The Unbelievable Things You’ll Only Find in Dubai! – Video

The Unbelievable Things You’ll Only Find in Dubai! – Video

Crazy Things Only Exist In Dubai !
Everyone knows that Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. But no one can imagine the level of wealth of Dubai. A golden toilet, the tallest building in the world, or a group of lions kept in a house… Those are just a few small examples of the many “crazy” things that exist in the city.
It’s really difficult for us as no words can describe the luxury and strangeness of Dubai. But I hope the images we are about to send can help you visualize this famous city more clearly.

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Crazy things only exist in Dubai everyone knows that Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world but no one can imagine the level of wealth of Dubai a golden toilet the tallest building in the world or a group of lions kept in a house those are just a few small

Examples of the many crazy thing that exist in the city it’s really difficult for us as no words can describe the luxury and strangeness of Dubai but I hope the images we are about to send can help you visualize this famous city more clearly policeing supercart I have a

Friend who wants to become a racing driver and I sincerely advised him to go to Dubai to become a police officer what I’m saying may sound stupid but I’ll tell you why I’m giving this advice there is rarely a police force in the world equipped with a powerful array

Of supercars like the duai police to serve the purpose of maintaining security and Order suppressing crime Dubai authorities do not hesitate to spend millions of dollars to equip cut even supercars or the police force that’s why Dubai Police have almost all the names in the world of supercars from

Luxury cars from Mercedes BMW to supercars from Lamborghini Ferrari McLaren or Bugatti all are present by spending too much money to equip the Bugatti Veyron with a maximum speed of up to 48.7 cam according to CNN the Guinness book a world record has certified that Dubai owns the fastest

Police car in the world this may sound a bit excessive but in a place with many supercars like Dubai it is very normal for the police to be equipped with a fast car to suppress crime currently the Dubai police’s Fleet of supercars has at least 14 models as frequently in

Addition to the Lamborghini ofed and buti veyon in the Dubai Police Fleet there are also extremely rare supercars such as the Aston Martin one 77 Bentley Continental GT Ferrari a Mercedes-Benz braas G wagon however the number is approaching may increase as the Dubai government continuously adds new car

Models to the police force so once again if you love speed and want to transform into a member of fast INF Furious go to Dubai and register to be a police officer right away number 40 experience the world’s longest Urban zip line if you have ever dreamed of becoming a Spider-Man then

Come with me to Dubai I am sure you will be transformed into a Spider-Man in this city I’m not lying to you this is absolutely the truth just buy a ticket for Exline Dubai Marina and right after that you will experience the feeling of flying through buildings like Spider-Man

Dubai is home to world record structures and the xline zipline that allows visitors to fly over the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina is the longest Urban zipline in the world the zip line lasts nearly 3 cm at an altitude of 170 m above sea level the takeoff platform is

Located at the top of the amage tower and the experiencer will land at the Dubai Marina Mall rooftop admiring the most magnificent views throughout the journey with a slope incline of 16° and a speed of up to 80 kma W trip is re only for those who love Thrills the cost

Of one zip line costs from 650 a 1200 Aid equivalent to about 800 used number 13’s in Bru ORD his pars if from the beginning of the video until now it’s not enough for you to know how luxurious and Wealthy Dubai is then let me take you to the place where there is

An ATM that dispenses gold with many highclass architecture and skyscrapers the people of Dubai also create things that seem only in their imagination and the creation of a gold ATM is one of the things that shows the distance your flowers as machines are now no longer just a definition of exchanging or

Transferring money but have transformed into gold dispensers these machines are located everywhere in shopping malls in Dubai City visitors will be quite surprised and the origin of these eight Miss is said to come from Germany and was was customized by Dubai to be able to withdraw gold in fact these ATMs have

The same operating Principle as vending machines although they look much more luxurious from the outside the gold ATM will let you withdraw 99,999 gold bars weighing from 1 G to 250 g not only can you withdraw gold but this ATM can also automatically change the gold price according to

International gold prices with updates every 10 minutes if you could travel to Dubai you should experience withdrawing gold from these ATMs the feeling will be very enjoyable and Exciting number 12 air conditioned at bus stop installing air conditioning at bus stops sounds wasteful and crazy but remember that this is Dubai and the reason for the government to do this seems quite reasonable unlike you thinking with mainly desert terrain jubai has hot weather with high humidity and average temperatures the lowest

Temperature here in the summer is 30° C this is also the reason why you buy resident limit going out during the day therefore installing air conditioning for bus stations is understandable at the bus stops you feel like you’re in a budget hotel you can use free Wi-Fi

