Visiting El Salvador: A Country in Central America – Video

Visiting El Salvador: A Country in Central America – Video

Traveling to El Salvador is an exciting and budget-friendly adventure that Gabriel Morris takes us on in this captivating video. Starting from San Francisco, California, Gabriel embarks on a direct flight to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, a small country in Central America.

In the video, Gabriel shares helpful tips and insights into his travel experience, from booking a low-cost flight to navigating entry requirements at the airport. He also gives us a glimpse of the stunning views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, adding to the allure of the journey.

Throughout the video, Gabriel’s passion for travel and exploration shines through, making viewers feel inspired to embark on their own adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone looking to plan a budget-friendly trip, Gabriel’s video is full of valuable insights and information to make your journey to El Salvador a memorable one.

So sit back, relax, and join Gabriel on his journey to El Salvador, as he showcases the beauty and charm of this Central American gem. And don’t forget to support Gabriel’s videos on Patreon for more incredible travel content. Happy travels!

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Video Transcript

[Applause] [Applause] Hey there how’s it going good afternoon this is Santa Rosa about an hour and a half north of San Francisco my car right there silver Honda CRV 2000 so I’m going to El Salvador flying in into San Salvador international airport tomorrow morning leaving 130 in the morning today today is March 5th

Well actually tomorrow March 6th but tonight 1:30 in the morning so I am here because I returned my camera the new DJI osmo action 4 that I bought last week and and tried it out I filmed my video of tips inside uh my uh room there with that one didn’t do like a

[Applause] proper filming uh video with it because there was a big problem which is that uh the files were for some reason a massive problem to deal with in my video editing program something about them was different and it was just an absolute night editing those travel tips videos that I

Made and those were you know easy no music to be added or anything just my computer Andor my program couldn’t handle them for some reason and so I’m back to filming with the uh osmo 1 that I’ve been using for 4 years now and which has been an absolutely amazing

Camera the only reason that I got the uh new 4 version at at all is because I was just kind of hoping that it would be a little bit better video quality but that didn’t seem to be the case based on what I was seeing in that uh video that I

Filmed inside you know they don’t do well in low lighting so anyways if it ain’t broken don’t fix it is my philosophy on this one why switch to the new one if it’s just going to be more of a hassle when this thing that I’m filming with now has been such a great

Camera in so many ways so I am also here because my Aunt Chris lives in Santa Rosa I have mentioned her before as who uh took me on a big road trip when I was 8 years old way back in 1980 and uh she lives here an hour away from my mom who

Lives in Yukaya where I’ve been staying for the past uh it’s been like 3 weeks now it’s been over a month since I flew back from Asia to Oregon then went to uh Hawaii for 9 days and then I’ve been hanging out here uh getting all kinds of

Stuff done and getting ready and taking a break and stuff like that but it is time for the next adventure I just booked this flight literally was that this morning yes it was this morning I’ve been looking at flights for the past couple of days but uh good and cheap

$23 us including luggage for this one-way flight direct San Francisco to El Salvador San Salvador is the capital of the little country of El Salvador so uh here we go getting back on the horse back out on the road time to do it so um

I am parking my car here at my aunt’s house going to stop there and uh go for dinner with my aunt and then I will be catching the Airporter bus down to San Francisco Airport so that is $51 for the Airporter bus from Santa Rosa straight to the airport get dropped

Off there at a around 10:30 and then uh I will have 3 hours until my flight at 1:30 in the morning so it’s time to do it here we go Maya 94th country let’s get this journey started 9:48 p.m. Tuesday March 5th 53° F that is 12° C on the bus

Here going over the Golden Gate Bridge out there is the city of San Francisco Frisco you can’t really see anything in the video but I can see the other Bridges and The Shining Lights of the city still going to be a little ways to the airport got to get through San

Francisco and head south on the other side so it’s going to be another 45 minutes or something actually let’s see how far is it to SFO only 14 mil away but okay only 26 [Applause] minutes got it thanks a lot appreciate it you too SF oh okay thank have a good night Sir

Thanks a lot back at the airport I was last here when I came back from Hawaii about like 3 weeks ago or something all right let’s get checked in So all checked in good news I wasn’t sure if I was going to need a onward flight out of El Salvador in order to enter the country they didn’t ask for it at check in there so uh it is not necessary as opposed to for example when I went to Costa Rica then

An onward flight was required and I had to book something on the spot there after uh getting to the check-in desk so that is good as for a Visa no Visa required there is like a 90-day limit without needing a Visa but you still have to pay something when you

Land at the airport you have to go to another line and you uh pay $12 us so they use the US dollar currency in El Salvador is a quite small country it will be my 94th previously I have been to Guatemala and Panama and Costa Rica in Central America so after El

