Trying the lowest rated dishes in Vietnam! – Video

Trying the lowest rated dishes in Vietnam! – Video

In this episode of the Best Ever Food Review Show, Sonny and Calvin take on the challenge of trying Vietnam’s worst rated foods. From fermented pork sausage to pork Jello and fermented shrimp paste, they dive into the flavors and aromas of these unconventional dishes.

Starting with the Nem chua Bà Chín, a fermented pork sausage, they explore the process of making this dish and learn about its unique flavors. Moving on to the Cơm Niêu Đệ Nhất, a pork jello made with various pork cuts, they delve into the textures and flavors of this traditional dish.

But the highlight of the episode is the Bún Đậu Tiến Hải, a dish featuring a variety of meats and fried tofu served with fermented shrimp paste. Despite the strong smell of the shrimp paste, they find the dish to be full of flavors and textures that complement each other perfectly.

Through their culinary journey, Sonny and Calvin discover that these low-rated foods are often misunderstood and underappreciated. They emphasize the importance of experiencing different cuisines and embracing the diversity of flavors and ingredients each culture has to offer.

So, if you’re looking to challenge your taste buds and explore the culinary delights of Vietnam, be sure to check out this episode of Eating Vietnam’s WORST Rated Foods on the Best Ever Food Review Show. And don’t forget to subscribe to their channel for more exciting food adventures from around the world.

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