We are Adult Stars Worth 0K and Our Families Were in the Dark | Love without Judgement – Video

We are Adult Stars Worth $500K and Our Families Were in the Dark | Love without Judgement – Video

Nathan and Rebecca, a young couple in Australia, have made headlines for their unconventional career choice – creating spicy adult content online. They have managed to earn almost $500,000 this year by sharing intimate moments on platforms like OnlyFans. The pair, who were high school sweethearts, lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and decided to hit the road in a Landcruiser, documenting their travels and encounters on social media.

While many admire their carefree lifestyle and financial success, Nathan and Rebecca face judgment from some who believe they should get “real jobs” instead. Despite the criticism, the couple remains unapologetic, focusing on living their best lives and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. They plan to expand their travels worldwide, capturing the most scenic and intimate locations in their content.

Join Nathan and Rebecca as they navigate through love, judgment, and the pursuit of happiness in the digital age. Follow their journey on social media and stay tuned for more updates on their adventures.

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NATHAN and Rebecca were high school sweethearts and met at the ages of 18 and 20. They recently made headlines for how they make their money. They have made almost 500,000 dollars this year by making saucy content online. Nathan and Bec both lost their jobs due to covid, so decided to buy a Landcruiser and put their whole life in there and go on the road. They have been travelling around Australia and have wracked up a decent following on onlyfans, “We just thought we’re good looking people so why not make money off our looks”.

They live a lavish lifestyle and flaunt it to their followers. While most people are happy for them, they get judgement for earning a healthy wage whilst doing “the bare minimum”. The couple have almost finished travelling the whole of Australia, and that is uncommon for people their age. They plan to extend their travelling outside of Australia and make spicy intimate content all over the world.

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Videographer: Andrew Jackson
Producers: Elizabeth Bland, Yasmin Walker
Editor: Hailey Wang

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