Ultimate Street Food Experience in Honolulu, Hawaii – Pricey but Worth It! – Video

Ultimate Street Food Experience in Honolulu, Hawaii – Pricey but Worth It! – Video

If you’re in search of street food heaven, look no further than the monthly street food market on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. This market offers a diverse range of foods from around the world, including Korean, Jamaican, and of course, Hawaiian cuisine. This video takes you on a mouth-watering journey through the vibrant and bustling market, where you can sample unique treats like pineapple slushies and Brazilian pão de queijo. Get a taste of the vibrant Hawaiian food scene and immerse yourself in the lively street food culture of Honolulu. The only downside? The street food in Hawaii can be a bit on the pricey side, but the unique and delicious offerings make it worth the splurge. So if you’re looking for an adventure in Hawaiian street food, don’t miss out on this exciting market!

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Video Transcript

This is what a pineapple in Hawaii looks like  thank you appreciate it oh yeah buddy this is   what I’m talking about look at this these are  these are PRS it’s wrapped in a Greek P dough   deep tied and it’s dressed with the pineapple  vinegre food in Hawaii is hell of expensive  

But there hasn’t been one thing that I’ve tried  here that is disappoined me for all the homies in   Jamaica look they got Jamaican food everywhere  here in Hawaii what’s up everybody welcome to   another beautiful day here in Hawaii right now  it’s actually um 900 p.m. and there’s a huge  

Block party taking place here in wakiki beach and  I figured why not let me tune on in and show you   guys the atmosphere here because I just found  out that this block party actually takes place   every single month and it’s literally Street Food  Heaven guys there’s all kinds of Hawaiian snacks  

All kinds of great things to try so I figured  why not let’s make a little street food video   and let me show you guys The Vibes here in wakiki  now it’s completely different than the last video  

I filmed here at night and I know I’m showing  you guys a lot of wakiki but it’s because I’ve   been using this time in Hawaii to relax and just  enjoy myself after spending well too many months  

In Asia just filming every single day however this  you guys have to see and before we actually dive   on into this I want to let you guys know man yo  I just saw Floyd Mayweather on a bicycle with a  

Whole bunch of TMT like bodyguards cruising down  the down the street I got a pretty bad video of   him uh but man that was super sick to see um man I  was a little bit star star struck the moment I saw  

Him I was like bro that’s Floyd that’s crazy but  um yeah I went trying to find him again but they   were gone they were gone they were on bicycles  but hey it made for a nice little dopamine rush  

It was cool to see and of course I’m with glattus  hello she’s Hawaiian out right now she’s wearing   her Little Flower did you take off the necklace oh  the Le the Le I put it away a she’s saving it for  

Next time but yeah this here is the wakiki block  party and from what I’ve been told it takes place   once a month so you definitely want to schedule  your trip around this time because it’s awesome  

So here there’s all kinds of street food vendors  clothing vendors we got to keep it walking when we   hear music though and there’s also food trucks  absolutely everywhere this one here is selling   churo Sundays with ice cream pints that looks  pretty nice that I never seen before chural  

Sundays it’s a Sunday with a bunch of churos that  sounds amazing that sounds bum yeah that sounds   good now the problem with this street food video  is that it’s not like any other street food video   we typically see here things are a little bit a  little bit pricier compared to southe East Asia  

But still definitely worth trying now they also  got the ice cream truck out here but we’re not   going to get a Plano ice cream because there’s  actually some unique ice creams I’ve never seen   before a little bit further up the road so we’ll  try those once we get a little closer but yeah  

Guys the streets are active out here tonight I  mean there’s all kinds of families and groups   of friends out here enjoying the atmosphere I’m  noticing too that there’s a lot of um food from   around the world they got Jamaican food here  Filipino food food from all over the world can  

Be found here in wakiki tonight now look at  these shirts oh no they’re tows they’re Aloha   tows those look super nice look glce they got your  favorite the trigger fish a I bet here there’s a  

