Inside the Vatican: Pope Francis featured on  – Video

Inside the Vatican: Pope Francis featured on – Video

In a historic interview on 60 Minutes, Pope Francis opens up about various topics, providing an insight into his life and beliefs. The interview takes place at Casa Santa Marta, the Vatican guest house where the Pope resides, showcasing his humility by not living in the lavish papal apartments. The Pope’s presence in the room is described as powerful, with his genuine and thoughtful demeanor leaving a lasting impact.

The interview delves into the Catholic Church’s current challenges, including the sex abuse scandal and criticisms of being out of touch with modern times. Pope Francis addresses these issues with compassion and emphasizes the importance of inclusivity within the Church. He also discusses his visits to a local parish where he witnesses the struggles and hardships faced by the people, highlighting the importance of helping those in need.

Overall, the interview provides a rare opportunity to see a different side of Pope Francis, shedding light on his efforts to bring about positive change within the Catholic Church and beyond.

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