What Can One Cent Buy Across the Globe? – Video

What Can One Cent Buy Across the Globe? – Video

What Can $0.01 Get Around the World is an incredible travel video that takes you on a journey from North Korea to Pakistan, and even a few other countries in between, to show you what you can buy with just a penny. This video challenges the notion that traveling has to be costly, and it inspires viewers to explore the world on a tight budget. From North Korea’s deep underground metro system to fill up a car with a gallon of gasoline in Venezuela, this video highlights the extraordinary experiences that just one penny can get you.

Drew Binsky, the traveler and content creator behind this video, has visited every country in the world and is passionate about sharing his adventures. He creates intriguing documentaries about fascinating cultures and people around the globe, and his ultimate goal is to inspire others to travel and explore the world for themselves.

The video demonstrates the value of a penny or a cent in different parts of the world, showing just how useful it can be in certain scenarios. Whether it’s experiencing the depths of the Pyongyang Metro or waiting in line for subsidized gasoline in Venezuela, this video proves that every penny counts when it comes to traveling on a budget.

If you’re someone who enjoys budget travel content, this video is certainly worth a watch. Drew Binsky is eager to hear feedback from viewers and invites them to comment on the video with their thoughts. So, if you’re interested in more content like this, don’t forget to subscribe to his channel and share your thoughts on this unique perspective on traveling. With stunning footage from around the world, and insightful commentary, What Can $0.01 Get Around the World is sure to inspire and entertain audiences who have a passion for travel and adventure.

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Video Transcript

A penny insignificant right excuse me do you want a penny no I just found this Penny do you want it no do you want this Penny got Nob hey man do you want this Penny uh why while 1 cent masing meaningless to most Americans it definitely holds value around the world

I travel to five different countries to show you what one penny can buy and we start our adventure in North Korea North Korea is a country full of surprises so many people but perhaps the biggest eye opener was riding on the pongyang Metro getting on the

Metro you don’t have to keep filming me did you know that there’s a dynamic Metro System in North Korea’s capital this is no ordinary Subway it’s the deepest underground public transportation system on Earth the escalator alone takes 3 minutes to get to the platform and once you’re down

There it’s a wild experience to observe North Korean culture unfolding in front of your eyes this is really cool this is the best part I’m telling you the whole tour the pongyang Metro was built in the late 1960s with a shockingly similar design to the other communist metros

Like in Moscow Tashkent and Minsk but pyongyang’s is spooky and Eerie with loud screeches that made me cringe somebody forgot to do the brakes yeah need more Loop more Loop you can find tall ceilings with big statues socialist murals and strange paintings on the walls communist music was playing

Everywhere and lots of people were around but nobody was talking or smiling even stranger all the staff was wearing the same military style uniform the pyong gang Metro has 16 stations and Carries more than a half a million passengers every day and the cost to

Ride it five North Korean W or 1/4 of a penny the reason why it’s so cheap is because it’s subsidized by the government so everyone can afford to ride when I was in pongyang I took the metro to six stations and I was lucky enough to take a few videos inside but

All the while I couldn’t help but think what was everything staged was everyone brief that foreigners were arriving why were they all dressed in suits and briefcases as if they were going to Corporate Office Buildings riding on pong’s Metro is the single best memory that I have from

North Korea and I’m still trying to figure out if it was real life or a Dream from Pyongyang to karacas I went to Venezuela where I was surprised to learn that one penny could get me an entire gallon of gasoline but of course it’s more complicated than that all this

Traffic is a line for the free gasoline how long do you think those people have to wait in line 5 6 hours in the main town in karakas but if you go outside you can spend 15 days they give you like a number and you have to go every day to

Gas station to see which number it goes into the line if there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling to all 197 countries it’s that oil makes the world go round it’s the most sought-after natural resource our primary Fuel and the major force in the production of goods and services in the 1920s the

Largest oil reserve on Earth Earth was discovered off the Caribbean coast of Venezuela soon after the country became the world’s largest oil exporter supplying 10% of global needs in 1999 president Hugo Chavez came to power and created programs to help the poor such as providing free electricity water and

