Unveiling the Unseen Side of Africa: Swakopmund, Namibia 🇳🇦 – Video

Unveiling the Unseen Side of Africa: Swakopmund, Namibia 🇳🇦 – Video

The Africa They DON’T Show You! 🇳🇦 NAMIBIA (Swakopmund) is a captivating video that takes viewers on a journey through the stunning landscapes and unique experiences of Namibia. From the vast desert to the picturesque coastline, this video showcases the beauty and diversity of this African country.

The video starts with the hosts sharing their adventures in Namibia, exploring the city of Swakopmund and the famous Sandwich Harbor. They provide insights into the history and culture of Namibia, highlighting the German influences and the country’s independence in 1990.

Viewers are treated to breathtaking views of sand dunes meeting the ocean, wildlife encounters with flamingos and seals, and a tour of the National Park area. The hosts also delve into the unique geological features of the area, explaining how the shifting sand dunes have shaped the landscape over time.

Throughout the video, the hosts share their personal experiences, from trying local foods to exploring the city center of Swakopmund with its German-style buildings. They also touch on the importance of tourism in Namibia and the impact it has on the local economy.

Overall, The Africa They DON’T Show You! 🇳🇦 NAMIBIA (Swakopmund) offers a glimpse into the hidden gems of Namibia, showcasing the country’s natural beauty and vibrant culture. With stunning visuals and informative commentary, this video is sure to inspire viewers to consider Namibia for their next travel destination.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone once again here from the country of Namibia this is going to be our second video in the country our previous one was in SOS F deadle and now we’re on our way to the coast going to take around 5 hours I think we’re going to a place called swob

Moon if I pronounce that correctly and we just stopped about an hour on the way at another place called solit so we mainly just stopped here for the gas station to fill our gas it’s also a bakery over there we might go to that place check out the old burnt out

Cars think there’s quite a few of them around here also got a pretty old church small little Church soliar Emmanuel Church 1951 also saw everyone taking picture of this I guess it’s like the old gas station pump the original one McGregor’s Bakery so I went for this sausage roll

Kind of thing has cheese inside we also got apple pie which is supposed to be famous in Namibia yeah he said that we had to try it so yeah so we’re trying it KY got like the cheese veggie sandwich what is that IC tea and uh latte overall that was is 195 namibian

Dollars it’s really good but there’s a lot of cinnamon there ah you’re kind of allergic right like a mild allergy but it’s really really good yeah the sausage rolls were great too I’m actually kind of full Already W So we’ve made another stop at this sign here cuz we’re passing through the Tropic of Capricorn so we were on the other side so now we’re going into the tropics didn’t we pass through that in uh was it Chile Chile yeah a few months ago in the atak desert it didn’t stop I

Think it was very hot too like it is to day but this time we stopped just to see and take a picture it’s actually quite similar to the atama desert in a way yeah yeah driving it’s just like this really but uh without the animals here

We have the animals there we didn’t see any not many it was just like flamingos yeah still can’t believe how empty this place is though like you really just see nothing you can drive for hours and hours you see some signs for like lodges but you don’t see any Villages or things

Like that just super empty don’t see many other cars either just every now and again there’s one pass in here but sometimes we’re driving for ages without even passing any cars I didn’t mention but we actually have a Tracker in there that our rental company can track where

We are so that’s more for our safety if we get lost so yeah I kind of like that they they have that in There woo S I so we’re now in the city of swakopmund on the coast it’s actually the next day we arrived pretty late so we didn’t end up doing anything yesterday you can probably see that I’m in a hoodie which is kind of funny cuz we’re in like the roasting heat in the desert in the

Previous days where it was hitting like 38 39° C and here on the coast it’s just around 22° C Max and it even drops to around 16 17 and that’s in the summer here here is really cool and we’re staying at a place called pebbl Stone

House this is $33 a night and that also includes breakfast and you’re probably wondering why we staying in a hotel room cuz we’ve been sleeping in that thing there on the tent and that is because there are no like campsite areas here since we’re just in like a normal City

Where loads of people live around here so it’s mainly just the hotel room it’s kind of nice to sleep in a big bed again though so not complaining about that and we’re going to be doing a tour here now that’s $118 per person that’s not even for private that’s shared with other people

But the tours here are pretty pricey and we’re going to be heading some amazing Dunes nearby you’re going to see really unique once Again so we’re making a quick stop in a city nearby called walis Bay mainly for the guy to deflate the tires before we head into the Junes we almost thought about staying here yes uh there are some accommodations here but from what we read uh this place is like less

Interesting um compared to swack yeah the people said that this place is kind of boring so that’s why we decided to stay uh up there I don’t know how to pronounce the name of the I think it’s swob I don’t know yeah the names here

Are so hard for me to pronounce I keep forgetting even the the capto yeah I don’t I don’t know how to pronounce anything vuk vuk yeah I don’t even know if I’m saying that right I’m not good at that but it’s still a nice place you can

Stay like this looks like a a nice hotel here that seems to be a cool restaurant on a pier so I mentioned about it being a lot cooler here apparently it’s cuz they have like a ocean current that comes from the Antarctica Flamingo whatam oh over there yeah I think we’re

Going to a spot with flamingos later on so yeah there’s a ocean current from the Antarctica that comes through here and that’s apparently why the temperature around here is so different when it meets the heat from the Junes it apparently creates some sort of like fog cold fog I’m not complaining though this

Weather is great so we stopped at another place on the same Lagoon now we got the flamingos up close we were just over there there before I think now Carol come and finally test out her her camera with the wildlife properly flamingos are having Breakfast So we’ve now entered the National Park area which is basically just one big beach and San super wild yeah I don’t think we’ve ever done a tour where we’re actually driving on the beach no I’m glad that uh we didn’t come with our car because I

