Unprotected Shark Swimming on Oahu’s North Shore: A Risky Adventure 🦈🌊🏄‍♂️ – Video

Unprotected Shark Swimming on Oahu’s North Shore: A Risky Adventure 🦈🌊🏄‍♂️ – Video

Are you ready for a thrilling and unforgettable adventure? In this video, you’ll get to witness something truly extraordinary – swimming with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore, without a cage! You’ll learn about shark conservation and get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

The video features an exciting tour with Deep Blue Eco Tours, a reputable company that offers this exhilarating experience multiple times a day. You’ll also get to meet the knowledgeable and friendly crew who will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the adventure.

The North Shore of Oahu is known for its stunning natural beauty and serene ambiance, making it an ideal location for such an exhilarating activity. The video showcases the breathtaking landscapes and tranquil vibes of the North Shore, providing a glimpse into the serene side of Hawaii.

As you watch the video, you’ll witness the majesty of the gopo sharks, tiger sharks, and other species that call the waters off the North Shore home. The divers share their experiences and dispel myths about these incredible creatures, emphasizing the peaceful coexistence between humans and sharks.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply intrigued by the wonders of marine life, this video is sure to captivate and inspire you.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an adventure unlike any other, join us on this thrilling journey and witness the beauty of swimming with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore – without a cage!

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Video Transcript

So the gopo sharks are the most common species  that we have so these guys right here they’re   about 8 to 10 ft I don’t know how many but  I saw one tiger shark for sure I like eight  

Gpos and eight Galapagos right now as we were  coming up there was a little baby one so what   we ask you guys to do is to use your voice to  spread awareness um the best thing you can do  

Is tell everyone what you did today you guys went  with like eight goopo sharks a tiger shark people   have never even seen a shark in real life so  I’m just telling people about your experience   um how we can easily and peacefully coexist  how they’re not the man eating monster there  

Like Jaws in the media p tray in the be what’s  up everybody welcome back to another beautiful   day here on the island of Hawaii now today I’m  actually on the NorthShore it’s bright and early   it’s 9:30 a.m. and today I have a very special  video planned for you guys because we’re going  

To be doing something that well to be honest I  never thought I’d actually do in my life we’re   going to be swimming with sharks here on the  NorthShore of Hawaii now this is actually an   activity that’s very popular here in Hawaii and  tourists from all around the world come here  

Every single day to do this both in a cage and  without a cage today we’re going to be doing it   take a guess without a cage now it took a little  bit of convincing because to be honest with you  

Guys sharks well you know we all have like this  misunderstanding that sharks are just incredibly   dangerous animals and too many sharks are their  biggest fears So today we’re going to learn a   little bit more about these amazing animals and of  course get up close and personal with them with a  

Company called Deep Blue Echo tours now they’re  actually one of the most popular tour companies   here in the region they do tours several times a  day from this beautiful Port that we’re at right   now in the NorthShore and I’ll leave all of  their contact information down below so that  

You can reach on out if you find this video  interesting and if this well catches your eye   because I have a feeling this is not going to be  for everybody but it should be exciting so join  

Me for an awesome adventure from here in aahu  so the boat is actually not here just yet but   let me just tell you guys this side of the island  is super impressive everybody told us that well  

This is one of the most beautiful sides of the  island and I can already see why it’s a lot more   calmer there’s not any big huge buildings and Why  Kiki Beach where we’ve actually been staying the  

Last few days you’re always hearing music um to be  honest people partying having fun which is totally   fine but it’s nice to feel like you know the local  Island Vibes and this town that we’re in right now  

That I actually can’t pronounce but I’ll leave the  name of right here at the bottom is actually super   cal and as we were driving in you can see all  of the different mountains the Dole Plantation  

Was actually just off side of the road um on the  same bus route that we actually took to get here   so it’s quite impressive that you can actually  visit a lot of the tourist attractions here on   aahu simply by taking the city bus so seriously  um take that into consideration when planning your  