Bunch of trigger fishes look for all your homies  all your homies in Jamaica for all the homies in   Jamaica look they got Jamaican food everywhere  here in Hawaii Frozen pineapple slushie man we   miss Jamaica nothing but good vibes in Jamaica huh  we got to come back soon there’s a lot more I want  

To see in Jamaica we got to make our way back to  that beautiful island in the near future but yeah   let’s see what kind of good food we can dive on  into first now look these are all the different  

Plates that they got they got shrimp scandies  barbecue pulled pork o yeah yeah yeah a little bit   of everything and they write Aloha on the corn on  the corn oh that sounds bum you know what I really   want I want one of those pineapp that we see  everybody get drinking those pineapple smoothies  

Look like they’re going to hit the spot all  pineapples yeah like these ones right here look   at those oh yeah those look nice look they got  sugar cane juice now the problem with this area  

Is that um it’s pretty congested so it’s going to  take a little bit of time to walk around but just   enjoy people watching with me this is actually  one of those one of those things I love is walking  

Through these market and just just people watching  staring at people I know that sounds weird but   it’s fun it makes for a good time all right  let’s go on our little Cruise what are these  

They got some tacos some tacos you can never go  wrong with tacos they got a big old store selling lace no it’s a good vibe out here and  as I mentioned there’s a lot of um   groups of friends and family members  out here it’s a nice way to you know  

Spend an evening if you’re if you manage  to make it here during this time of the month oh wow they got Brazilian  food is that [Music] bu you you   got to try po cheese bread wow it  smells good delicious this smells amazing with cream cheese that is  so delicious it smells delicious  

Man I want to try that but the line’s long  hopefully we don’t run into all long lines   because I want to try several things  but look this here is the pineapple slushies what’s up guys how can we order these  oh that’s the line oh bro thank you appreciate

That I know why I didn’t care here because of   the music the music huh we’ll take  one pineapple smoothie please in a pineapple hard oh there we go this is what  a coconut what a pineapple in Hawaii looks  

Like thank you appreciate it oh yeah buddy this  is what I’m talking about look at this let’s go   look at this a Hawaiian pineapple decorated all  beautiful umbrella and it was only $15 not bad Okay I don’t know if this hits different  because we’re in Hawaii right now but this makes you want to say Why Kiki that  was a bad joke but man it’s super delicious   try some of this glattus I think glattus  is really going to like that wow this is  

So good but pineapp Hawaiian pineapples are so  famous because they’re very sweet I don’t know   it’s because of the the you know because of the  dirt that it’s that they’re grown in huh there’s   actually uh one of the very popular things you  can do here in Hawaii is visit the do Plantation  

Which is awesome we didn’t get a chance to do  it this time around but we’ll be back to make   sure and um and visit that and if you guys give  this video maybe 10,000 likes chis can come back  

Yo very important smash that like button that way  more people can see how beautiful Hawaii is and   that we can you know have a larger impact with  these videos but yeah if this video makes it to   10,000 likes we’ll come back and explore more  of the Hawaiian Islands because there’s seven  

Of them and to be fair we barely scratched the  surface of aahu there’s still so much more to see it no too bomb you know what I think we’re  going to try these I wonder what is that   yeah these are I’ve seen a lot of people  walking around with these so far tonight  

Uh earlier I saw two police officers eating  that so it should be good it should be good   I mean it’s calling my attention hello how’s it  going what are these that I’m seeing everywhere   oh so these are these are prawns it’s wrapped  in a a Greek F dough deep fried and it’s dress  

With the pineapple going to grab wow that  sounds lovely now what are the prices for   him so they’re running 16 $16 oh that’s a  deal yeah let me um let me take one order   can I pay with card abely okay so these  are black jumbo black tiger bronze with  

Big island baby greens I like that so these are  from um the coast of Hawaii these PRS abely all right M smells so good it smells delicious  I’m excited to try these I’m trying to tell   everybody that this is Street Food Heaven  so um how often does this Market take place  

Here this year is once a month once a  month any specific date or it changes it changes W I’m glad I’m glad we made it here  to um Honolulu for the bigi block party so   do we just pick up whichever one everyone  is calling your name all right I’m going  