Think some people try to come with their 4×4 but it’s very very dangerous because you don’t know where we’re going uh there are so many tracks you can go and you can get lost and you don’t know about the tide as well because sometimes the water comes and then the there’s no

Path anymore yeah so it’s very dangerous if you have to come with a guide yeah the guy said that every year people get stranded and lose their vehicles to the ocean cuz they might go and then the tide comes up and they can’t make their

Way back I think it’s more at the sand June area that we’re going to visit later on I guess here they can just drive up here in the soft sand we’ll see later on yeah that is some pretty wild ocean though lots of people fishing around here W So we’ve now entered a part called the sandwich Harbor this is what we wanted to see the most so this is where the sandunes meet the ocean unbelievable and we’re going to be driving all the way through to some other Lookout points got the paws here I

Think it’s a jackal we saw some Jackal on the way here we also saw some seals too like a baby seal wow yeah this is crazy yeah very unique definitely never seen anything like this Before He wow we didn’t die yeah that was pretty crazy literally driving up the Junes right now so we stopped at a place where he said there’s going to be two awesome viewpoints later we’re going to go to that June over there see that side and first he said

That this one is a good spot so I think if the tide becomes too high and they’re not able to go back along the beach they have to go inside on the Junes but you definitely need to know where you’re going this NE is quite hard here yeah

It’s better than deadly to walk yeah yeah it’s like a rock here perfect to walk on not anym up there though sinking like quick sand sorry oh man can see the entire Lagoon now or whatever it is the beach becomes almost like a sand bar yeah this SP here yeah yeah at the

End I don’t think it even joins land anymore over there can see another part there in the distance so basically in all the promotional shots of Sandwich Harbor it’ll be a view like this from top of the Junes and he said the Junes are always shifting so ages ago the Junes were out

There in the ocean and there were even like settlements here in houses but they’re gone now cuz the Junes just kept like receding going back Inland but I think at some points they go back out as well they’re just always Chang in Shape So it turns out that it ended up being a private tour I guess no other people turned up to do the tour but I don’t think the price we paid is for private that’s the price for a a Share tour we just got lucky I guess there’s just one

Other guy with us he’s just practicing to be a guide like training to be a guide do this in the future by himself with other groups of people yeah I love the contrast blue and the yellow I think Angola which is above Namibia has this kind of thing I don’t

Think as much as Namibia does there you go another car going through the desert probably coming here all right this is the other view that we wanted so we came from that direction Unreal So we’re having our lunch break now while some little snacks forgot to mention and that’s also included they stopped at the perfect spot got the ocean back there and now we’re more in the middle of the Junes we’re going down this way afterwards some of them are

Really steep it’s alcohol too isn’t it yeah some like wine drink really good I like it yeah and I got namibia’s finest taffel lager I had this the other day it’s pretty good and then Carol got like a veggie option and I got a meat op

Option what we asked for so we got one final Viewpoint stop this one they call Kodak like the Kodak Film So we also have some of the salt Works around here we’ve seen that a few times before yeah so it says that it was set up here in 1964 quite a long time ago the sign says that it produces more more than 1.1 million tons of crude salt annually and

It has to process 100 million cubic M of seawater and then it’s sent to the port in wvis Bay here sent internationally for different things I think it’s mainly the chemical industry to produce chlorine and CTIC soda which are needed to produce synthetic products including Plastics So the Torah ended and they brought us back to swakopmund where we are right now and now we’re going to explore the city center has some pretty interesting buildings German style buildings like this one right here looks like a mansion so Germany colonized Namibia in 1884 and it was until

1919 the first world war that they were defeated by the South Africans and the Brits here and then South Africa ended up ruling here until 1990 which is quite recent really and that’s when Namibia became independent but there’s still many descendants of Germans here so a lot of the places that we’ve been

Staying actually are people that are descendants of Germans I think even the the tour guide but the official language of the country is English but people also speak German a lot of people and Africans which is some kind of like Dutch some Dutch language that’s here so

Those are the main three languages and then each indigenous group will speak their own indigenous language too it’s a pretty interesting mix to see though cuz you have the German style buildings and then there’s the buildings with the more African colors I guess that one has the

Colors of the Namibia flag and then yeah I’m thinking that’s definitely German too yeah I think so whatever that is it is a Sunday today so a lot of the stores are closed but I think the bars and restaurants are all still open so probably eat at one of the ones around

Here we got the German Pub not sure that says F work be Garden Some of the the colors remind me a bit of kurasa oh yeah you’re right but some buildings are totally different but some are a bit similar yeah that was obviously Dutch architecture we did get these light vibrant colors the palm trees around There and this is the main Beach right in the city center so this is where all the people are at yeah it’s pretty busy and it’s a weekend so that’s why yeah not crowded though but nowhere in Namibia has been crowded everywhere we’ve been has been kind of like this so originally

We’re planning on doing some surfing right now we actually just drove to a beach to check it out and there were some waves but Carol’s kind of wiped out yeah from all the dve driving and tomorrow is going to be the the biggest day for driving I’ll drive for probably

6 hours or more so I think I should not spend all my energy today surfing yeah and I don’t think I can do it I feel like I’m becoming sick got like a sore throat feel like I’m coming down with something but it is a great place to surf with all this

Coastline all these beaches so even more beaches on this side seems a lot Wild here this part was real calm probably why the kids are all there we’ve noticed this on some of the other beaches no swimming I don’t know if the current here is just crazy or

Something but yeah the other beaches that we’ve checked out I said that too no loud music no Hubbly I think that’s the the Hooka thing right shisha or whatever you call it didn’t know they call it Hubbly no Alcohol Sh Oh

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