Unveiling of Sony’s Latest Products at CES 2024 – Video

Unveiling of Sony’s Latest Products at CES 2024 – Video

Sony Product Reveal at CES 2024

Sony Product Reveal at CES 2024 is a video that highlights Sony’s commitment to supporting creators and their creative endeavors. The video features Kenny Chiro Yoshida welcoming viewers and acknowledging recent world events, especially those in Japan. Sony has always been dedicated to being a force for good by empowering creators to turn their creative sparks into stories. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Columbia Pictures, known for iconic films such as “It Happened One Night,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” and “The Karate Kid.”

The video also introduces John Pratt and Neil Manitz from Sony Music Publishing, who speak about supporting songwriters and composers and creating new opportunities for them. They also discuss their collaboration with the Associated Press to create a digital birth certificate for images shot on Sony cameras to validate the origin of the content.

The video showcases Sony’s new Alpha 9 Mark III camera, the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera with a global shutter image sensor. It also features a project by filmmakers and Sony Artisans of Imagery using Sony’s new Bano digital cinema camera to capture the beauty of Western Australia.

Additionally, the video introduces Torchlight, a facility where filmmakers can experiment with new concepts and storytelling ideas in real-time. The video also highlights Sony Pictures Television’s commitment to making high-quality content with extraordinary creators, including adaptations of popular game titles for television audiences and the success of series like “The Last of Us” and the “Twisted Metal.”

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Please welcome Kenny chiro Yoshida welcome to Sony thank you for being with us before I begin we want to acknowledge those impacted by recent world events in including those in Japan I hustle with you during this difficult time throughout our history as a creative Entertainment Company Sony has placed people at the heart of

Creativity we are here for creators as you saw in the video so son has always been committed to being a Force for good by empowering creators to turn their creative Sparks into stories it is feeling that this year marks the 100th anniversary of Columbia pictures for the past Century Columbia

Has been committed to supporting creators as they bring memorable stories to life it’s known for iconic films including It Happened One Night Laurence of Arabia taxi driver and the Karate Kid we will continue to work alongside teams of filmmakers writers producers and actors to F the world with

Emotion our purpose drives us to collaborate with creators creators are at the heart of our businesses to share more from Sony music publishing and Sony electronics please welcome John Pratt and Neil manitz first of all John congratulations on receiving the Grammy salute to Industry icons honor thank you Neil I appreciate

That so the last time I saw you we were together in Utah at Sony’s condo trip it was an amazing event and one of the things that struck me was the vibrancy of the Creator Community you brought together at condo trip we bring together incredibly diverse groups of creators whether they’re photographers

Cinematographers or YouTubers they are storytellers we give them a place to build a community and to share their voices at Sony music publishing we also think about how we support creativity we Elevate the voices of songwriters and composers by supporting their careers and their Artistry we maintain a worldwide network

Of local teams to register their music so we can track collect and distribute their royalties to them our Global creative teams work directly with songwriters and composers to create new opportunities for them one important initiative is our songwriting camps these are Studio sessions curated to Foster creativity and collaboration among established and emerging

Songwriters Sony music publishing is also committed to supporting the next generation of creators this support includes our screen scoring scholarship for film and television composing at the University of Southern California’s Thorton School of Music in addition we’re also working on the first ever featurelength documentary about the legendary singer songwriter Luther

Vanross Sony music publishing Sony Music Vision rain dog films and Foxhole Productions have joined together to produce the film this documentary explores Luther’s life and his illustrious career and I’m excited that it will Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival later this month helping creators navigate opportunities while protecting the authenticity of

Their work is a priority for both of our businesses we’re collaborating with the Associated Press and other industry leaders to create a digital birth certificate for images shot on our cameras this will validate the origin of their content and help Safeguard facts and combat misinformation we constantly listen to

Our community from the Associated Press to the most influential filmmakers there voices are reflected across our entire lineup of products this holds true for our new Alpha 9 Mark III the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera with a global shutter image sensor empowering creators to capture what has never been