Trip here in aahu now you can actually purchase  this card called a Holo card or a Holo card I’m   not too sure how you pronounce it either but  you can purchase this card at a store called ABC   stores and they’re actually located absolutely  everywhere it’s kind of like a 7-Eleven it’s a  

One-Stop shop and the card cost $7.50 for a day  pass but for the initial purchase you actually   have to pay $2 for the card but every single  day you can walk on in there and reload them  

And trust me it definitely is convenient because  each time you get on a bus it’s $3 even if you get   on the bus and just ride it two three stops um  it adds up quite quick like for example on the  

Way here this morning I actually had to get off  the bus for an emergency stop at the bathroom at   Starbucks I know a little bit too much information  but we ended up spending $18 for the both of us  

To get all the way down here because why because  chrisopher got his Holo card in the hotel typical   Chris things you know what I’m saying but yeah  this place is gorgeous I think next time I visit  

Aahu I’m definitely going to plan to stay a few  days here in the NorthShore it’s so beautiful   and definitely a lot more a lot more relaxing The  Vibes I was actually looking forward to here in

Hawaii my name’s Kai U Michaela right here she’s  going to be your safety diver today um so when   you’re in the water you’re going to be hanging out  with Michaela uh she’ll talk to you guys all about  

The sharks make you feel nice and comfortable  before we get out there but obviously you guys   need anything at all just feel free to ask we’re  all here to you know take care of you make this a  

Nice fun experience and then Gavin right here he’s  going to be your sa uh sorry photographer today   um so if you guys are interested in the photo  package Gavin does a really awesome job he’ll   run you through that process and then similarly  Timmy he’s our videographer shoots all of our  

Instagram content and everything um so you guys  have some really great options today with the   photo and video package and then just a few very  basic things to note for boat safety um we have  

Two fire extinguishers on board one right next to  me right here there’s one in the sink in the cabin   we also have life vest underneath the seats in  the cabin and uh if we needed to contact the Coast  

Guard Channel 16 up on the radio here but we’re 3  miles out still in sell service the whole time um   run a very safe operation uh Michael will talk to  you guys all about it and then we’ll we’ll make  

Our way out there so thank you all righty guys how  you feeling you ready excited yeah all righty so   before we get into the Sharks we’re going to see  in kind of their behavior in the water and how  

It’s going to work out there a little background  information about why we’re able to shark dive   out here how we get the Sharks things like that  um a lot of places in the world are not able to  

Free dive with sharks especially only 3 miles  off shore so we’re really really lucky um but   basically over the past 75 years or so the crab  fishing industry has been really big out of this   Harbor so basically wherever we go to shark di  in that zone there’s tons of crab traps on the  

Bottom and the sharks are kind of conditioned to  in any boat enters area they think it’s a crab   fishing boat so what these crab fishermen are  doing are pulling up their traps and things are   falling out or they’re just throwing things over  that are not the right species or size regulation  

Um so when any bat enters the area the sharks are  just going to check it out see what’s happening   um and they hope it’s the fishing boat um so all  we do is we go out there and we mimic what these  

Boats do when they pull their traps so they go  in reverse they make a lot of bubbles they make   a lot of noise you’ll see us doing that when we  get out there um and then once the Sharks notice  

We’re in the area they kind of come up from the  bottom once we see them trailing our boat that’s   our green light to get in with them so um it’s  really cool how they’re kind of just waiting  

Out there um they don’t see us as Predators I  mean as food whatsoever um we are much larger   than what they eat so they just see us as other  predators in the water um which makes for really   good interaction with them um it’s a controlled  environment so you guys are completely safe with  

All of us um and like Kai said if you guys have  any questions anything like that let us know we’re   here to make your experience um amazing fun and  just get you guys in the water with sharks and  

See how amazing they are um but let’s talk about  the Sharks we’re going to see so the glago sharks   are the most common species that we have so these  guys right here they’re about 8 to 10 ft so GPO  

Sharks are really slow moving so what they like to  do is kind of make circles around us in the boat   uh they’re very attractive to the boat so most of  the time they’ll be hanging out like right behind  