Charge your phone drink water and even sleep there but the people of Dubai don’t seem to care about that they don’t want to go out and if they do go out they won’t choose the bus therefore these waiting spots are very deserted and are mainly used only

By tourists oh I really think that if it appeared in our country homeless people would probably take shelter at these bus stops instead of lying on the side of the Road number 11 Royal Starbucks this Starbucks in Dubai is unlike any Starbucks you’ve seen before could this be the most beautiful Starbucks in the world inside the iben batuta shopping center in Dubai is a unique Starbucks with a design so outstanding that you have to see it with your own eyes to

Believe it when most people visit a Starbucks they know exactly what to expect but that’s not the case in Dubai where they have a Starbucks unlike any you’ve ever seen before so of course I had to go check when you think of Starbucks you might think of stereotypical boring Bland or dull but

In Dubai even Starbucks has a royal Middle Eastern style I felt like I was in a Persian Palace but I was actually in the world’s largest themed shopping mall called iben batuta in Dubai South just past Palm jera inside there are six themed areas based on India China Persia

Egypt Tunisia and Andalusia I think even the most shopping hating husband will find something interesting here and of course if you really don’t like shopping there’s always the Magnificent Starbucks ntin bedroom under the ocean Atlantis underwater Suite is the place that will make your aquarium dreams come true

Hidden between the calm turquoise Waters of the Arabian Gulf and the Majestic skyline of Dubai Atlantis the Palm is considered the crown of the world famous artificial palm Island there underwater Suite is the most special room type because it is located deep underwater with Florida ceiling transparent glass

Windows looking straight into into the hotel’s 65,000 individual aquarium in the evening float away in the marble bathtub with views of the Ambassador Lagoon and be mesmerized as sharks rays and fish pass right above your head at first glance The Villa looks like a house floating on the sea but in fact it

Is only half of the house because the ground floor of this Villa is submerged Under the Sea opening a vast Ocean World right outside the window to complete this unique house it took the architect’s 5,000 hours of research and thir 13,000 hours of design and Technical Construction number n exotic pets as you on the personal pages of famous rich people in Dubai images of giant pets such as jaguars lions appearing with supercars or expensive items have become familiar although keeping lions tigers and leopards as pets is illegal and dangers and threatens wildlife in the

United Arab Emirates rich people still regularly appear with them in dubet or other cities before becoming pet wild animals were domesticated making them obey their owners and compared to giant cats the mighty tiger of the Green Forest is docile on a leash and is even a close friend of the children here

Lions become car guards and cheetah are also popular pets variable indan sloth gentle primates with wild Behavior are also popular as pets in the Dubai’s rich people’s hobby of raising wild animals is just an act to prove their wealth and power but we also need to admit that

They are truly Brave when they dare to live with Nature’s most terrifying Predators number eight tunning architectural works in the world coming to Dubai you can not only fulfill your shopping dreams and could experience unique cultural features but when traveling in this country you will have the opportunity to admire unique and

Majestic architectural Works superlative architectural Works in Dubai always make visitors surprised and admire their overwhelming luxury in Grand coming to Dubai and having to check in with the Burge Khalifa is something that travel enthusiasts often whisper to each other this Tower is one of Dubai’s most typical architectural works and is also

A symbol reminding of this special land the cost to build Burge Khalifa is 1.5 billion US berie Khalifa is also currently the tallest tower in the world with a height of 8298 M the design was inspired by the himalis flower this Tower is currently the hottest checkin in spot in Dubai and

Is also a busy shopping entertainment and dining place loved by many tourists besides Khalifa another place that is also challenging the imagination of tourists is cayen tower cayen Tower is an architectural work in Dubai that is highly appreciated for its appearance and utility this project is also the

Tallest building in the world at 306 M and has 80 floors that can rotate 90° it is known that the group of Architects who built this project is Skidmore Owings and meril Sal the same group of Architects who designed the famous bur Khalifa Tower or Trump Tower

In Chicago of course the two buildings of this group of Architects are truly impressive but they cannot be compared in terms of Power with the Dubai frame project this unique work is located in Dubai’s zabel Park and holds the record as the largest picture frame on the planet voted by The Guardian newspaper

The height of this Frame is up to 15024 M and the width is 95.5 5 frame M Dubai frame is considered the craziest architectural work in Dubai here there is an observatory with a breathtaking view of Dubai the appearance of Dubai frame is strikingly dilder with green

Motifs on the frame making this place often compared to a gate connecting to another dimension but all three of the above structure are really not the limit for the ameritus they want to do crazier bigger things and next I will show you what they did nade structures seen from space the

Boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space is the Carmen line named after physicist Theodor Von Carman located 100m above the planet’s surface in fact there are only a very very few man-made structures visible from space and the Palm jera Island in Dubai is one of them with an 800 M lens this artificial arelo

Can be observed from the International Space Station orbiting at an altitude of about 400 km above sea level the the Palm Islands in Dubai are a collection of three artificial Islands built by NA heel properties the property developer in the United Arab Emirates those three islands are palm jera palm jabul Ali and

Palm Dera construction of the islands began in 2001 the islands were commissioned by sh Muhammad bin Rashid or mum to enhance tourism development in Dubai each settlement will be shaped like a palm tree surrounded by a crescent-shaped Ark and will have many entertainment and residential centers on it

The Islands are located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf would add 520 chem of beaches to Dubai the first two islands consist of about 100 million cubic M of Rock and Sand built up Palm daa consists of 1 million cubic met of Rock and Sand all

Materials are mined domestically between the three islands are more than 100 luxury hotels exclusive beachfront Villas and residential Apartments marinas amusement parks restaurants shopping malls Sports and Fitness facilities to this day this archipelago has become a symbol of duai proof of the wealth and Madness of the rich in this

Country number six gold toilet paper besides eems there withdraw gold in Dubai there are many different forms of lavish use of gold such as plating gold all over cars decorating billiard tables with gold and even dishes plated with gold on top but they don’t stop the

There the super rich in Dubai are so different that they make gold toilets and use gold toilet paper toilet paper is an indispensable necessity in human life it is considered a product that helps clean the body but in Dubai it has been raised to a new level products that

Are beneficial for health help take the best care of the deepest skin areas and bring luxury importance and class for users dubbed the most expensive luxury toilet paper in the world imp plated with gold produced by the toilet paper man company in Australia it costs 1.5

Million us for a roll thanks to the goldplated paper surface this type of paper is very popular among the super rich buyers can customize patterns according to their preferences and of course to buy Super Rich are the Australian company’s most frequent and largest customers not only paper but

Even toilets are also made from gold among them most famous One belongs to the sevenstar Dubai hotel Burge Arab this toilet is famous for being made from 24 karat gold creating an extreme luxurious and unique experience more than just an ordinary toilet it is a

Work of art and a symbol of luxury and luxury use of goals to make toilets is a symbol of Dubai’s style and class when it comes to luxury amenities and Experiences shopping Paradise just now I said that there is a magnificent Starbucks inside a giant shopping mall and now that you have gradually become familiar with the impressive things in this city perhaps it is a good time for us to walk around the super large shopping area called I batuta Mall this

Is the largest shopping center in the world symbolizing the retail and entertainment industry in Dubai with Unique Designs the center is named after the legendary Arab explorer iben batuta Eben batuta mall has become one of the fastest growing areas of Dubai like an explosive Hidden Gem Dubai mle Prides

Itself on its diversity with more than 1200 stores containing thousands of international Brands and Unique Products this is where visitors can freely shop for the world’s leading fashion brand gorgeous jewelry advanced electronics and many other Unique Products duai Mall’s team is always up to date with the latest collections ensuring that

Visitors always can experience the latest fashion trends and Technology products in addition to having the opportunity to shop for top products Dubay Mall also gives visitors a shopping experience in a luxurious and classy space designed with high ceilings Exquisite lighting and many unique works of art Dubai Mall is not merely a place

For shopping but also an atmosphere of Art and fashion visitors will feel like they’re participating in an exciting Adventure in this SP I only have one piece of advice for you which is to be careful not to stray from your family and friends although the security forces

Are very friendly and helpful with their huge area it can take you all day to find your Companion number four the highest tennis court in the world we have seen the extremely Fierce tennis matches that made the audience’s hearts skip a beat W have you ever heard of tennis matches where tennis players can fall from buildings more than 200 M high this blue rooftop tennis court was built at the

Top of the burel Arab Hotel this is considered the highest tennis court in the come to burel Arab hotel in Dubai to experience the heart-stopping feeling of running and jumping on the unique Tennis Court located on thep top floor of the hotel 21 m above the ground the grass

Covered helipad was transformed into a tennis court 6 years ago to promote the opening event of the sevenstar hotel the project is part of a media advertising plan of the Dubai Duty free men open prestigious tennis tournament held in Dubai this tennis court is 211 s m above

Sea level with a surface area of about 415 s m in February 2005 two famous tennis players Andre gassi and Roger fedra one St this unique tennis court competing in a 20-minute friendly match although the field area is relatively large the two players must try very hard

To avoid running too fast or hitting difficult balls especially at the edge of the field although there is a net underneath it is quite low compared to the height of the field heart-shaped love Lake if Palm islands is a wonderful human construction seen from space then love

