Vladimir Putin sets conditions for Russian ceasefire in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin sets conditions for Russian ceasefire in Ukraine

In a recent development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has laid out terms for a ceasefire agreement with Ukraine. However, the conditions set by Putin have sparked controversy and drawn criticism from Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

In his statement, Putin stated that Ukraine would need to withdraw troops from territories that Russia claims to have annexed before a ceasefire could be initiated. This demand has been labeled as a Hitler-like “ultimatum” by President Zelensky, who has long maintained that negotiations with Moscow can only begin once Russian forces exit all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

Furthermore, Putin added that Ukraine would also have to abandon its aspirations of joining NATO before any peace talks could take place. These demands underscore the deep-rooted complexities and disagreements that have plagued the conflict between Russia and Ukraine for years.

This development comes as a significant hurdle in the efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine. The situation remains delicate, and the international community continues to closely monitor the evolving dynamics between Russia and Ukraine.

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