UNRWA: Students are deprived of a fundamental experience without exams

UNRWA: Students are deprived of a fundamental experience without exams

Up to 39,000 senior high school students in the Gaza Strip are currently missing out on a crucial rite of passage – the tawjihi exams. These exams are essential for students to be able to further their education and have a chance at a better future. However, due to the ongoing Israeli military assault, students like Doaa al-Zaanin are left with uncertainty and fear instead of the opportunity to prove their knowledge and skills.

The tawjihi exams are not just a test of academic abilities, but a symbol of achievement and perseverance for students in Gaza. For many, passing these exams is a dream they have worked towards for years, and missing out on this opportunity is not only a setback for their education but also for their morale and sense of accomplishment.

The conflict has disrupted the lives of these students in more ways than one, depriving them of their right to education and forcing them to put their dreams on hold. As the situation continues to escalate, it is crucial that the international community takes action to ensure that the education rights of Palestinian students are upheld and that they are given the opportunity to pursue their aspirations.

As Doaa al-Zaanin and thousands of other students in Gaza eagerly wait for the war to end so that they can return to their studies, it is clear that the impact of this crisis goes beyond just academic achievements. It is a humanitarian issue that highlights the importance of education as a fundamental right for all youth, regardless of their circumstances.

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