The boat right under the boat um but again like  I said they’re the most common species we have   um they’re going to be present with us throughout  the whole dive most likely so these are the globo

Sharks let’s see what we got next next we have our  Sandbar sharks so these guys right here they’re   much smaller they’re about 3 to 6 3 to 7 ft um  it’s not really the time for sandbar sharks right  

Now but there is a possibility that they swim by  um like I said they’re much smaller their behavior   is also much different than the Glo GH sharks so  these guys are very energetic they’re very fast  

Moving in the water uh they make sharp turns they  move up and down the water coling really quickly   nothing to be alarmed about that’s just how they  are this species is just really energetic so um if   we have these guys you’ll definitely notice their  behavior in the water so those are The Sandbar  

Sharks next we have our tiger sharks so our tiger  sharks are the biggest species we have they’re   about 15 to 16 ft and it is Tiger season so  there’s a possibility that we see tigers um what  

I mean by Tiger season is these bigger sharks are  coming down from the other Hawaiian islands and   closer to sh and aahu for their puffing season and  for mating season so um we see a lot of pregnant  

Females we’ve been seeing a lot of juveniles this  season so it’s really really cool to see um these   large sharks that we don’t get to see a lot um  and it’s uh a very lucky dive if you guys do get  

To see them so um we did have some this morning  so there’s a really good chance that we have   them on our next dive today um but basically our  protocol with tiger sharks is you guys are just  

Going to group up really close together um or  hold on to the safety line the most important   thing is that no one is off by thems when we have  a tiger um just because sometimes they do make  

Bold approaches that require physical R Direction  um so we will be handling that you guys will just   kind of be hanging out observing the tiger as she  passes by um but again like I said just no one off  

Alone just making sure you guys are listening to  us we’ll be communicating with you guys the whole   entire time but any questions about tiger sharks  basically the front of the boat will be tied to a  

Moing which is a really deep anchor so what that  means is the back of the boat can be swinging   side to side or bouncing up and down of the wind  and the waves and things like that um nothing to  

Be alarmed about it’s just very important that we  are aware of our surroundings at all time so it’s   very important that you guys know which direction  you’re swimming in uh where you are in the water  

Especially compared to the boat we’re going to try  to say about 15 to 20 ft off the back center of   the boat um so again like I said just be aware  of your surroundings know where you are in the  

Water just checking up on the boat making sure  you never find yourself at the front half of the   boat um but that brings me into the next thing  you guys are just going to be following me the  

Whole time I go you go or you’re just going to  be hanging out on that safety line um but we’re   all going to be in a group together kind of just  hanging out together um kind of like acting like  

A school truck so um just be very aware in the  water any questions about [Music] that so it   was just a short 20 minute ride from where we uh  boarded the boat from the pier and now we’re mored  

Up and waiting for these sharks to start appearing  and once they do we’ll jump on into the water and   see them for the very first time now the reason  um well our safety diver actually just explained  

That the reason why the Sharks actually come  to this area is because there’s all kinds of um   crabbing boats here in the area and a lot of times  as they’re pulling the crab pots up from the water  

Crabs fall out of the cage into the water and the  Sharks absolutely loved that I mean who doesn’t   love a nice free snack right um that takes little  effort so that’s the reason why uh they come up  

In the water here in these areas I’m a little bit  nervous but to be honest after the little safety   brief I’m feeling confidence excited and the views  here are stunning guys Hawaii is such a beautiful   place the mountains that surround the coastline  that we’re in right now are super impressive and  

The water is incredibly blue and not like a like  a turquoise blue that we just got done seeing in   um Thailand this is like a nice I don’t know like  a dark blue but beautiful all right guys well we  

Just saw our first uh shark pop out of there  what would you say that was a Galapago shark   shark y oh man easily identifiable right there  easily identify and I can’t even talk I just got  

Hella nervous seeing that that thing come out  of the water damn you know I was a bit calmer   after the safety bre but I just saw that and I’m  I’m back to where I was before before getting on  

