Unraveling Canine Aggression: A Deep Dive with Cesar Millan on Better Human, Better Dog (Full Episode) – Video

Unraveling Canine Aggression: A Deep Dive with Cesar Millan on Better Human, Better Dog (Full Episode) – Video

The Dog Whisperer: Changing Lives One Pack at a Time

Journey to Becoming the Dog Whisperer

When I started my journey and people started calling me the Dog Whisperer the only thing I wanted to do is to teach people there is no such a thing as a bad dog safer with me [Applause] today I’m still doing what I love but the world has changed. Record dog adoptions have made many packs complete but now more than ever people and dogs need help.

The Pack Code: Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty

Together with My Superhero pack, our mission is to Teach the World to honor the pack code honesty integrity and loyalty once you get this you’re gonna have everything else and that’s how we create better humans and better dogs one pack at a time.

A Family’s Struggle with Aggressive Dog Behavior

…What I want is just for us to enjoy each Other again despite everything we know there’s hope I have to believe that…
– Jonathan, a concerned father

Handling Aggressive Dog Behavior

Jonathan: So we have two large dogs who got in in big fights how bad is it the worst bite was it was a bloody mess like there was Blood everywhere yeah she was home by herself um and she wasn’t really able to separate them
Cesar Millan: our little girl was crying trying to go to her mom while she was dealing with the dogs and my big sister here wanted to grab her a back leader yeah she just thinks so awesome It’s awesome that their older daughters step in to protect her sister but a child rushing into a chaotic situation can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal if the dogs are fighting the kids could get caught in the crossfire we must fix this immediately I always like to see people walking the Dogs okay okay honestly if you don’t have to walk right you can’t really rehabilitate anything…

Teaching Proper Leash Handling

Cesar Millan: …so you haven’t been able through a leash tell the brain become calm surrender so that’s what we’re gonna work on okay I’m gonna use a short list so I have more control over his nose and his eyes Bring the dogs Give a quick tuck to the leash redirect his attention and give space from what he is reacting to okay there you go see he looked at me but now he’s right back into alert mode his mind is racing let’s do it again Hey there you go there you go…



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