The Smart Cane: Calling, GPS, and Activity Tracking in One – Video

The Smart Cane: Calling, GPS, and Activity Tracking in One – Video

This Smart Cane Makes Calls, Has GPS and an Activity Tracker

The Can-Go Smart Cane is revolutionizing the way we think about mobility aids with its innovative features. This high-tech cane not only provides support while walking but also serves as a lifeline in case of emergencies. With a built-in cellular connection through AT&T’s network, the cane allows users to make calls to designated emergency contacts with the push of a button.

In addition to its phone capabilities, the Can-Go Smart Cane also features GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and a fall detection feature. Users can add multiple caregivers to an online portal to access activity reports and ensure their safety. The lightweight aluminum construction and sleek design make it both practical and stylish.

While the $400 price tag may seem steep, the peace of mind and convenience it offers are invaluable. With a $20 monthly service plan, users can rest easy knowing they have a reliable communication device within arm’s reach. Whether you’re looking for a simplified cane with added functionality or a more tech-savvy option, the Can-Go Smart Cane is a game-changer in the world of mobility aids.

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Video Transcript

This walking cane is also a talking cane during an emergency you can use it as a phone to call for help so guess what I’m calling you from what it’s called the can go smart cane and at $400 it’s about the price of a lot of smartphones and

Yes there’s also a $20 monthly service plan the idea behind Cano is that your cane may be closer to you than your phone in an emergency it has a built-in Cellular Connection through AT&T’s network so you can call someone or answer just by pushing this button here

This cane has its own number that people can bring and when you answer it’ll be like talking on speaker phone that is so cool I need more information this Kane won’t call 911 for you but it will call one person that you save as your emergency contact and eventually you’ll

Be able to call more than one designated contact through the cane you can also add as many caregivers as you want in an online portal and those people will be able to access your activity level reports built-in GPS mapping lets loved ones find you in an emergency through

The online portal and it can also help you track down your cane if you lose it there’s also a fall detection feature that’s in beta which alerts your emergency contact if you fall you can block the call if you don’t need help by pushing any of the control buttons on

The cane there’s also a flashlight that you can turn on with this button at the top and a little screen to show the time who’s calling or how many steps you’ve walked even though it’s loaded with tech I’m impressed with how light this cane still feels and it helps that it’s made

Of aluminum I was expecting something a bit bulkier before I unboxed it but it just feels like a normal cane to charge it you can use this cable that attaches magnetically or put it in a wall mount you’ll want to charge it every night since the battery only lasts up to 2

Days max you can buy it on Kang’s website or at Best Buy the monthly membership fee is waved for the first year Cano’s biggest competition might be the $300 Apple watch SE with support for Cellular Connection along with a $30 aluminum cane you’d still need to pay a

Monthly fee with the Apple watch but it would be $10 instead of $20 but keep in mind you need an iPhone for the Apple watch but you don’t with the can go it comes down to what you’re looking for whether it’s a cane with a more simplified interface and functionality

Or a watch that’s a bit more techy there are also medical alert bracelets and necklaces that can call for help in an emergency which typically don’t cost more than $150 with monthly plans of around $30 but they can be bulky or someone might not remember to put it on

The idea behind Cano is if you need to contact anyone in an emergency you probably have your cane Within Reach there we Go hello hey so I am calling you from a cane right now that is so cool isn’t technology amazing yes I am I’m amazed every day right always so this doubles is something that you can lean on both literally and figuratively see what I did there yes I love it thank you so

Much I appreciate it what are your thoughts on a cane with a built-in phone let us know in the comments and be sure to hit subscribe for more videos on unique gadgets thanks for watching

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