Salvador I think it will just be oh and Biz so I think it will just be Honduras and Nicaragua that I haven’t been to in Central America America so this is going to be a uh short trip as I said I don’t have an onward flight so I don’t have my flight

Booked out of the country yet but I will fly back to San Francisco there is the Golden Gate that I just uh went over on the bus so I will fly back here to San Francisco as I mentioned in a previous video then I have dental appointments in progress which not working

I have a dental appointment back in uh the town where my mom lives on March 21st today is March 5th almost March 6th so I have like less than 2 weeks maximum so might be around like 10 days or so in El Salvador all right so it is

1110 got an hour and a half until time to start boarding the flight let’s see if there is a beer to be found Valencia station that looks possible but it is getting late so 11:15 let’s get a bottle of water forget that $434 for a bottle of water

I prefer the taste of bottled water but let’s just go with the free stuff all right let’s give it a try see how San Francisco water tastes I’ve tasted it before of course and it’s you know Okay yeah it’s not great and look what we got got here this looks very promising craft beer are you ready for the price of this beer absolutely insane $13.50 however that didn’t include tax or a tip with tax it was $115.50 and then they were recommending

A $3 tip I just tipped two bucks but that brought it to $1750 unreal 805 blonde ale it is a good looking one of these so here we go cheers nice avian Airlines San Salvador departs at 1:30 a.m. currently 12:30 but it said boarding starting

Now and here we go 5 and 1/2 hours landing at 9 in the [Applause] Morning For you you [Applause] And I am in in benvenito a El Salvador welcome to El Salvador country number 94 first thing is to use the restrooms hold on no gracias it’s going to be an hour ride into the city to my hotel planning to catch an Uber ombr and that’s better so uh what do we have

Here could these be Mayan symbols perhaps I know that there is a Mayan archaeological site and probably more than one but uh one by the ocean that I plan to visit on my way back so I’m planning to make a loop the airport here is 40 minutes 45 minutes or

So from San Salvador the capital of El Salvador my uh Hotel must be kind of other side of the city or something cuz it’s more than an hour but I could have gone to the beach is very close and then go to La lier Tad

Which I think is where the U Mayan ruin site is but I’m going to do that later later first go to San Salvador I have a hotel reserved there for the next three nights and then go to Santa Ana and then likely some uh smaller towns in the

Interior and then get over to the beach and come back and then from the uh Beach come back to the airport that is the general plan for now but as I mentioned I don’t have a return flight yet so I’m just going to uh see how it all goes and

I’m sure find out about some new things that I want to see along on the way so uh let’s find out where I should be to uh catch an Uber okay so uh $34 Uber Planet never heard of that before but uh it says faster 1 minute away so they

Use the US dollar in L Salvador hopefully I’m in the right place I think so connecting you to a driver all right Carlos P1 d e right on right on graas the passw oh N Down Down Down The much adios loo de ILO Pongo so I am in here are the Wi-Fi speeds decent kind of medium 6.5 megabits per second 8.7 uploading but a cool little room nice view and the great news is they were able to check me in even though it’s just a little past 10 in the

Morning 10:18 $52 per night nice and quiet attached bathroom pretty basic but uh it works couch here so I wouldn’t call this cheap for what you get 52 bucks from what I found online El Salvador is not you know Dirt Cheap not as cheap as maybe some other

Places nearby Guatemala etc for some reason it’s a little bit more expensive I guess maybe because they use the US doll but uh I’m sure that I will find some uh cheaper rooms that was just just the best thing that I could find online on just yesterday morning right

After uh booking the flight it was in a decent neighborhood like a local neighborhood you can see had good reviews the location isn’t spectacular because it’s quite a ways from the uh Central squares so I’ll have to get over there probably tomorrow by Uber it’s

Like 5 km away which with the uh city tr traffic will take a good like close to 20 minutes or something but uh it’s going to work so uh glad to be here glad to be uh all checked in and able to relax cuz I am just completely wiped out

From the overnight flight I can never really sleep uh on the planes but at least the middle seat was empty I was on the aisle I always take the aisle seat if possible but I was able to lay down and sort of get a little bit of sleep

Which helped but I am still just like really really uh tired out here so going to uh take a break get a little sleep this is probably going to be the uh end of this video wanted to mention about uh immigration it was all super easy almost

No line it was $12 which is uh the uh fee for the like Visa waiver basically if you’re only going to stay for up to 90 days so 12 bucks good deal there you wait in one line get that and then uh wait in the other line for immigration

And it all together took maybe 10 minutes or something so that was uh nice and easy there so all right that is going to do it for now time to uh try to get a little sleep here and then I’ll see what I want to do later in the

Afternoon if I get out and do some more filming or something but I think that is going to do it for this video just a little introduction arriving in El Salvador so more see you

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