For this one right here this one’s calling  my name woo awesome thank you so much thank   you I appreciate it thank you so much so this  here is the jumbo black bronze man this looks   amazing how’s the light right here should  be good huh all right my first Hawaiian PR  

And it’s wrapped in I forget what he said it’s  wrapped in shredded shredded F oh wow shredded   filo I still don’t know what that is but  it sounds very nice shredded filo shrimp Damn that’s good about you know [Music]  what food in Hawaii is hell of expensive   but there hasn’t been one thing that I’ve  tried here that is disappointing me this   damn I got no words I’m not even a big  Seafood guy but this this is this is lovely that BR is huge

Y’all and look at the Box live music now we’re kind of running from the  music but there’s live music street performers everywhere you know what your turn you got to try this I love they  put pineapple on the on the bottom I like how  

Everything comes with pineapple a little bit  of lettuce to have my veggies from the day look all you had was salad even  the salad it’s delicious it is huh that is Bomb if you come to wah make sure it’s  a day or between those days you visit  

It’s this Market happening that brown is  huge huh mhm wow that is so good and then   it’s nice that you know you can have a nice  little pineapple juice to wash it all down

With oh man we are they’re not playing they’re not  playing at all huh is this done I think so huh I   think it’s done let’s see if maybe we can find a  trash can excuse me do you have a trash can can  

I throw this in there I know it’s not from your  stand but thank you your prongs nothing to play   with that’s good is this hawaian yes delicious  amazing thank you so much we’ve been doing this  

Dishes this dish for over 35 years over 35 years  won all kind of award wowow man it’s amazing and   it’s filling too and because it’s a jumbo black  it’s jumbo prawn not a little prawn the pra is  

So big the pra’s huge jumbo thank you sir wow  35 years this guy some star of Pacific Cuisine   check us out oh we check it out Che Chef chai  Chef chai man it’s been a pleasure thank you  

Chef chai amazing thank you so much all right  Google Chef chai thank you so much yeah look   Chef chai Pacifica free one appetizer or dessert  if uh you come on by so tell them Chris sent you  

Come by here and let them know that Chris sent  you you don’t have the video from the Boer but   you have the video from T guys I can’t believe I  saw Floyd Mayweather that’s crazy I can’t believe  

That I saw Floyd Mayweather in aiki insane all  right now we’re going to continue on with our   little hunt look they got Hawaiian cane juice  naturally grown in Wula and then over in this   direction these are actually super popular and  it says the second best thing you’ll ever eat so  

We’ll be the judge of that right now yeah  I wonder what the first thing is probably   that this is going to be the second thing we the  second best thing we ever eat though let’s just  

Find a way to make a make a line here Hawaiian  honeycomb so the trick is you just p and then   you get in line and then they the line right there  oh and then they make it okay cool thank you bro  

But I don’t know if I think if you stand in line  okay cool yo that looks like Madness oh [Music] my this is sick I like this oh  Ben I like how everybody’s just   having a great time on here but do  you eat the yellow thing you eat  

Everything except the napkin you eat  everything except the napkin I like that all right let’s see no I didn’t order  is there a line yeah the line’s right there   oh the line’s right there thank you all right  so the line’s here I guess I think everybody’s  

A little confused but this this is a must have  I’m seeing everybody walking around with these   we got to try them everybody’s going crazy  with that look at that that’s it that looks   amazing I think the problem with that is you  got to eat it quick cuz it’s hot I know but my  

Family I’m like where did they go she she  has to find them to share or else there’s   no sharing this bad boy all right we’re  almost next up the line moves fast [Music] though that PR I think I need another order  is wow to be honest that is so good see that’s  

Something in life 35 35 de doing this same he’s  an specialist I love that I love him hello what   are these Honeycombs I see everybody walking  around with so our con is corn T honey cereal   and our ice cream is Japanese vanilla ice cream so  creamer sorry creamier and sweeter than American  