Food to all households he also subsidized gasoline to about 1 cent per gallon I’m really really against free gasoline because it allows people to start trafficking but you know minimum salary is $1 so you feel tank of a truck for example 80 L and you go outside sell

It at 50 cents per liter you make $40 one doll per month is the minimum wage $1 this doesn’t mean anything right now anything 500 Boles is is and 500 bols before they take out 5 zeros when did they take out 5 zeros in in the latest

2019 as a venez in person how does it feel this rules like like these rules for decades ades the Venezuelan economy was the best in Latin America 1990s we were like millionaires I mean all the country could afford a car all the country till a combination of mismanagement this is

Worth nothing literally it’s not even like a penny a pandemic and US sanctions crippled its oil production and sent its economy to Pieces my daily food is breakfast lunch and dinner from the garbage it is devastating to see how Venezuela’s economy has gotten so bad and I hope the

Best for the people moving forward but now it’s time to put my penny to the test at the gas station rolling up now to get gas here in Kaka I just put a barricade behind your car see we’re trying to put gas again but today we

Weren’t that lucky so what do we do now like we can’t go yeah no no we just have to wait all right now we just got access we are rolling up here what if they see my camera what happens they just don’t want anything to show what is happening and

We are in finally so time to fill up our gas Thing ready we were so lucky they just closed the gas station before I leave why look they were into a procedure of counting the gas or I don’t know and then we just got chips that taste like they’re from 2005 when talking about budgeting some of the the most affordable things that

You can find in other countries are haircuts and massages because there are virtually no expenses to run those businesses just plain and simple manow how’s it going so far not great I’ve gotten haircuts for less than a dollar in places like Venezuela Afghanistan turkey Thailand and Iraq definitely

Among the top five worst hairc I’ve had the beard trim was okay but he cut my neck and he bleeding everywhere but when you want to drop the price down to a penny you’ll have to go to Pakistan to get a 5-minute head massage on the

Street is it focused yeah okay so I’m here in karach and yeah yeah yeah I’m getting a massage on the street so the question is are his hands clean I hope his hands are clean but I need to shower anyway so you have no idea how great it feels to get a proper

Head massage like this feels good can you ask him in order to how long he’s been giving massages on the street 7 to eight years wow the only other time I had this experience was in k India he’s digging his fingernails in my scalp but over there it was 80 very

Good he’s like I love harassing you I guess all I can say is Pakistan 1 India zero thank you very much thank you it’s time to take our Penny challenge to the Philippines in the land of smiles you can find a ton of street food options

For less than a dollar but if you want to go as low as a penny you have to try Esau it’s a local favorite that might make you squeamish this is called Esau it’s a popular street food here in the Philippines it’s chicken intestines on a stick and it’s squiggled around and they

Cook it on a barbecue how is it very good it sounds really gross at first but it’s actually really good last but not least it’s time to take the penny challenge to my home country the United States of America less than a 100 years ago one penny

Could get you a pint of milk or a loaf of bread but nowadays the penny is so worthless that it’s becoming obsolete I Googled what I could buy for one penny and found out that the UPS store still sells 1 cent stamps so I’m on my

Way how you doing all right do you guys sell 1 cent Stamps no got those from the post office all night but they still sell them mm okay where’s the post office uh there’s one in Scot sale I’m not sure exactly where and 29th Street in Greenway okay thanks a lot looks like

I got to go to the actual post office not the UPS Store like the bigger Branch all right here we are at the big boy store How you doing good welcome do you guys sell penny stamps yeah awesome 20 C there you go m let me get your Okay couple things first off it’s so awkward filming in the US everyone’s just like dead staring at me in the line secondly I got the stamps

But he only let me buy 20 of them so it cost 20 cents here’s my change from the dollar which is still incredibly cheap and I will use these stamps and thirdly the moral of this story is that travel doesn’t have to be expensive many countries are easy to live off 20 bucks

Or 30 bucks a day including food and accommodations and I hope after watching this video you now have some motivation to get out there and see the world because it is waiting for you to discover if you like this video make sure to subscribe for more epic travel

Stories from every country in the world and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace

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