What does German citizenship mean? | DW Documentary

What does German citizenship mean? | DW Documentary

What does German citizenship mean? | DW Documentary

Germany celebrates 75 years of the Basic Law. What does a German passport mean to people coming from different backgrounds?

When the Federal Republic of Germany signed the Basic Law on May 23, 1949, a new path of liberal and democratic values was forged. But, at the same time, the second German state emerged, the socialist GDR. Since the reunification in 1990, a united Germany has become a key player of the international community. For many people, it has even become safe haven to move to. Increased immigration is the reason why Germany is growing, even though more people are dying than are being born. In June, a new law comes into force that regulates citizenship. What does the new regulation look like and what does it mean to have German citizenship today? DW reporter Loveday Wright investigated this question and met three people who have a very different relationship to Germany.

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Born to Turkish parents – Melisa Karakus
02:43 Looking back: Turkish “guest workers”
03:09 The new citizenship law
04:50 Immigration destination Germany
05:25 Munzer Khatab – A Syrian in Germany
08:40 75 years of Germany’s Basic Law
09:32 Pippa Goldschmidt – A German Jew’s granddaughter
11:59 Outro

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