history, inviting viewers to reflect on the complexities of human nature and societal influences.

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