Oh and we hand make everything okay then let me  get one you sold me just the ice cream okay you   guys want to do a crash or card um card how much  is it 15 15 okay let’s go ahead and do this and  

Let’s pay card I like how we can pay with card  here I know well it’s Hawaii it’s Hawaii it makes   everything easier all right and then you’re just  you’re actually next so you I’m next up thank you  

So much yo this is crazy I used to grow I grew up  eating honey comb cereal and she she sold me when   she said it tastes like honeycomb cereal with  Japanese style ice cream inside and the number  

One thing it says that it’s the second best  thing you’ll ever eat what’s the first thing   uh Mama’s cooking Mama’s cooking I like that I  like that she’s not wrong mama mom actually you   know what I’m going to have to go say Grandma’s  cooking then Mama’s cooking so this is the third  

The third exactly oh yeah this is like Christmas  thank you thank you so much oh yo look at this   all right you know this is how they’re making  so many sales everybody walks around and then   everybody starts staring at the the big honeycomb  thing you’re you’re holding and then you end up  

Standing in line that’s what happened to me all  right you want a picture we take you a picture   okay one more please hold on oh my God look at  this guys that is a good picture yo that ice  

Cream is it’s too [Music] good it’s a j this is  a Jay from Joey you know I was eyeing everybody   else it’s good it’s not the second it’s the  third my grandma’s cooking Mama’s cooking then  

This it’s nice I recommend it okay now I feel  like this kind of thing you got to go like this   like you got to go oh my God this is how you eat  it both at the same time to make sure it doesn’t

Waste yo that’s good huh oh the ice cream it’s  BM I can’t wait to get to the waffle part yo   don’t be trying to make memes out of me with  this uh waffle con watching the ice cream is  

Very very sweet it’s good baby watch your  hair you know what it looks like a snorkel   I don’t know what a snorkel is a snorkel  like from snorkeling oh a right yeah yeah exactly yo that’s too good this  is J from y you know what guys

Um we’re going to have to put this down I  think in order to finish this ice cream real   quick oh my God I can already see the jokes  coming I can I had I just knew it I knew the   jokes were coming you better stop because  you’re promoting that conversation right

Now look everybody’s pointing at you too many eyes  not I’m getting stage fry is that pineapple it’s   honeycomb it’s honeycomb oh God and it’s delicious  yeah it’s too good you should buy one and chair   because there’s like six of us yeah yeah I think  six people can handle this yeah that’s good huh  

All right let’s continue on with our walk it’s  like a cereal see that’s what I’m saying they   got good marketing as you’re walking around with  this everybody keeps looking at it then you end   up standing in line it happened to me that’s the  best marketing ever it’s good and it’s delicious  

I’m just than enjoy thank you I’m like a human  buber with this on my hand oh yeah man I almost   want to stop the video that’s too good oh you’re  not going to I’m not over exaggerating like that  

Is amazing amazing ice cream all right let’s  continue on with our little now we had the   juice the main dish and the desser but you know  what I’ll tell you what I’ve made a lot of street  

Food videos in my life but I’ve never spent how  much money have we spent already 16 16 cuz I I   keep pushing a dollar tip as well actually for  this one I skipped the dollar tip but we’re in  

America so they always make you tip or they give  you that option when you pay for something how   much watch this 15 so 15 15 45 bucks I spent so  far yeah but to be honest you never got something  

Like this before neither and you didn’t got a dish  made by T T exactly and I never made a street f   tour and want Kiki so this is once in a lifetime  don’t worry I can help you you can continue your

Video I’m going to get one more bite no no  it’s all yours that’s straight honeycomb   cereal it’s crazy because I thought it it  was a chur wow but it’s not how do they do   this that is Bomb yep that was worth it yep  I’m amazing I’m not even mad I spent $15 on  

That all right let’s continue on showing  you the market let me know what you guys   think of this place so far I mean they got  a lot of junk food look these are stuffed cookies that’s literally what it called these  stuffed cookies and then along with all the  

Street food there’s also all kinds of souvenirs  and things that you can buy you can even buy con   of coffee to take home with you to be honest  if they had con of coffee like that you can  

