WestJet Strike Causes Over 800 Flight Cancellations on Global National June 30, 2024

WestJet Strike Causes Over 800 Flight Cancellations on Global National June 30, 2024

The WestJet mechanics’ strike in Canada has caused chaos and disruption for travellers over the Canada Day weekend, with over 800 flight cancellations impacting nearly 100,000 passengers. Despite federal government intervention, negotiations between the company and the union hit a roadblock, leaving frustrated travellers stranded at airports with minimal consumer protections. As the standoff continues, affected passengers are left with uncertainties and delays, some even forced to camp at airports, hoping to make it home soon amidst the ongoing labour dispute.

In France, the far-right National Rally party has taken the lead in the snap parliamentary elections, surprising many with 34 per cent of the vote. President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party finished third, behind a left-wing coalition, marking a significant setback for Macron. In Sierra Leone, the country has passed a new law criminalizing child marriage, a positive development for Sierra Leonean refugees in Canada who are beginning to see attitudes changing.

Meanwhile, the streets of downtown Toronto transformed into a vibrant sea of rainbows as thousands of people celebrated the city’s 43rd annual Pride parade. Revellers from all walks of life flooded the streets, waving rainbow flags and embracing the spirit of joy and celebration. Mayor Olivia Chow encapsulated the essence of Pride, emphasizing that it’s about love and unique identities.

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