Captured before the unbridled speed and power of a race car the intricate movements of a bird or the raw motion of your favorite musician creators are the stars that bring these powerful tools to life today I’m excited to share a project by three powerful storytellers who share Sony’s passion for Global

Conservation the incredible Emanuel chivo leeski and two Sony Artisans of imagery Christina mimer and Paul nichan this Trio put our new Bano digital cinema camera to work capturing the beauty of Western Australia and some of its most elusive ocean inhabitants with its compact size and world’s first

Features brono met their needs for both mobility and flexibility while pushing the boundaries of film making I’m looking forward to continuing these groundbreaking creative Pursuits like these from both of our teams thank You funny various creators and we look for ways to make the most of their time realtime creation is an important way we can support them and enable collaboration to support creators even more we excited to introduce torch right at our Tor right facility we give filmmakers a space and tools to

Experiment with new Concepts and unique ways of Storytelling ideas can move from concept to visualization in real time let’s look at how torch right is helping creators realize their Creative Visions torch light started because I was trying to find a way that filmmakers could iterate and be creative without

The pressure that is created by the normal film making process Tor light is fortunate enough to work work with Sony Pictures and Sony Tokyo they have a partnership with epic which runs the Unreal Engine so torch light was created entirely for the needs of the creators traditionally pre-production has been a

Very slow process where at torch light filmmakers come in and find new ideas instantaneously using performance capture virtual cameras photogrametry tools all of the latest pre-production Technologies with their own hands as opposed to a traditional pipeline were able to do all of these different disciplines concurrently recently we had

Jak casden creating shots in our volume we are looking for a little bit of enhancement to an action sequence we do a mapping of the scene with a live camera with animation and shoot it like it’s an actual movie it’s an invaluable tool there’s just been a revolution in

This kind of work and the team here is right at the Leading Edge we’re also a field testing ground for Sony R&D tools torch light is allowing filmmakers to return to that pure form of creativity where they can create with a sense of Play in addition to movie making we also produ some of the most successful television series in the world to talk more about how we work with television creators please welcome the present of Sonny Pictures Television Studios cathine pop thank you so much for having me idaan um hello everyone uh Sony Pictures

Television has always been committed to making highquality captivating content with extraordinary creators last year we had some remarkable successes with Acclaim shows on multiple platforms including the night agent the boys spin-off genv and goosebumps we’re always searching for opportunities to elevate diverse voices and this includes many important initiatives like our diverse director’s

Program which we have supported for 10 years straight in addition to the film adaptations of the Beloved games Uncharted and Grand Turismo by our Motion Picture group we are also expanding game IP through adaptations of popular game titles for television audiences The Last of Us generated tremendous interest from both Gamers and

Non-gamers alike and was the second most watched HBO series in 13 years as of this p last weekend the last of us has already won eight Emmy Awards and is up for five more including best drama series and many others which will be announced during the prime time Emmy

Awards ceremony one week from today we’re really excited to be getting underway on the Last of Us season 2 as well Twisted Metal was also released last year and became one of the top five original series launched on peacock to date the show has been picked up for a second season

And we can’t wait to expand the world the games creators developed we’re also delighted to have writing underway on two new IP based projects God of War for Prime video and Horizon zero Dawn at Netflix those are coming along with a few other highly anticipated series including the fourth season of the boys

The final season of Cobra Kai I’m sorry and the premiere of the Sci-Fi series dark matter based on the bestselling novel across Sony Pictures Television we seek out stories that entertain and inspire a diverse range of audiences we’re excited to build on our Legacy of providing creators the resources and

Support they need to produce what they need to produce which is outstanding content thank you so much all of [Applause] You Thank you Catherine we are also excited about another IP expansion the adaptation of Nintendo’s game franchise The Legend of Zelda this live action film will deliver an amazing tale of Adventure and Discovery Sony will Sony Pictures will also also be reasing these exciting titles to further enhance the Beloved

IPS in addition to creating powerful content Sony is also focused on expanding creators imaginative WS to the physical world our first immersive entertainment destination wonderers located near Chicago is opening in two days but be careful some say the bar is haunted here CS we will be demonstrating an immersive world of