The boat we’re going to cue the Jaws theme music  here in a second for oh man so we’re in but we’re   good hands I’m I’m feeling confident and um he’s  going to be the cameraman today and photographer  

And then our video guy oh man I’ve never seen a  shark this close before this is awesome okay yeah   buddy there because well you can only usually  see them around the summer months so we came at  

A perfect time however I think I’m going to be  pretty impressed no matter what kind of shark   I see um inside of the water time to get the mask  on jump off the back of the boat and it feels so  

Funny have the shark encounter for the very first  time of my life here in Hawaii excited yes I am   you it’s going to be yeah I’m excited I’m excited  better yeah me too I’m a little nervous too you [Music] [Applause] [Music] know

[Music] just made it out of water wow guys that  was incredible seriously an experience you have   0:12:58.840,1193:02:47.295 [Music] to do when in Hawaii totally worth the journey  from wakiki up here as I mentioned it’s super  

Easy to access and this is an experience of  of a lifetime we were down there for about I   don’t know that felt like almost like 45 minutes  huh it was a long time longer than 30 it was a  

Great time down there we saw uh I don’t know  how many but I saw one tiger shark for sure   I like eight gpos and eight galpagos right now  as we were coming up there was a little baby one  

And yeah now they’re all around the boat look  at them beautiful beautiful time wow w w thank   you guys that was incredible all right now time to  reflect on everything that we just saw down there  

Such a beautiful experience time to make it back  towards the land was awesome thank you yes so we   got a tiger shark and a bunch of Glocks so that  was really really amazing um but before we get  

Back a quick talk about shark conservation kind of  just educating you guys on what sharks are going   through right now why they’re important things  you can do to help um but lot of people aren’t   aware of what sharks are going through um they’re  being killed at really drastic grades do you guys  

Have any idea how many sharks are being killed  each year by humans no they’re a random number   100,000 higher half a million sharks higher  5 million higher it’s over 100 million a year   so uh sharks are mainly being killed for their  fins for their meat and then from things like  

Bik catch and Sport Fishing um so basically this  is really unsustainable because sharks have very   slow reproduction rate so they can’t really keep  up with the rate that we are killing them at and   this makes them very susceptible to Extinction so  most species are IND dangered now which is really  

Really horrible and over the past 10 years about  60% of shark populations have declined so it’s   a really big problem that a lot of people aren’t  aware of um which is why we do this we like giving  

You guys this information and you guys can do what  you want with it um but like I said chk pinning is   probably the biggest problem right now killing  about 73 million sharks a year um what they do  

Is Target sharks for their fins once they get a  shark on board they cut off the fence and then   just throw the shark back into the water so it’s  a completely cruel practice very very sad uh it’s  

Also very wasteful so the fins only make up 2%  of the body um and like I said the rest of the   body is just wasted so very cruel very wasteful  very unsustainable um and these fins are used in  

Shark fin soup uh which is a delicacy in Asian  countries and basically people of High status   eat this soup which is why there’s such a high  demand for it um shark meat and shark fins are   actually very toxic to us because of the high  amounts of mercury that it contains so there’s  

Really no good reason that we should be killing  sharks um for consumption especially 73 million a   year like that’s crazy to even think about uh but  a lot of people also aren’t aware of how important   sharks are for the ocean and the ecosystem um  so since they’re an apex predator they sit at  

The top of the food web and they’re in charge of  keeping the whole food web balanced so if we take   sharks out of the ocean the whole food web would  collapse um and basically the ocean Health would   just go downhill really really quickly another  thing that people aren’t aware of is how long  

Sharks have been evolving for about 400 million  million years um that’s another reason why it’s   so important that we protect them they have so  many roles in the ocean um one of their main   roles is to kind of act as like the white blood  cells of the immune system by going after animals  

Are weak injured and ill and basically what this  does is prevents the spread of disease keeps the   gene pools healthy prevents overpopulation all  of that good stuff um so they’re so important for   the ocean ecosystem um and this is affecting us  because the ocean produces 80% of our oxygen so we  