Lake located in the desert near Dubai can be called the most beautiful man-made structure in the world when viewed from an airplane love Lake a heart-shaped artificial Lake located in the desert near Dubai this is perhaps one of the most impressive sites for romantic couples visiting the Middle

East love lake is considered a Hidden Gem of the Arid desert technically two intertwined heart-shaped Lakes located near Al Quadra Oasis with a huge area of up to 550,000 sare M this beautiful tourist destination can even be seen from space located a Fair distance from any urban areas love lake is a true

Oasis surrounded by desert as far as the eye can see this place is also special considering that in addition to the heart- shied Lake the desert also has hundreds of thousands of varieties of shrubs more than 16,000 trees and thousands of colorful flowers including red bonias arranged in the shape of a

Heart or to spell out the word love launched in November 2018 Dubai’s love Lake started attracting attention after the Crown Prince of Dubai by shared an aerial photo of the lake on his popular Instagram account with a caption sent to all of you although love lake has become

A popular destination for Romantics in the Middle East to truly appreciate its beauty you must view it from at least 50 m above ground otherwise all you’ll see is a slightly riged Lake visitors can choose to experience the view from a helicopter or at least fly a drone over

The lake if neither of those options are feasible you can just browse its photos on the Internet or ADM it on Google Earth we all can’t see it from the ground but the word loves is made up of hundreds of trees and almost everything here is shaped like hearts Lakes flower

Arrangements and even a bad Min in court with Insight so if you are tired of the sky high buildings Giant shopping malls and artificial Islands of Dubai head out to the desert about 50 Kim and explore the unique love Lake number two Frozen Paradise with although the lowest temperature in Dubai is still 30 Dey if you want to travel here I recommend bringing warm Cotton shirts I know I’m making you feel stupid again but you can absolutely freeze if you go to chill out Ice cafe in Dubai

Amid the sweltering heat of tropical summer days people sometimes crave the feeling of sipping hot coffee in the cold and chill out is the place that will help you have that experience the temperature is usually around 40 Deca and sometimes reaches over 50 de you can imagine how the heat will torture you

Of course at those times chill out Ice cafe is an irresistible attraction upon arrival guests will be provided with thermal clothing to keep them warm in temperatures are 6 day she thermal kit includes a hooded Parker wool gloves additional shoes and socks if needed they were then instructed to spend a few

Minutes in the buffer zone to get acquainted the temperature in the buffer zone is set at 5 O giving the body time to adapt to the low temperature before officially setting foot inside chill out Ice cafe inside this 232 s m creation everything is perfect for you to enjoy the feeling

Of becoming an ice queen or turning yourself into an Eskimo living in Igloo houses built from ice and snow blocks because from chandel tables benches to glasses plates and even the bar all made from Ice chair made of ice don’t worry because they will be covered with a

Thick and warm sheep skin to make your sitting position more comfortable the cafe floor is made from anti-slip ceramic tiles ensuring safety for visitors chilot Ice cafe is a novel combination of Sub-Zero temperatures with a Unique Interior Design thanks to Innovations in refrigeration lighting and ice sculpture technology the space

Is not damp or has ice melted all are lit with heat-free lead lights diffused light that changes color continuously shines through the crystal clear ice blocks becoming a fairy garden for families with young children or a romantic space for couples on dates all these elements are creatively arranged

To give visitors a unique experience inside the world’s leading Bank number War the largest aquarium besides the icy Paradise of chill out Dubai city will continue to shock You by building the world’s largest aquarium in the middle of the desert Dubai aquarium is an artificial aquarium located in the Dubai mold with many colorful and diverse Marine creatures especially the

World’s largest fish species such as sharks Dubai aquarium contains 10 million lighter of water with more than 33,000 Marine creatures located in the world’s largest shopping center Dubai Mall aquarium once achieved a Guinness record with the title aquarium with the largest acrylic acid panel in the world with different fish species and diverse

Colors will be extremely interesting for you visiting the aquarium during the Dubai tour visitors will see the Vivid underwater world through the world’s largest panel at the same time walk through the underwater tunnel to see the impressive variety of real istic and colorful sea creatures you can even see giant

Crocodiles over 5 m long surely you will be extremely surprised by its size and greatness you can start by walking under the 48m long tunnel to see a PL the colorful fish swimming around or you can join a scuba diving tour with diving goggles to swim in the underwater world

Even Swimming with Sharks a feeling that is both terrifying and very interesting from skyscrapers to sparkling Desert from luxury shopping experience is a unique culture Dubai never stops letting us discover the extraordinary I think you should come here once in your life the experiences they will make you have the most wonderful moments

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