Ghostbusters utilizing our motion capture and haptic technology for location based entertainment being committed to creators means supporting a variety of communities one of these communities with a global impact is anim for more than two decades aniplex has brought to life many anime series including demonia and through Metal Alchemist anx has been actively

Participating in the storytelling journey of each production since 2006 crunchy our top anime streaming platform has also been expanding the reach of anime around the world it now has more than 13 millium paid subscribers last four crunch Ro announced new distribution Partnerships that will enhance that reach and we are also increasing content

Delivery throughout regions such as India southeast Asia and Latin America as areas of expansion for anime uh gaming and liveaction films One punchman World a mobile and PC game based on a popular anime one punch man will launch later this month and Sony picture is also working on the live action

Fi like like anime another space where Community is cultivated is professional sports our teams at Hoka Innovations Beyond Sports and Par right are committed to enriching engagements and leagues such as the NBA NFL and the ufr we are also supporting the sports industry in attracting younger and more diverse

Fanss teaming up with the NFL and Disney Beyond Sports technology was used to recreate live game play in an animated broadcast format together with athletes as and other partners we a a to evolve the sporting experience through optimiz associating and diverse programming formats pression has been the leader in gaming Innovation for

Decades building a community of AIT funds and game developers last month we announced that building a committee of AIT fans and game developers last month we announced that as shown here the overall number of monthly active users for PlayStation in December was 10023 Million accounts which is record

High last year we developed Grand tourism Sophi our most competitive AI agent it is now available to gr tourism prayers on PS5 as an ideal race competitor GT sop is humanlike racing interactions greatly enhances the Driving Experience for all players pration continue to expand on being the best place to play by offering

Even greater access to gaming experiences [Applause] yo my name is the headline catch me on the front line head up with the V sign vict going to be mine had yours now it’s my time hit different like a far wine hands up with the V Victory going to be Mine help me from the ground up we set home round one Stand Tall but Round Up should have seen the looks when they found us they want to us but we still weing don’t matter who’s driving till the world fall off we riding there he’s Awake my it so I’m coming to get it I’m coming to get it I’m coming to get it I’m coming to get [Applause] it furing our passion for creative creativity we continue to find opportunities in both virtual and physical spaces for example our creation to mopi transport real human movement to the virtual space today we are happy to announce a new solution for special content Creation with a creas viewing experience

And and intuitive interaction for 3D design we are enabling creators to shape and edit 3D models we expanding the creation Space by overlaying virtual objects into physical spaces with seamless access to Virtual objects creators can work in real space with an immersive development experience and there is another space

With an opportunity to bring more creativity the mobility space we consider Mobility is an entertainment space where we can enhance creativity we want to contribute to the advancement of Mobility through our entertainment expertise while providing safety through our seos image sensors to talk about opportunities in the mobility space Please welcome

President of Honda toshiro [Applause] mibe so thank you for joining me here at C and thank you for inviting me so Honda is focused on the future of Mobility how is this reflected in Honda’s Vision uh our vision at Honda is to provide people worldwide the joy of expanding their life’s

Potential uh this goes beyond the cars and motorcycles on the road today we believe our Mobility products will play a key role in the sky in the ocean even in outer space well I had opportunity to fry on the Honda Jet and experience how Honda is expanding Mobility into the

Spal domain thank you for getting H jet sure and expanding the field of Mobility requires us to adopt new technologies and Sony holds technologies that have the potential to support this Sony sensing technology is outstanding and we believe we can create new application using this technology in the

Future what excited you the most about Sony Honda mobility how does this partnership help you achieve your future Vision uh Mobility is undergoing a once in 100 Year transformation at the epicenter is expansion of Mobility through digital Technologies and Honda want to be the company that lead this transformation Sony Honda mobility is

One of our key initiatives to achieve this and Honda is fully supporting it we believe that there is a unique chemical reaction when Sony and Honda collaborate and we hope that Sony Honda mobility fully leverages this chemistry to create a new Mobility experience that defies conventional wisdom uh something

We could not have imagined before Sony is a create entertainment company as everyone knows by incorporating Sony’s video audio and entertainment Technologies Sony Honda mobility will be able to transform Mobility Beyond transformation transportation in in a space that offer new value and experiencies I’m looking forward to these new