Do need sharks in the water so that we have clean  oxygen to breathe um everything on this planet is   connected every future has a right to be here um  so what we ask you guys to do is to use your voice  

To spread awareness uh the best thing you can do  is tell everyone what you did today you guys went   with like eight goopo sharks a tiger shark people  have never even seen a shark in real life so um  

Just telling people about your experience um how  we can easily and peacefully coexist how they’re   not the man eting monsters like jaws and the media  petray and the bee um they get a really bad rep  

And um so anything you guys can do to talk about  sharks in a positive way kind of change the image   of sharks um because people won’t protect what  they don’t understand so social media is a great  

Way to do that your guys is YouTube um that’s a  really good way to get the media out there and   tell everyone um about how amazing sharks are  and how important they are and things like that   um you guys can donate to nonprofit organizations  that go to shark conservation uh Beach cleanups  

Just anything you guys can do to kind of help the  ocean and help the sharks um but thank you guys   so much do you guys have any questions questions  about what you saw in the water or just sharks  

In general h no that was amazing thank you and  there were some sharks which were like injured   yeah so we see a lot of sharks with injuries most  of it is human impact like from fishing or from  

Boat props and things like that um sometimes we  do see mating scars but most of the time it’s   human impact which is really really sad um to  see that um but yeah a lot of times when they  

Are injured that makes us makes it easier for them  to ident for us to identify them um um but it is   really really sad to see human impacts on sharks  I saw one with a like a fishing line attached to  

It there was one with a fishing line and I saw  that shark a couple days ago and the line was   longer so someone cut it so which is good doing  what we can to help the Sharks yeah yep that’s  

Unfortunate man it’s crazy to see with your own  eyes it is it’s crazy yeah especially the tiger   sharks it’s just amazing you guys all saw it right  they the cute shark so D the tiger sharks usually  

Just roam around like that like in like one tiger  sh yeah so yeah they’re usually just alone um but   yeah they just kind of roam around sometimes  they’re a bit more bold it just depends on um  

The tiger shark they’re like humans each shark has  a personality so some of them are like really bold   and they want to get like up and close some of  them just Cruise right below us yeah it was also  

Like it was a smaller shark or was it a big fish  it was like there was a big there was a big fish tuna a couple of your guys’ pictures you guys  see yellow fins in there too huh kind we get  

So many things wow that’s amazing but we all  made it back in one piece just kidding just   kidding I hope you guys had a great dive that  was a really good one awes and then we’ll get   your shoes out and everything will be good  all right so that shark diving Adventure was  

Pretty intense honestly it was a lot a lot more  chill than I was expecting I thought that I was   going to have a panic attack under the water  but everything was pretty smooth we had some   great instructors and definitely I recommend  coming on out and booking a tour with deep Eco  

Blues um some of the best the best tour guides  we’ve had in a very long time now we’re having   some asai and then we’re about to hop onto the  bus and make our way back to wakiki let me know  

What you guys thought of this video let me  know if you guys um would participate in a   shark diving Adventure or would you just leave  that up to me but seriously if you’re ever in   a in a region of the world where they offer  shark diving encounters especially without a  

Cage I highly recommend it you will not regret it  and of course you have to pay for those photo and   video packages which you’re which I’m sure you’re  going to be seeing both on here and on Instagram  

Um by the time this video is posted because  yeah they do take around 5 to 7 days but that   is an additional add-on that is not included  with the tourque but obviously if you’re um   jumping into an open water with a bunch of uh  tiger sharks and galopago sharks you’re going  

To want to take home some memories with you guys  but for now I’m going to enjoy my asaio and I’ll   see you guys again for another adventure from  from here in Hawaii we still have a few more  

Days and I have a feeling I’m going to get out  there and create a couple more videos for you   guys but please uh don’t forget to smash that  like button subscribe and I’ll see you guys  

Again soon for another video from here in Hawaii  later next you are always smarted I was the one to

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