Just purchase to drink I would destroy that but  yeah they don’t have any coffee available the   closest place I saw around here was a [Music]  Starbucks but yeah what do you guys think   about the vibe so far I mean it’s cool seeing  like a night market surrounded by these palm

Trees people walking around with their coconuts  now for those of you guys who missed the Aloha   Stadium uh video coconuts here in Hawaii are  tend to be expensive at Aloha Stadium they   were $12 a coconut here they’re 15 a cocon cut  and they even had a lechon stand but the Leon’s  

Gone this line sold out no more lechon you guys  sold out quick huh Leon is amazing you can’t go   wrong with [Music] lechon we love that Filipino  Leon actually when we were in the Philippines   last month we ate lechon how many times at  like at least five times it’s in talisi it’s  

In talesai yeah I feel like we’ve been mentioning  the Philippines a lot this series because they’re   just Filipinos everywhere in Hawaii it’s awesome  and look at this they even have hollow hollow in  

The Philip in Hawaii H Hall hello you know when  we were in when we in the H we love it so much   we were in the Philippines last month and we  ate H Holo every day it’s so good we’ll come  

Back thank you oh man I don’t think I can do  anything else sweet though right now pineapple   juice between the pineapple juice in this here is  your day of Joy I got wrecked oh look at that the  

Lady with the sound I think she’s famous on  Tik Tok who the whistle lady oh the whistle lady oh my God chis show the M you’re doing no  you’re fine oh my god oh be careful look at this Guys wow what is that it’s just just  that just put on your toong and Chop   Chop chat chat CH chop whoa you can do like the monkey or the cat wow that is awesome I like that yo that is too funny man I’m  telling you people make the craziest businesses  

Man that’s awesome like they even have Italian  pasta here wow what else what else should we go   for the problem is I feel like we need at least  one more item or else this ain’t a street food  

Video we need at least one more I think three  items is perfectly fine a juice a main dish and   the dessert that is like I got to keep eating  all of this are you an Italian that they ISAT  

That they eat seven dish maybe maybe look at this  they got hot dogs world class hot dogs out here   what’s over in this way the corner rolls oh these  are like spring rolls that was the appetiser the  

The corn would have been good that would have  been some good stuff oh man no I’m impressed   with what what we purchased though those few  items we had were really delicious to be fair   I would keep eating that but before glattus and  I started filming this video we were actually on  

A hunt for an asaio to be real honest with you  I still want that asai Evo no I can’t I really   still want that asai Evo so we might have to  make that happen after this but yeah a lot of  

Jewelry dresses sunglasses everywhere isn’t  this crazy the fake beIN from CR right next   in front of the Croc store that is true I just  noticed that yeah look they sell the fake Crocs   pins right in front of the Croc Store interesting  you know what’s cool about this uh Market though  

Too and everything around W Kiki is that there’s  always police law enforcement around and they take   safety very seriously and you know me being one  of those people especially you know I’m a I’m a   veteran I came from the military background like  I’m always I’m always a bit hesitant when I come  

Into places like this that are just extremely  crowded I know just you know something inside   of me that that I don’t feel super comfortable  and like really really crowded places but here   I feel I feel very safe it’s nice and to be honest  right now it’s nothing guys 2 hours ago this place  

Was like this that’s why I couldn’t actually make  the video then because I couldn’t walk I couldn’t   walk here it was impressive but yeah look they  got Hannah stands the Make A Wish Foundation is here wow they even have sushi on the streets that  is impressive and then a little further up down  

The road they actually have all kinds of Jamaican  Cuisine it’s good good good stuff can be found out   here chicken wings chicken wings look they got  chicken wings loaded bacon fries chili barbecue fries yeah you know what the f the the longer I’m  letting that sit I am actually getting full I am  

Very stuffed you’re stuffed yeah I’m I barely  can’t walk right now all right well we’ll keep   showing you guys the market a little bit I’ll show  you guys more of the Vibes and then um yeah we’ll   see if whether or not we we purchased something  else look they got Pokey fresh [Applause]