Possibilities well thank you m so now to talk more about our joint venture let’s bring out presentent and CEO of Sony home the mobility is me thank you hello everyone today I’m excited to present the P progress and updates of a here first allow me to bring the latest prototype on stage but

Today I will using this this is a PlayStation controller de sense using this controller I’d like to show you an aspect of the software defined Vehicle W this remot driving demo is for the purpose of the text showcase only however we believe that software can Define new function and value we want to redefine the relationship between people and Mobility we aim to revolutionize how people move making Mobility inter inter active and

Expressive at the same time we like to create and rage the connection between real and virtual world today I’d like to talk about two topics AI for AAS and Mobility as a creative entertainment space let me explain how we utilize a for AAS I here uses Advanced sensing

Devices with image sensors Rider and rater through the use of these devices with AI we aim to realize autonomous driving as well as AAS to do so we will adopt Vision transformer for perception and machine learning for pass planning also because safety is our top priority we will have redundance system as

Needed here we compare object detection using a traditional CNN or computional neural network and vision Transformer as you can see it’s difficult to see hidden people behind the vehicle in back right or the truck in front of you at night however in this case Vision Transformer can recognize this with higher accuracy than

CNN also welcom Snap Dragon Light s so’s play a key Ro in these air based machine Learning System in addition the vision Transformer we are developing the Ed simulator utilizing gaming technology of Epic Games although it looks real everything is recreated in the viral space this St brings together data from

A many sensor devices and simulate Vehicles pedestrian weather and surrounding of environment from here I like to talk about our initiative to involve Mobility as a creative entertainment to space by combining the a simulator with ar users will enjoy an immersive experience in addition map data can also be used to

Broaden the possibilities within the development of gaming and entertainment features in order to bring these features to life we utilize the gaming engine AR engine files we support the latest Engine 5 5.3 and we continue to Prov updates Sony Honda mobility will provide a Digital Playground where anyone can

Create and express their own style within our field to do so we plan to establish diverse development environments to force a forer create Community creative Community among users and creators allowing access to vehicle data driving data and other related information in order to realize UniQue Ideas another initiative to make

Mobility even more creative is the conversational personal agent which we have started to develop we would like to introduce our important partner Microsoft now please welcome Jessica Hulk so Jessica what potential do you see in AI technology for a Mobility well we’ve been able to talk to our cars through voice command for quite some some time now right so what’s interesting and promising today is that with the introduction of generative Ai and cloudcal Computing there is

Unlimited potential to amplify creativity increase personalization and transform the in vehicle experience so we’re going from buttons on a screen to conversational and multimodal from siloed apps and manual Integrations to integration by default instead of the in vehicle experience feeling like a separate State you can now bring your

Digital life into the vehicle with you and so this is creating so much opportunity for Mobility companies as the Next Generation consumers will seek the type of engaging and Hyper personalized customer experiences that this combination of generative Ai and cloud scill computing is now providing M I believe that AI enhances mobility’s

Emotional experience as them in the evolution of AI it’s necessary to manage the understanding of of AI by users and the ethics of AI what does Microsoft think about this well for Mobility Safety and Security for the customer and their data are top of mind we think deeply about our responsibility

When bringing any AI technology to market for any industry it reflects what we want to stand for as a company we believe that AI systems must be responsible by Design our investment in responsible AI Innovation goes beyond principles beliefs and best practices we’ve also invested heavily in purpose-built services that support

Responsible AI across our products through the Azure AI tooling for example we are helping developers build evaluate deploy and monitor their applications for responsible AI outcomes so a great example of this is one of our newest project products the Azure AI content safety service which is based on a

Collaboration between our research team our policy groups and the engineering teams at Microsoft and so this state-of-the-art AI service helps detect and filter harmful AI generated content in applications and services which is creating safer online environments and a much more enjoyable in vehicle experience and this is the same

Technology that we’re using in products like GitHub co-pilot and Microsoft co-pilot and so all of this is built on azure’s Enterprise grade foundation for data privacy security and compliance so organizations like sonah hondai Sony Honda mobility can confidently scale a I while managing risk and reinforcing transparency and as the landscape of AI

Evolves rapidly and new technologies are coming to bear in the mobility industry safe and responsible AI will continue to be a priority in fact it’s essential I see Safety and Security are common factors for both AI development and Mobility yes lastly do they have any expectations for collaborating with Sony

Hut Mobility we’re delighted to collaborate with Sony Honda mobility to co-innovate and provide experiences that really wow customers with Microsoft Azure we are developing a platform for Innovative companies like Sony Honda mobility to build upon and with Azure AI we’re providing that safe secure and responsible AI both in the principles

That we use to define our approach and it’s also built right into the tooling and we know at this pace of innovation that is happening here today in this new era of AI the models are going to to evolve the modalities are going to continue to evolve and so the azurea

Model catalog includes an extensive collection of the latest models for Microsoft and from other industry leaders each model as you know offers very unique capabilities giving developers a broad range of choice for their generative AI projects which we think is very important and so by partnering with Microsoft Sony Honda

Mobility can bring their wealth of Industry knowledge connections and relationships understanding of what in customers expect and want from an in vehicle experience to their platforms thank you Z thank you You please look forward to seeing a here gaining intelligence and evolving so uh through expect uh interactions with people finally I have one more item we have team up with polyon digital combining their simulation technology with our development expertise our focus is to incorporate human senses and emotion into

Development we came to further explore new methods of Mobility development by merging vir and Real World Experience today I have shared two topics AI for AAS and Mobility as a creative entertainment of space we will continue to redefine the relationship between people and Mobility through the power of Technology aiming for the transformation

Of Mobility lifestyle please stay tuned thank [Applause] you Thank you K with our partner Honda we’re excited to bring our unique chemistry to the Market Sony’s potential is unlimited when we walk alongside creators this includes the creation of today Creator today and the Creator know tomorrow this photo of the Earth was taken by Young creators in Japan using our Nano satellite

Through our star spere project we expanding the creation space to the universe we also focused on building communities that can help create equity and social cohesion in this way the kind of experiences we hope to create can also be a force for good people are at the heart of

Creativity we Embrace their ideas and Elevate their stories as we continue to power creativity with technology thank you for being us with us today enjoy CS you are certain you remember nothing of this place together and welome to the DCC h m Over hello and welcome back we just watched Sony’s CES 2024 keynote and we are going to unpack what we saw so first off what is coming to mind at the top of my head is we saw the Aila the car the car again stole the show yes yeah as we predicted

As we predicted we’re on a roll we are on a roll that might have been our biggest prediction that came true um but it was was really exciting it was brought on stage with a game controller with one of Sony’s game controllers which was really cool they did say you

Know don’t try this at home yeah kids don’t try this at home this is just for demonstration purposes one of my favorite comments um somebody said like you know driving this uh I don’t I don’t want people driving with a controller in traffic I don’t think we’re there yet

Maybe uh that’s a problem for the future uh but yes very much a cool I mean it’s those moments where they do something cool cuz you know that’s when they really get your attention that’s when the excitement is so I’m glad they did something flashy yeah it was really

Exciting you would kind of like feel the excitement from the audience even even watching from here they talked a lot about AI being used in the Aila um especially for developing kind of autonomous driving um and making sure the car is safe and they talked a lot

About the concept of Mobility as a creative entertainment space and I think that goes along with kind of what we were talking about during the pre-show of about bringing Sony’s portfolio of Entertainment Properties to this car um yeah and just sort of injecting creativity and entertainment into this

Car at its heart that was a huge Focus for them was the entertainment aspect with movies and music and and gaming so they they found ways to to tie it into the products totally totally so that was that was cool to see they also did underscore the importance of AI ethics

Which which is great and a lot of other companies have done that today um and just how they said I think I quote We Believe AI systems must be responsible by Design um so just making sure that they’re keeping your data safe which is super important how did you feel about

Their discussion of AI versus the other ones we’ve heard today yeah there’s been this common thread of you know we’re not doing this to take all your information but you know you take it all with a grain of salt but there’s there’s a lot of convincing that needs to be done um