Pokey you know I’ve noticed too that that’s one  thing that the Hawaiians Pride themselves on it   doesn’t matter where you go um the people Pride  themselves on the fact that all of their fish is  

Fresh wow oh my God is this shave ice when you can  add your own topping yes that is amazing okay this   is good so this is shave ice and you can walk  around and add your own topping to it that is  

Amazing I haven’t actually seen that at all their  strip man I would get one of these but I feel like   we’ve had a sugar overload already should we  do it when in rum you got to do what Romans do  

You got to do what Romans do all right yo that is  that sounds nice imagine unlimited toppings on a   shave ice can’t get better than that those are the  flavors don’t they I don’t know yeah but I wonder  

How how it works I can’t actually see it up there  it says soft serve pineapple dough Whip and shave ice hello hi get you in this is awesome I’ve never  seen anything like this yeah so you can just walk  

Around and put all the toppings you want yeah  and how much is The Shave Ice guys and this is   the cheapest booth on the on the Strip right now  let’s make it happen we got to buy one of these  

Okay I’ll take one please yeah this is like  one of those things you cannot M up in your lifetime be6 $6 thank you so much and another  one for the kitchen thank you so much wow this   is like Christmas thank you are you guys  here every every W Kiki block party yeah  

Wow amazing business you guys got thank you all  right now the hard part thank you so much look   they got root beer strawberry but banana blue  vanilla Green River lemon lime mango coconuts   pineapple orange guava what we KO what is  that Koy I’m not sure which one should we  

Go for but you’re the other house oh no it’s  the same strawberry banana blue Manila okay   okay you know what I think I’m going to go  with I think the the Green River lemon wait  

Wait wait wait wait wait wait show me the the  the chap ice cream how does it look so yeah it   looks like snow oh looks like a snowball all  right let’s go ahead and try let’s do some

Mango I just don’t know how much you actually  have to put on there all right I think that’s   enough your hard knows your heart knows huh when  you have to stop vanilla banana strawberry what   should we go for coconut coconut maybe coconut  is boring because it’s white I think Coconut’s  

Boring okay um pineapple orange pineapple orange  okay I like oh that’s change it change it okay   let’s do a strawberry okay better oh [ __ ]  I just got it all over my hand blue vanilla   okay blue vanilla Oh yay that’s a rainbow  tape ice cream I think I need a little bit  

More over here in this direction because it’s  kind of strawberry it’s kind of dry over here   all right a show me that beauty look at that  t all right let’s try it now do you want a

Picture no I think I’m good yo that’s good  hey it’s nice I like the mango actually and   you know what the best part about this stand is  you can just keep refilling topping yesterday   we actually had a shave ice and it didn’t  quite all the toppings didn’t quite make  

It to the bottom part of the ice here see  eat the top and then go back and refill it yeah I’m not sleeping tonight we’re only missing  one thing the condensed milk on the top you’re  

Right you’re right but it’s $6 you can’t go wrong  yeah yeah you can go wrong TR I think you’re going   to be impressed it’s super delicious okay my first  rainbow chave ey did I say that’s right chave

I M tastes like candy it’s good huh and I like  the eyes you know it’s soft it’s not like those   eyes you got and and at the end you just drop  all your ey your shave eyes that’s bomb huh  

Amazing amazing I love you sir well you know what  guys I think with the shave ice we’re actually   going to bring this video to an end I want to  enjoy that and then enjoy Also the rest in the  

Blog party but I just wanted to give you guys  a little taste of what the blog party hello I   just wanted to give you guys a little taste of  the blog party show you the Vibes this place is  

Awesome it would have been selfish for me not to  film this if you’re coming to aiki try and plan   your trip around a weekend when this is taking  place and make sure to of course support all  

Of your local vendors no matter where you go  in the world it’s great that you know things   like this exist it brings people together it’s  awesome thank you so much for joining me of   course and I’ll see you guys again soon another  video maybe from here in Hawaii we’ll see later

Guys I was the one to take a  love I remember how we started

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