About allowing AI to be such a big part of your life in all the devices and products that you use so we’re going to be seeing that a lot more I think I think this is just the beginning of company’s kind of finding ways to um

What was the phrase that LG had for artificial intelligence affectionate intelligence we’re going to be seeing a lot more of that I think ways to spin it so that you feel warm and fuzzy when you hear AI instead of being like man totally I’m glad I’m glad they touched

On ethics and and data safety and all of that the other thing that they brought up was creating in the VR space which I’m very intrigued about I I want like more information but it seems like you will be able to do spatial content Creation in VR so kind of building

Models inside a VR headset yeah being able to build them in front of you that was really interesting to me what did you think about that ABR yeah no that’s very unique I think the idea of creation the more that companies are able to find ways to meld kind of the physical world

With the virtual world and and then creating a a use case for those products because you can combine those things um I think that is is a really cool Innovative step so um yeah that that was really fascinating and you know speaking of uh headsets and AI I want to share

The results of our poll because you guys also had a lot to say about headsets um so we asked uh what is the maximum amount you’d be willing to pay for a VR headset um 39% said $300 that was the biggest category there uh in terms of

Responses um 27 % said $1,000 25% said oh let’s go back to uh 7% said 3,000 which for the for Apple’s headset you will pay more than $3,000 and only 7% of you are willing to do that which is totally understandable and not surprising at all um and then 25% of you

Said nothing I don’t want one um which I think is also interesting the fact that it’s it’s fairly split between not wanting one and then just paying no more than um I mean $1,000 is also still a lot but I also wanted to share some of

Um the comments on here um warlord Mo 25 said I would prefer to pay $300 but if uh Apple mixed reality becomes a thing like a light consumer version a thousand tops I would hope that Apple would eventually do that yeah I think you know obviously if it’s the first generation

Of their headset they’re going to price it really high um Steve H said yes uh I will be purchasing Apple Vision um J Patrick Langley said no cette I’ll wait for the second third or fourth gen I don’t buy first gen products I also abide by that philosophy cu if you’re

Spending all that money you want to make sure it works yeah um and then um Dominic said I’ve been uh I’ve watched the WWDC keynote about the Apple Vision Pro 20 times I’m definitely going to get one so you are among the 7% and I fully

Respect it and uh Cur I’m curious to know what what the takes end up being yeah I I totally respect it too I feel like I poked into the chat a little bit and I feel like that 7% that did say they would pay feel very strongly which

I respect it and it probably will be really cool and all your friends will be jealous and to come over and try it we’re kind of speaking for oursel we’re kind of projecting here sounds really cool um wouldn’t it be cool to be able to tell your friends that you tried one

Which friend which friend will get one um but yeah definitely interesting responses um all very valid from you guys but honestly those were the big the big standouts for me from Sony’s keynote Honda also did come out and talk just about how they’re really excited still about their collaboration um and being

Able to bring Sony in just adds this whole new level of um ideas for for this car um which is super cool and I agree I do think again it’s like an unlikely combination an entertainment focused brand and a car brand so they made it work yeah the ideas are blossoming I’m

Sure it’s all it’s all about the unexpected that’s what CES is all about totally and it’s been fun to to kind of cover all that today and see what all these companies had in store yes we definitely got the unexpected today yes I no Pedro Pascal though that was sad

That was very sad I wish you guys could have heard us being like God no it’s done thought it was going to happen for a moment when they were talking about the last of us we were ready we thought that we had it and then we just didn’t

But you know what it’s probably for the best because if he had showed up on stage and we weren’t there we would have never let our co-workers live it down for being able to experience it in person so it’s for the best so this is very true yeah today was really fun do

You have any other themes you want to touch on think that’s really it I mean we heard all about Ai and um and you know no huge surprises here uh and that’s that’s something I mean setting the stage for what we we’ll continue to hear throughout the rest of the year but

It’s been really great and thank you all for for joining us and for chiming in yeah thank you so much this has been so fun today subscribe to CET for all of the CES updates and thank you again for watching bye Everyone I

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